Removal of bad energies

I’m gonna assume this simple ritual I done made someone’s energy mad and mad enough it busted my candle holder. It was made to hold a tea candle so it didn’t get to hot and bust. I’m just wondering if this should be taken as a good sign or bad sign and the spell against me are stronger than I think


Oh, interesting! May I ask what the ritual was for? That might help give me an idea of the situation, especially if you’re sure the holder didn’t get too hot from the candle itself.


Greetings @jessica76!

Oh dear- that must have been scary when it broke! I’m sorry about your lost dish, but I do hope you are okay :pray:

I’ve seen quite a few dishes crack or break under heat in my lifetime- and oftentimes the blame does indeed fall on the dish itself. @Berta shared a similar experience about using a glass dish that she thought was fire-safe, but it turned out otherwise :fire: But if you’re sure it wasn’t that, we can certainly look at magickal interpretations :blush::+1:

Like Megan, I’d love to know a bit more about the nature of the ritual (banishing? cleansing? protection? curse removal? etc?) if you’re willing to share. I’d also ask if the dish broke during the spell or afterwards.

Again, I hope you’re okay, Jessica! Blessed be! :pray:


I am also looking at it. The way it broke :broken_heart: I would ask you if this was a binding spell due to interference in a relationship? It is interesting to me that this broke in three pieces…as well the way it broke.


I was doing a ritual I found on the this site to remove bad energy salt cinnamon and a white candle it was definitely suppose to be fire proof. It broke after the spell to block the energies was done.


I had been looking for weeks to find the perfect one I felt drawn to that would help me defeat these negative energies that are thrown at me daily from my boyfriend. He is mentally and emotionally abusive to me and sometimes physical but I found myself not able to leave like I use to be able to cut this tie and walk away not with him tho his energies weigh me down.


Greetings @Jessica76,

First of all, I am so sorry to hear you are in that situation with your boyfriend- no one deserves to be treated that way. Did anything change in his treatment towards you after the spellwork, or has it been the same?

I strongly recommend that, as you search for magickal ways to remedy the situation, you also pursue mundane ways as well- this sounds like a problem that needs a holistic and wide-reaching approach. Have you contacted any helplines or women’s centers where you are? You may be able to get local help that can assist you quickly and provide secure physical protection while you cut your energy ties to your boyfriend.

Was it the “Bad Luck Go Away” Spell by any chance? That’s a wonderful spell for removing bad luck, but it sounds like to me you have a lot more going on than just a bit of bad luck- you have an active and aggressive negative force clinging to you.

Again, I would strongly recommend that you first get yourself somewhere physically safe. Once you are out of harm’s way, I’d recommend something like Far & Away Banish Someone Spell and following it up with a Cord-Cutting Spell for cutting ties with another person.

Please stay safe, Jessica- you are in my thoughts and I am praying that you are well! Keep fighting for your freedom, you do not deserve to be treated badly.

Blessed be! :pray::candle:


im working on getting myself safe. its hard bc he knows everything i do on my phone he has a service on his server that captures all packets from my phone meaning he knows everything i do. im threatened 30+ times a day that i wont leave he is gonna kill me and i believe him. i have every ounce of energy drained from me. i wish i had of made a better decision i was extremely blinded i had grief from my mom passing away in my arms and i felt like the biggest failure but thats where she needed to be to go and i understand now. now i have a bigger problem helping myself feel worthy of life and love. i started researching and practicing since i been with him i can feel the heaviness. i just wish it was more simple my soul is tired


Perhaps it just had an abundance of overdue "bad energy " to overcome? Maybe if you perform this ritual on a regular type of basis, its cup wont "runneth over " if you catch my drift…:thinking::v:t3:


I hope from wherever you are, know that there is a light shining for you over here in a National Forest in Colorado…oh my gosh, the sun LITERALLY just came out and it has been overcast and snowing all day!! Woah. You cant make that stuff up my friend!! :v:t3:



Ok… I’m not sure if I have a clear picture of what’s going on, so I’m going to assume a few things and just be blunt.
That being said and long story short:
I’m assuming he (your BF)doesn’t live with you. While I respect all the witches who have commented and helped with the magick aspect, everyone so far has not addressed the stalking and tracking issue. I will focus on this non-magic part.

He’s lying. No such server exists. What does exist is tracking apps. Look thru your list of apps. Uninstal anything you don’t use or recognize.

What also exist are Webcam and nanycams. Turn off your wifi router and looks for these and change the password for your wifi. Check all your outlets for devices such as chargers and USB blocks. Those are sold with cameras in them.

Change all your passwords on your phone, laptops, tablets, apps, services, etc. Especially Google and email. He probably knows your passwords.

Those are my “on the fly” recommendations.

Other than that, consider removing yourself from the situation. Find a relative or good friend to stay with and then ghost the BF. If he has threatened you via messaging, screenshot Those. If verbally by phone, install a voice recorder app to record future phone calls.
Record him threatening you. Install your own nannycam if he does it to your face.

Once you have poof he is threatening you, you go to the police and get a restraining order. Unless he’s trully psycho, he should then keep away.

My two cents.

Good luck, and blessed be.


It sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction, Jessica- good for you, please keep going until you are safe! The threats and that type of treatment are not okay.

Franklin gave some wonderful advice about steps you can take in order to get back control of your privacy, and I agree that you should get yourself somewhere safe (and preferably with someone safe- be it your family or a women’s center or other protective shelter) ASAP.

You are absolutely worthy of love and you deserve to be treated well- but before you can embark on the road to recovery, you really do need to get yourself to safety. Once secure and in a safe place, you can begin to focus on the path forward.

Please take care, Jessica! Sending positive thoughts your way! :pray::candle:


The server is in the living room its a Cisco router and the server came from university of Alabama his friend gave him


I had this happen during one of my first rituals. I was supposed to let the candle burn out, and I did but the candle holder shattered. I don’t use glass anymore. I get metal ones from Goodwill for under $3. It could be nothing, or it could someone telling you not to do serious magick without the tools best suited to the purpose.


Heed my suggestions in changing all your passwords. Especially your wifi router.

Turn your wifi OFF on your phone and use your cell network instead when at the place said server is located. Don’t connect to the wifi there.
If it is located where you live, you should not use that wifi. Get a Hotspot if you must use wifi for your phone. Don’t share the password. And lock your phone with a PIN or password and don’t share it.

I’m saying all this as further precaution, but I stand by my earlier statement. He’s got your passwords and (or) he’s got a tracking app installed on your phone. Example: if I had your Google password I can look at your email and the history of your browser easily by logging in and syncing the data.

Ultimately you need to get out of that toxic relationship. Tell everyone and anyone who will listen what is going on. Family especially. If he’s living at YOUR place, kick him out. Get the police involved and they will stay with you while he gets his stuff and leaves. Then file a restraining order.
If you are living at HIS place. Gather your things and leave. Again, If you fear, call the cops and have them watch while you gather your things and leave.

Again, hope this helps. You can’t rely on magic for this one.


I would check your apps & change all of your passwords, the email address wouldn’t be a bad idea, but then you’d have to update it everywhere too. Passwords definitely. There should be a list somewhere on your phone of the apps you have on it. Including the wifi router & if it asks if you want to sign out of all devices, say yes so you have to sign back in with the new password. You can get password generators & password storage that you can lock with biometrics or multiple authentications through a code generator, text, or email.


I’m gonna have to get a Hotspot I have allowed my phone to be turned off no way for me to use it now yo make any calls. I have been thinking and planning for a few months and about bit my tongue in half to myself from allowing his negative words penetrate my spirit