Sacred Triangle Tarot Spread - The Ins and Outs of an Issue

Merry meet!

This is my second entry to the Weekly Weekly Challenge - Hundredth Challenge :100: - for the Touch of Tarot Challenge :tarot_card:

The card I drew as a daily read for the day inspired me to dig a bit deeper into my finances. Although I’m focusing on financial matters in this spread, I imagine this Triple Level Earth-Human-Heaven model can easily be adjusted for other matters too.

Feel free to experiment with this spread!

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Sacred Triangle Tarot Spread

The three points of the triangle form the triad of Earth-Human-Heaven to reveal key aspects of an issue on your mind, allowing you to see the things on your side and avoid or lessen that which is out of your control.

What You Will Need:

  • String
    → Select a string color based on the issue you are reading about. For example, green is recommended for financial and money matters :dollar: , red is ideal for matters of the heart and romance :heart: , and black is prime for protection :black_circle: . If you are unsure, universal white is always a good option.

  • A Tarot or Oracle Deck of your choice
    → Don’t have your own cards? You can print this tarot deck for free!

  • (Optional) A token related to the matter you are reading about


  1. Begin by laying your string on a flat surface. Adjust the string so that it makes a contained loop in the shape of a triangle :triangular_ruler:

The lowest point of the triangle that is closest to you represents Earth :national_park: - the ground beneath your feet, circumstances that were laid in stone prior to this reading, the physical reality of the situation.

The middle point of the triangle represents Humankind :person_standing:- this is you, the people closet to you, and your immediate circumstance.

The highest point of the triangle represents Heaven and the Celestial Realm :sun_behind_small_cloud: - this refers to divinity, the role of the Universe, and how the higher powers influence the situation.

If you are using a token, place it in the middle of your triangle now.

  1. Shuffle your deck and draw six cards. Place two cards at each point of your triangle- one card within the triangle and one card resting outside.

Cards inside the triangle refer to things on your side. Positive cards in these positions show strengths and good omens. Negative cards are helpful warnings of things you have the power in your hands to change.

Cards outside the triangle refer to things outside your control. However, although these things may be out of your hands, being aware of them may help you lessen or avoid any consequences.

  1. Read your cards from the bottom (Earth) to the middle (Human) to the top (Heaven). Celebrate and take note of the things in each realm that you have power over and that point to positives, but also be aware and study the cards that point to things out of your control.

Through mindfulness and preparation, you can avoid any big downfalls and lessen potential consequences within each realm.

I’ve had the Earth-Human-Heaven triangle from ikebana in my mind since @MeganB’s awesome post about As Above, So Below. Happy to say I finally found a way to put it to use! :grinning:

This is a bit of a complicated reading- it made sense in my head, so hopefully I got things across okay through words!

If you have any questions or decided to give the reading a try, I’d love to hear about it! :blush:

Blessed be and Happy Reading :tarot_card: :sparkles:


This seems like a wonderful spread! Thanks I am going to use it :smile::kissing_heart:


Thank you, @Martje! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m really happy if you liked it- good luck and I hope your reading goes well! :heart:


Oh, I love this spread! I’m gonna save this and use it myself one day :laughing: Thanks for sharing it!


Yay! I’m so happy you liked the spread @MeganB- feel free to use it as you’d like! :heart::blush: Happy readings!


@MeganB recommended this spread and am excited and hopeful for my reading! Thanks!


You’re very welcome! I’m glad I could recommend it to you :blush: Please let us know how it goes, if you’d like!


I hope you enjoy the spread and that it helps give you some solid advice and guidance! Good luck and blessed reading, @dorian1 :pray::blush: