Retrograde Planets in your Birth Chart 💫

As I delve deeper into my mission to learn more about Astrology, I thought I would share with you my latest findings on Retrograde Planets in your Birth Charts.:sparkles:

If you don’t know what planets you have retrograding in your natal chart, download your free birth chart, here-

(The planets marked as retrograding have an R and a small x next to them)

When a planet is “retrograde” it means that the Earth is passing it in orbit :earth_americas: and that planet appears to be moving backward from our vantage point; “appears” being the optimum word here, as the planets do not actually move backwards!

All planets retrograde at some stage, so most of us have been born with at least one retrograding at the time :dizzy:

The most regular and strongly felt retrograder is Mercury- with 3 to 4 a year, lasting around 3 weeks :white_circle:

Venus and Mars are usually the next strongest felt due to their close proximity to Earth. Venus retrogrades every 18 months for around 40 days and Mars every 22-24 months for about 70 days :heartbeat::heart:

The outer celestial bodies; Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all experience an annual retrograde lasting 4 to 5 months.

The sun and moon never retrograde :sunny::crescent_moon:

So what does it mean when you have retrograding planets in your birth chart? Astrologer Ambi Kavanagh tells us “Retrograde means the planet’s energy is somewhat blocked externally, so those life areas that come within that planet’s domain are not as easily expressed. The chart holder’s soul chose to incarnate to learn deeper internal lessons regarding the areas of life ruled by that specific planet.”

Essentially this means that we “feel” the energy from that planet deeply internally, and we need to go on a journey of self discovery in order to express those feelings externally :woman_in_steamy_room:t3:

This process helps you develop a deeper understanding and strength of the traits associated with that particular planet.

People who were born with a particular planet in retrograde often feel at home when it goes back in retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury
Having Mercury retrograde (☿℞) in your birth chart, is an indication of a mind that turns inward and suggests a person who thinks independently, imaginatively, and innovatively. When Mercury is retrograde information is processed non-sequentially and intuitively.

Those with Mercury retrograde tend to absorb thoughts and ideas through osmosis. Their sense of humour is quite quirky! The negative is that the individual could have problems articulating what they know in a sequential and understandable way but this has nothing to do with lack of intelligence or learning.

Retrograde Venus
When Venus is retrograde (♀︎℞), the person has their own ideas regarding pleasure, beauty, love, relationships, and money. They may have an aversion for superficialities and are can be more concerned with themselves than others. It’s sometimes said that a Venus Rx acts like Mars direct. It’s true a person with Venus retrograde can be an aggressive lover, but also one who has a lot to learn about the give and take of romance.

Love is extremely important to a person with a retrograde Venus, but they may not be explicit about it enough for others to know just how deeply they can love. There is always more to this person than meets the eye. Their love life (and sometimes financial life) can be hidden in some manner. People born under Venus retrograde have to watch for self-sabotage in love relationships. There may be an underlying feeling of not being “good enough”, attractive enough, or loveable enough.

Retrograde Mars
Those with Mars retrograde (♂︎℞) have internalized the fiery passion and drive of Mars. This results in a high degree of frustration. When Mars is retrograde in a birth chart, the individual can have problems dealing with and expressing anger. Mars retrograde is tricky because those with Mars retrograde generally try harder to assert their physicality and sexuality.

Retrograde Jupiter
If Jupiter is retrograde (♃℞) the person’s morals, ethics, religion, and philosophy are their own, and they look for answers from within rather than subscribing to the dogma of the outside world. They can also be slow to respond to new opportunities. They are planners who worry about their future or consequences of their actions more than others.

Retrograde Saturn
Individuals with Saturn retrograde (♄℞) in their natal chart may voluntarily isolate themselves from society, or alternately try to cross the boundaries and limitations they feel society places on them. Most suffer from repressed feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, or a nagging sense that despite their best efforts, they could have done more, better, or different. Fears are internalised and they usually put on a brave face. Sometimes the childhood was not very disciplined or orderly. These people do not like to live a disciplined life.

Retrograde Uranus
Uranus retrograde (♅℞) in a birth chart can suggest that a person feels different or cut off from others. These people might hide their eccentricities, while Uranus direct natives are more inclined to flaunt them, or at least to be proud of them. In some ways, having Uranus retrograde is like having Saturn strong in the chart. There can be pent up energy with this position, so that while they may be following rules for some time, at a certain point they can bust out with a fit of rebellion.

Retrograde Neptune
Neptune retrograde (♆℞) in a birth chart indicates a person who could be subject to addictions and can be inwardly confused about themselves. These folks tend to hide their vulnerabilities, their spiritual side, or their compassion, as they feel these quite deeply. There can be a big fear of dreaming too big dreams, as they are afraid of being let down.

Retrograde Pluto
Pluto retrograde (♇℞) in a birth chart suggests a person who’s secretive, very intense on the inside, and is subject to many fated happenings in their life. These people maybe be more inclined to fear being controlled, manipulated, or betrayed by others than those with Pluto direct. There may be a tendency to keep these fears to themselves, as exposing them makes them feel more vulnerable.

Due to the length of time spent in retrograde, it is more common for a person to have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograding in their birth charts. It is extremely uncommon to find a birth chart with no planets in retrograde or only one, but it is also rare to find a birth chart with 4 or more retrograding planets! :dizzy:

Next time, I will show you how we can go deeper by evaluating what sign and house placements the planets were in at your time of birth. Also, look out for my post on Chiron and its connection to healing your past life issues🙏


This is super interesting! Also, the natal chart report on the webpage you shared is incredibly detailed :heart_eyes:
I have a question though, I’m not sure I’m reading the tables correctly. I wanted to check what my retrograding planets are, and in the table Zodiac: Tropical there are three planets which have an R at the end (e.g. Uranus - Capricorn - 5°18’ - R). I’m guessing those are the ones in retrograde?


That’s sounds right! @christine4.

Some sites use R or Rx sorry for the confusion :blush: what planets do you have retrograding? :dizzy:

And yes, it’s a fab website :heart: I refer to it often!


I have one retrograde planet in my chart: Jupiter! ()

That’s about right, no dogma for me please! :+1:

The rest is pretty accurate too so now I’ll have to read the whole natal report (it’s a long read!) :laughing:


I’m a Sag sun, Moon Libra, Asc Scorpio.

Mars, Jupiter, and Chiron are retrograde in my chart :frowning:

Bookmarking- this is such a thorough and helpful guide! :heart_eyes: I just checked quickly, and it looks like I only have Mercury in Retrograde. I’ll have to spend some time and study it more, it’s so interesting! :open_book: :star_struck:

Thank you so much for sharing your astrology wisdom, @mrs! :milky_way: I always learn so much from your posts :star2: :grin:

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It is super detailed! I rate them highly :+1:t2:

It’s really rare to only have one retrograding planet in your chart! :blush: And that’s so cool it’s Jupiter- the King of the Gods! :crown:


You are so welcome @TheTravelWitch!

Another person with only one retrograding planet! :dizzy: That’s so cool it’s Mercury! :white_circle:

You might find you experience an energy boost whenever Mercury retrogrades! :zap:

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Ohhh Chiron! @janelle I’m currently working on a more in depth post on Chiron, but I do know when it’s in retrograde you are usually more in tune with your subconscious needs and wounds.

This means you are probably a great comforter, people who need a shoulder to cry on can come to you as you are full of empathy :heart:

When Chiron is in retrograde its a great time for you to meditate on your past life experiences. Pay attention to any signs or synchronicities you encounter as these could be messages into your past life :blush:

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Mine are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto :blush:
While I can see some truth in the description for Retrograde Pluto, I don’t really agree much with Retrograde Uranus and Neptune. But the natal chart was pretty spot on for a lot of things :grinning: :dizzy:

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This is super interesting and detailed, thank you @mrs! :blush:

I love everything to do with personality types and traits, but I never looked into Astrology, as an ex-bitter sceptic :laughing:

Looks like I was born with retrograde Saturn ♄, Uranus ⛢ and Neptune ♆, and the descriptions are spot on! :open_mouth:

This is something I want to put effort into learning too! :smile_cat:

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Wow this is so detailed, and FREE! I could not find any retrograde planets in my chart. What does that mean? Thank you so much for the information!

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Sorry, Mars has an R but no x.

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If it has an R then that’s a retrograde! I think Abs posted above that some sites use Rx and others just “R”.

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Merry Meet! I just pulled my natal chart & I only have Jupiter in retrograde. I also found out that I am a Lunar Virgo & the Sun was in Scorpio when I was born. I haven’t read the entire thing yet, but it is very interesting so far!



Hi @wendy4! Yes that would mean you only have Mars in retrograde :blush:

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