Naudhiz/Nauthiz - 10th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 2nd in Heimdall's Aett :naudiz:

Blue Agate Rune :naudiz:

Rune Name: Naudhiz :naudiz:

Germanic Name: Nauthiz
Phonetic Value: N
Pronunciation: NAW - theez
Translation: need, need-fire, distress
Modern English: Need

Rune Number: Rune 10 of the Elder Futhark & 2 of Heimdall’s Aett

Polarity: Feminine :female_sign:
Color Association(s): Black
Elemental Association(s): Fire :fire:

Deity Association(s): Nornir, Etins

Herbal Association(s): Bistort :herb:
Tree Association(s): Beech

Astrological Association(s): Capricorn :capricorn:
Month/Days: November 13 – November 28

Chakras: Crown, Root, Solar Plexus
Tarot Card(s): The Wheel of Fortune, Death, The Sun

Magickal Uses: Nauthiz :naudiz: helps to empower other runes. An amplifier of other energies in a runic equation. Rune of pure will & can be used as such.

Overall Meanings/Keyword(s): Principle of resistance or friction in the Universe. The source is outside the individual’s control. The principle of the chain of causality – cause & effect. The root principle of action-reaction in a chain of events. In the darkness & cold of the need rune, the for fire is realized, but the fire must be generated from what you have within yourself. Thus the need-fire is kindled to banish distress.

Fate is determined externally & internally. To realize the highest achievements & truths, burn away that which is tethered to you by no will of your own. Heavy shadows must be recognized, rectified, & released before the ties to the material realm are severed.

Hardship in form of needs not being met may be experiencing hardship that limits your ability to move forward. A strong desire that is impossible to fulfill. Lack of resources.

Treat the situation as a period of learning & the opportunity to strengthen resilience. Don’t allow bitterness, worry, or despair to get the best of you. Needs & limitations are necessary for growth.

You’d never learn or accomplish anything if the things were handed to you and readily available.

Brightstave/Upright: Recognition of need leads to appropriate action to alleviate distress. Stress is turned to strength through consciousness. Resistance to the will. Crisis forces original thought & self-reliance. A change leads to salvation within the self.

Merkstave/Reversed: External circumstances constrain freedom. Beware a hostile enviornonment. Your will is being resisted. The toilsome aspects of life are grinding & outer relationships =. You are overly directed towards outer things – turn within. Blockage of the Nauthiz :naudiz: leads to a lack of dynamic tension in life. There is danger of being seduced to the easy path. Result is personal atrophy.

Meditation Nauthiz Guided Meditation - Magin Rose


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That is some tough but important wisdom. I definitely have times when I wish that a situation was easier or that obstacles would just poof vanish out of my way- but then, how boring would life be without challenges that help us reach new heights?

I think I needed to learn about Naudhiz today :pray::naudiz: Thank you so much, @Siofra_Strega! :heart:


you are very welcome @TheTravelWitch_Bry, the second Aett is much more direct with obstacles & challenges & overcoming them.

That sentence just stuck with me when I saw it, so I had to include it :smiling_face: