Seeing a Ring around the Moon or "Moon dogs"

Hey everyone! :full_moon: Last night I looked up and saw the almost Full Worm Moon of March, and noticed a beautiful halo around the moon. This got me curious about what it means, so I’m diving into it:

I found out that there are old beliefs and weather sayings about rings around the moon and halos like this. People used to say they can predict bad weather or snow.

Weather Magick and Lunar Folklore :cyclone:

In the old times, people would look at the moon and its halo as a sign from the sky about the weather.

For example, if you see a circle around the moon, it might mean that bad weather or snow is coming soon. When the moon is bright and clear, it often means that frost will follow.

The Classical Weekly
From The Classical Weekly, 1928

These signs were part of the wisdom passed down through generations. They would say that a ring around the moon with a star inside means good weather is on the way. But if there are many stars inside the halo, it might rain for each star you can count. A halo can also mean rain will start soon, and the number of stars can even tell how many rainy days to expect.

Moon Sign book 1996
“Clear Moon — frost soon” from Moon Sign Book, 1996

The Moon Dog

Moon dogs

The term “moon dog” comes from a rather charming visual; these spots can look like two faithful dogs following the moon across the sky. How’s that for celestial companionship?

Moon dogs are two bright lights that can show up on both sides of the moon. They happen because of ice crystals, just like moon halos, but these crystals make bright spots instead of a ring.

Spiritual Meaning of a Halo Around the Moon (personal interpretation)

When I saw that really bright moon halo, I felt peaceful and connected, as if the universe was giving me a big hug, telling me everything is going as it should. Moments like this, when we notice the magic in the world, make us stop and think. They show us we’re part of something amazing and mysterious.

Spiritually, it’s a special sign. In history, halos have shown us something divine, like Ra, the Sun God, or Nyx, the Goddess of Night. Seeing a lunar halo is like getting a glimpse into the sacred, a moment of deep understanding.

“Light in the Dark” by Evelyn de Morgan - Wikimedia

Looking at the moon’s halo reminds us we’re protected, enlightened, and connected to something bigger than ourselves. It tells us there’s a huge universe out there, taking care of us and leading us forward.

What about you? Have you had any profound experiences under a lunar halo or spotted some moon dogs lately? Share your stories and interpretations—I’d love to hear them!

Blessed be and Happy Full Moon :full_moon::sparkles:


Lovely post about moon dogs!! Beautiful photo :star_struck: I’d forgotten they were called that and the corresponding phenomenon Sun Dogs. The names being back fond memories of growing up. I learned about them from my parents as a child.

Funny that I still marvel at them to this day even if I’d forgotten their names!

Thank you for the wonderful post that sparked memories :full_moon:


So interesting. Thankyou for this. Found the moon dogs fascinating :green_heart:


I remember a story told in my youth by one who had been there. Names changed to protect those who trigger easily.

A family went to Fatima, Portugal. They were worshipping the Goddess in the rain. All of a sudden, the sun came out, ringed and with sun dogs. Instantly, everyone’s sodden clothes were dry! The one who told me this connected the ring and sun dogs with miracles.

Take this as you may. I agree with your sensations:


Yes @Francisco ! I noticed it last night also. We have an estimate of 2 feet of snow coming tomorrow thru Tuesday night. When I saw the moon dogs i immediately knew that the forecast prediction was probably pretty accurate.

Thank you for the post! I loved reading the information on the moon dogs. I think that it makes for a beautiful moon. And your pictures are beautiful!


I’ve never heard of this phenomenon. The moon has always brought me much peace.

@MeganB I hope you don’t get all that snow! I’m in northeast PA and with spring’s arrival it brought some really cold weather. It always seems we get one last big snowfall, so we haven’t put our shovels or snow blower away yet! I hope you all will be safe and as the snow melts you’ll see some signs of spring! :two_hearts:


Ah. Sugar Snow! Is anyone tapping maple trees for fresh sap- syrup? I always liked Laura Ingolls Wilder’s descriptions of making maple candy in the days of th pioneers!


Spending time in the sugar house boiling down the sap. Freezing outside standing in the steam, dipping out some of the thick sap, nearly sugar and dribbling it on the cold snow in your hand. Watching it harden and cool while nibbling at it before it cools. :sparkling_heart:

So much work, but memories to last several lifetimes. Meditate on the above description and bring the Joy it brought me to yourselves. Not many places to experience that any more. Love to you all. :people_hugging: :heart_on_fire:



That sound amazing @Shadeweaver ! Wish I had the ability to do that here! We like to make snow cream mixing snow and sweetened condensed milk. My grandkids are excited to try this for the first time over the next couple days.


Considering we got more than a foot of snow Friday night into all day Saturday, I’d say this is accurate :joy:

Tooooo late :rofl: so.much.snow.


I hadn’t heard that before but I’m adopting it right now - I love the term “moon dogs” (and “sun dogs”) so much! I’ll keep an eye out for them up there, faithfully accompanying the moon on her journey through the skies :full_moon_with_face: :dog: :two_hearts:

A beautiful and comforting message :full_moon: :sparkles:

This was both educational and a delight to read - thank you so much, Francisco! :raised_hands:

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and blessed Full Moon!


@ Francisco the halo back from the moon when we see it we say in my place that it will be a lot of winter wind rain or rarely snow
I liked it, I feel like it descends like a breeze and embraces me…
thanks for making me feel that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@MeganB u got snow in florida?


I love when there are rings around the moon! We don’t get snow here very often, but maybe rain! It is definitely a way to remember that we are such a small part of the great mystery of the universe.


I moved out of Florida in December. I live in Maine now.


@MeganB wow girlie im behind. Hope all is well with u and your family


haha it’s okay! Yes, we’re doing pretty good. Thank you!