Feel The Cleanse of a Salt Bowl

Easy, fast and refreshing! Ahhhh!

Salt has both protective and cleansing properties. Think about all the ways salt can be cleansing.

Epson Salt baths are great for cleansing you physically and think about those fancy salt lamps; they can absorb water, emit ions and kill bacteria!

A simple and effective way to create a powerful, negative energy absorbing tool is to make a salt bowl.

What you need:

  • A bowl
  • Salt
  • Add a few herbs - I used peppercorns, cloves and rosemary – all are protective herbs. Cloves and peppercorns are know to be protective and banish negative energies.

What to do:

  • Mix it all together in your bowl, use your finger and stir it all together.

  • Repeat, “May this salt cleanse the energy of my home and protect myself and all who may dwell here from negativity! So it is said, so shall it be!”

Place your beautiful protective bowl somewhere in your home. I like to keep mine in the kitchen as that is where we are most active and where people come in when they enter my home.

PS - I added some white rice to my bowl…as I wanted it to last a little while and not get completely clumpy with moisture.

When you feel the energy of the bowl doesn’t feel cleansing anymore you may get rid of it by tossing it into the trash. Do not eat it! You have been charging it with absorbing negative energies so you really don’t want this mix inside you! Just toss it out!

It looks so pretty! I love this! I have made two and placed one in my kitchen and one in my bedroom!


Gonna do this right now! I have so much protection and anti negative energy around my house it should be glowing white by now,lol! I didnt’ have any whole cloves so it got powdered, I have a lot of himalayan salt pieces so I topped it off with one of those, kinda like the cherry on top!


Aww! Love it! They look beautiful.

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Oh, thank you for sharing, I am going to make one today. I have been cleansing the house and I think having something around to absorb the negative as it comes in will be a great idea. I have garlic and rosemary. I have sea salt and pink himalayan salt though and I don’t think I have any cloves, but I do have some other herbs I think I will put in there with some rice.

Thank you so much!