Recommendations for websites / etsy stores for witchy kits?

I recently took a gamble on buying a monthly kit online and absolutely loved the items I got so much so that I’m hooked! Honestly, I’m always a sucker for handpicked items or a grab bag of quality goodies. Add in the witchy aspect and I want more! :laughing:

Does anyone have favorite shops that I should check out?


The best advice I can give is: Shop Around. Prices vary widely.

Believe it or not, has good prices on statues and figures. has gorgeous pieces, but they can be a little pricey. has just about everything under the sun, in bulk and smaller sizes

I have bought from various shops on, including CraftedInStone and a box of herbs from TowneWitchCreations. Sometimes they have deals, sometimes not.

Others will have more suggestions, but seriously shop around. You can save 50-75% in some cases.

If you can fabricate it yourself, (wands etc) do it.


You can check out our group of shops in the #recommendations category for shops owned by coven members :heart:

Coven Member Shops :bouquet:

I also do want to point out that many shop owners on Etsy are participating in an Etsy strike due to increased fees for shop owners while Etsy continues to take home large and larger profits for themselves. You can find more information about that here →


The kits and subscriptions look nice, don’t they? But not in my budget. I make my own magickal tools. If I can’t make it, I can always find something I can afford (e.g. Dollar Tree candles). The rest of my witchy budget goes to paying for my Spells8 monthly subscription, which has been the best investment of all!


I know several in the coven get the subscription box from:


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