Blessed Bath Blends 🛁

In celebration of my new apartment’s bathtub, I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with Bath Blends! :bathtub::rose:

These are quick, simple, and very easy blends using the things I already have lying around! :+1: Since they cost nothing extra to make, I’m offering this as my own addition to this week’s Witchy Challenge on Being a Thrifty Witch :money_with_wings:

To make a bath blend, choose a combination of ingredients:

  • Flower petals/buds- I almost always have a bouquet on the table, so when the flowers are almost wilted, I get one more use out of them! You could also use fresh petals from garden flowers or dried petals. My favorite to use are roses :rose:

  • Herbs- same as flowers, both dried or fresh will work! I highly recommend chamomile for it’s soothing skincare properties. Calendula is also lovely and healing for the skin. Lavender has a gentle and relaxing scent. If you don’t have fresh or dried herbs, you can consider using an extract [:exclamation: But be careful with extracts and essential oils- they should only be used in very small quantities, and some may cause irritation to your skin!]

  • Salt- Salt dissolves in bath water and has a host of medicinal and magickal benefits. I always have Seat Salt in the kitchen cupboard, but you may consider using purified salt like a Salt Cleanser Blend, or try Himalayan Sea Salt or Lava Salt (with activated charcoal). You may even consider using a blend of magickal Black Salt!

  • Crystals- Adding a charged crystal to your blend will help to give your blend the qualities of the crystal you use. I almost always include my favorite Orange Aventurine stone to help draw in joy and good fortune :sun_with_face:

If you have the time, leave the bath blend on a windowsill overnight to charge it with the power of the moon :full_moon:. You could also say a chant, although I usually prefer to focus my intent mentally as I make the blend :sparkles:

(For the blend in the picture above, I actually let the mix soak in just an inch of water for an hour or so before I took my bath- I wanted to let the water really soak up the goodness of the petals! :rose: )

And ta-dah! Add the mix to your next hot bath for a beautiful, luxurious, and blessed experience :blush::rose:

I’m not at the level of making fancy bath bombs yet- but maybe soon! :grin: I love how simple but delightful these easy blends are to make. And, if you use what you have on hand, a little luxury in the bath is totally free! :sparkles:

Blessed Be (and Happy Baths!) to All! :bathtub::rose:


Beautiful :heart: I love a bath blend / bath soak :bath:


I am envious of your bathtub! It is beautiful :heart_eyes: Bath ritual is something I want to start doing now that I also have a bathtub, but I can’t let things float around or clog up the drain, so I am actually planning on getting some of those tea bags that you can refill and using those to hold my ingredients - like a bath tea lol


Oh that looks lovely :heart_eyes:
Unfortunately I don’t handle heat well so baths make me super dizzy. But I can still admire the aesthetic :laughing:


A great idea! :grin: :+1: Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy I’ll just throw a chamomile tea bag or two into the bath- it makes the water nice and soothing, is super quick and easy, and there’s no clean-up at all! :laughing:

Oh no, sorry to hear it! Maybe a lukewarm or chill bath would be okay? In summer when it gets very hot, it can be nice to have a cold bath from time to time! :bathtub::snowflake:


Do you have low blood pressure maybe?
I have low BP and I get dizzy in hot baths too, so I have them luke warm and run the cold tap :snowflake: towards the end of bathing, so when I stand up, the bath has cooled. It helps alot and it’s bizzarely refreshing! :joy:


oh love your bathub! I had a nice one in our last place but this one is just a bathtub…lol I do a lot of herbal soaks,…as a matter of fact, all my baths are herbal soaks…they are soo relaxing and mind opening


go lukewarm, don’t worry about it, when the water starts to chill too much, add a little more warm. A lot of people cant’ handle the hot water or even the steam


Very true! :grin: Hahaha I know how it is- I started with just a special herb bath here and there, but they are so nice and relaxing, now almost every bath I want to add a bath blend too :bathtub::rose:! I haven’t had a completely normal bath in weeks- always gotta throw a little bath salt or some petals in! :laughing:

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Not that I know of at least :thinking:

And true, lukewarm baths are ok! Maybe I’ll give it a try again :blush: