Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Plant

Merry Meet everyone.

I received my March Tamed Wild subscription box (I ordered at the end of the month originally so my box usually arrives at the beginning of the next month but I don’t mind).

March’s box had a cute egg jewelry box:

A silver leaf ring that I just love!

A sample of their Ostara herbal tea, a bottle of Ostara awakening oil, and a Rose of Jericho. I have always wanted one but never knew where to get one. Well, the Universe provides!

For those that don’t know what a Rose of Jericho is, it’s a type of spike moss that can go into extreme periods of hibernation when no water is present. This repeating process of hibernation/waking had made this plant associated with transformation, renewal, and prosperity. It’s common in Hoodoo for practitioners to place one at the front door with a few coins in the water. The water is then used to wash the front door to keep money flowing into the house. In other practices, having it by the front door also attracts prosperity and can protect against the evil eye.

(copyright Tamed Wild)

However, when it’s exposed to water again, it comes back to life! Here is mine after just 24 hours. I bought a shallow stoneware bowl at Walmart and filled it with decorative rocks. Then filled it with water till the rocks were just submerged and placed the hibernating Rose of Jericho on top.

She’s already so pretty! I can’t wait to see where in all her glory. I’ll post updates along the way


A very cool box you’ve got there! I love the ring and the rose of Jericho is very interesting! Like an ancient Chia Pet or something.


Wow! Great box from Tamed Wild, looks like fun. :sparkles:


It’s so nice to see you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I adore the boxes as well & this my 2nd Rose of Jericho from them! This one was much brighter & fuller. Last year’s was brighter this year too though.

I’m so happy that you love :heart: them too! I love their tea blends. The Ostara blend :tea: is very refreshing & renewing. :sun:

I believe we also have: Rose of Jericho :herb: from a while ago. There may be more I formation on it there too!

I opened both of mine this year after all the work I have been doing to remind me of rebirth & coming alive after being in the darkness for a while & finding the light again. :smiling_face:


Ohhhh your rose of Jericho is so lovely, @Amaris_Bane :heart:

Haha I have to admit that the rose doesn’t look like much when it is hibernating, but then when it opens up and blooms! Wow! :star_struck: It kind of reminds me of that story about the ugly duckling- looks sure can be deceiving :swan: :sparkles:

I really love that egg jewelry box too- perfect for Ostara! :egg: :blush:


Another Tamed Wild subscriber here! My first Rose of Jericho from TW was all learning, not gonna lie at first glance it looked like a creature! :rofl: But this time around Im knowledgeable more with it and even though I got my box late (after Ostara) I set my intentions the other day with the quarter moon and put the lovely Jericho in a shallow bowl of lukewarm water. I didn’t know about using the water to wash your door, thanks for that wisdom. I brewed some Peppermint Tea last month and poured over my doors, I usually mint them with oil all around the frame. I absolutely love the leaf ring too! The Awakening oil smells so good as well.
Blessed Be,


This is so beautiful, I have seen them on a couple of the Etsy shops I frequent but had no idea what they were. Thank you for sharing this.


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