Rune interpretation

Would like recommendations on a good book for interpretation of runes and instruction on casting. i know @tracyS uses runes daily and maybe some others may know a good source for reading. :sweat_smile: :goat:


I don’t know much about runes, so I can’t help with that. We do have the Runes Information post that has information on reading runes, interpretations, and more resources for reading runes.

There’s also this book review!


@Shadeweaver Yes, I do draw runes every morning, and sometimes during the day. I have 2 sets, wooden ones as they’re lighter to carry in my bag, and an amber set at home.
The books I use are:
The Runes. A grounding in Northern Magic by James Flowerdew. (I use his everyday)
Wild Soul Runes by Lara Veleda Vesta which is a rune course using intuitive methods of reading. (I’ve just started this)
Runes for Beginners by Lisa Chamberlain.
The Spells8 app has a good rune course on it to which I’ve started too.

I have looked at other books but I’ve personally found them either too simple or too complicated. The above are at my level. A bit of backstory to the runes, and how to use them aswell as varied meanings.

@jan_TheGreenWitch is really good at runes too.

Hope this helps. I found them to be alot easier than Tarot myself.
Happy runing :rofl::heartpulse:


@MeganB I’m going to look at this post. Thankyou :heartpulse:


@tracyS – You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi there - yes @tracyS I do use runes multiple times a day. I don’t cast them as much as I do a one rune drawing, but I do castings for bigger questions — The book I like best is by Diana Paxson “Taking up the runes” - I have the older version that is out but there’s a newer 2021 version that I was thinking of getting and I’d get that one if I didn’t have the earlier version.

I really like to make my own runes, but I do have runes set in crystals as well that I carry with me in my purse when I’m out and about. For beginners and intermediates too I’d recommend a book that also comes with a set of runes, “ The Book of Runes”, by Ralph Blum. I really like that Lisa Chamberlain book Tracy mentioned and the Spells8 information that @MeganB and Tracy both mentioned for beginners as well.

I would say that after a couple of decades of working with different runes, it’s important to get the basics down and then let yourself eventually ‘feel’ the message they are trying to convey - much like Tarot, but even more - and I am not really good at Tarot (runes and Oracle are my jam!).

Good luck on your Rune journey @Shadeweaver and I’m here if you want to ask questions or verify an interpretation anytime!

Light and love! :green_heart: Jan


Thank you Dear. I’ll do my best to learn. :sweat_smile: :goat: :purple_heart:


Thank you @tracyS for these recommendations. Wild Soul Runes is fantastic. :gift_heart: :goat:


@Shadeweaver Glad you like it. My wish list for rune books is growing by the day, so having to restrain myself :joy:


My wish list is… everything I don’t already have :rofl: :goat:


Same! :handshake: :laughing: :two_hearts: