Rune reading help!

Hi so I had done a rune reading and my intention was more a question about my girls night out tomorrow night and how my partner will react. So I took the approach past present and future and this was the results and how I interpret them:

Past- disruption
Present journey
Future constraint

So according to the rune chart and the above meaning for the runes I took it as my husband is unsure and concerned due to past issues I had with friends and going out and the night although intended for fun it will be a journey for me of taking pics and constantly checking on with partner (same as last outing), finally there will be tension between us afterward due to the night out.

Now I am no way in h*ll cancelling or changing my plans as I have given up many things in my life and the night out is just to a restaurant which is also a bar with a love dj with my crazy gym friend who are always a good laugh and since I’m more conservative it’s way more fun for me than others (since they are going clubbing afterward once I go home)

Anyways long story short, what do u think? I’ll post the pic of the rune and the chart below as well…


Runes are awesome and I’d love to be at the point where I can use them in divination readings, but I’m not quite there yet! I do see my beloved Raido in there though :raido: :two_hearts: :wink:

Bumping this post so it can get to the rune experts- hopefully they will have some helpful advice and guidance for you :pray:

I hope you’ll be able to go out and have some fun with your friends! You’ve worked your butt off with your studies, Khadija, and I really hope you can go enjoy yourself without worries or stress. Lots of love! :heart:


Hi! I know that it really depends on you & your journey & the following rune information is for guidance & not necessarily advice from myself. They should help you figure out how the runes have laid out your answer based on your specific question, circumstances, & layout.

Hagalaz :haglaz:

Hagalaz - 9th Rune of the Elder Futhark 1st Rune of Heimdall’s Aett :haglaz:

Raidho :raido:

Raidho 5th Rune of the Elder Futhark & Freya’s Aett

Nauthiz :naudiz:

Naudhiz/Nauthiz - 10th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 2nd in Heimdall’s Aett :naudiz:

I hope this helps, I linked back to the posts because they contain much more information than the basics that I shared. Correspondences or Tarot Cards, Chakras, and things like that, are also associated with these runes.

Girls’ night out sounds like a lot of fun! I should look into one of those :thinking:


Yes thank you it has been rough… i will and i can’t wait to enjoy the night of laughter as my friend can get crazy and i just can’t laugh with them… :blush:


A much need night out i have to say and i have to say the people i have heard who go there are hot both the men and women so have to wear my game face! Jokes aside i will dress up in hot red with my red stilettos and red lips and clutch to match! Will be one bright lady on a winters night! :wink: :blush: :smile:


Woohoo!!! You’re gonna look stunning- light up the night and have a blast! :dancer: :sparkles::blush:


was so much fun and food was great… they actually didn’t have a dance floor and my friends called the boss over to move people and their chairs and thanks to their enthusiasm other guys and girls were dancing too to the great rnb dj… Can’t wait to go again!


Hooray! I’m glad you and your friends had an awesome night out :blush: It sounds like it was a ton of fun! :dancer::two_hearts:


Sure was it was amazing!


Wish i could help u. Runes are something i could love to learn. I have two sets and even a casting plate a friend made me. But i have no clue how to use them


@Mistress_Of_Herbs we have a Rune Casting course & there is a section in the forum all about Runes!

Runes Information, it has a link to each of the different runes & other ways to use them & history of them.


Ooooooooo…thanks so much. I have runes and pendulums. Havent been drawn to the right tarot deck yet, and i may never.

I need to spend more time working with divination tools, as spirits try to communicate with me, but i stay shut off to them. I wanted to become stronger in myself and my power before i delved into the spirit world, but they arent having it.


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