Full Worm Moon in Libra 🪱 March 2024

Full Worm Moon Libra Lunar Eclipse 2024

Are you ready for this extra special Full Moon?! The Full Moon for March is upon us - this month, we are approaching the Worm Moon. This month, the Full Worm Moon in Libra will take place on 2024-03-25T07:00:00Z EST. To check the exact time of the Full Moon in your area, you can use the moon calendar from Astro Seek (click here).

In this post, we will take a moment to explore what a Full Moon is and how the sign of Libra might affect the energy of this moon. We are also in for a treat this month as it is eclipse season! The Full Moon of March will also be a Lunar Eclipse! As usual, there will be links, ideas, and inspiration for spells, rituals, and meditations!

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What is a Full Moon?

If you need a recap of a Full Moon, click here! 🌕

A full moon happens when the moon is directly opposite the sun from the Earth. This means that the side of the moon facing Earth is fully illuminated by the sun, making it appear as a complete circle of light in the night sky.

As with anything in witchcraft, there are many different beliefs on what type of magick should be done during a Full Moon. Some witches believe banishing should be done. Others believe intentions should be set for manifestations. Still, others (such as myself) believe that the Full Moon is the best time for literally any spell you want because the energy is at its highest.

During the Full Moon, the Triple Goddess becomes the Mother of all beings. It’s a great time to work on intuition, spells of love, and prosperity. The Power of all Magic is truly at its peak, this lunar phase is key to either accept or reject projects, transformations, and manifestations that we initiated during the New Moon. - Spells and Things To Do on a Full Moon | Spells8

The Full Worm Moon :worm:

In the Northern Hemisphere, this esbat is known as the Full Worm Moon. It may also be called the Full Storm Moon, but both names are related - worms come out of the wet ground after a good storm! The name “Worm Moon” comes from the worms and bugs, specifically beetle larvae, that come out of their frozen hideouts in Spring. This is when the tree bark and other foliage begin to thaw, making it easier for the little insects to escape.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, some alternative names for March’s Full Moon are…

  • The Sugar Moon - from the Ojibwe People
  • The Wind Strong Moon - from the Pueblo People
  • The Sore Eyes Moon - from the Dakota, Lakota, and Assiniboine Peoples

Full Worm Moon: Spell & Ritual

The Southern Hemisphere

The names of the Full Moon may vary in the Southern Hemisphere because the seasons are opposite the Northern Hemisphere. Since our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are approaching the harvest season, this Full Moon may be known as the Harvest Moon or Corn Moon!

Harvest Full Moon Ritual & Spell

Feel free to adapt the Harvest Moon ritual to suit your needs if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!

The Sign of Libra :libra:

The diplomat of the signs, Libras tend to choose their words and actions carefully to keep the balance on all sides. They seek compromise and truth, remaining open to all sides of a situation until they see a clear answer. Balance is so important to a Libra that it is the end goal in all things: relationships, work, and home life. A Libra will seek out harmony and peace, choosing to make decisions with logic rather than emotion. However, the desire to hear all sides of an argument can make Libra indecisive! They will need to be very careful not to get stuck in this cycle of diplomacy. Otherwise, they may end up stagnating and not making any decisions at all.

Moon in Libra Meditation

Learn more about Libra → Beginner Astrology - Guide to the Signs by @Cosmic_Curiosity

First Eclipse of the Season

This Full Moon kicks off Eclipse season for 2024! Starting on 2024-03-25T04:53:00Z EST, the Moon will begin to travel through the shadow of Earth, causing the Full Moon to darken in the sky. By the peak time of the Moon’s fullness, the moon will be completely shrouded in the Earth’s shadow!

space sun GIF by Ficazo
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This Lunar Eclipse is called a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. According to TimeAndDate.com, this eclipse will be visible in much of the world. You can find out if the eclipse will be visible in your area by clicking here.

The Eclipse and Magick

This is a topic that divides a lot of witches - do you work magick during an eclipse or not? Some say you should not work magick during an eclipse because they feel it makes the energy more chaotic. Others say you can work magick during an eclipse because the eclipse has no direct effect on the magick being done. This is an entirely personal decision, so if you feel like working magick this eclipse, go for it!

Eclipse Energy: How to Manifest During an Eclipse?

Magick for the Worm Moon

As this Full Worm Moon happens after the Equinox, we are gearing up for the change in seasons. The Northern Hemisphere is entering Spring while the Southern Hemisphere is entering Autumn. The Full Worm Moon is all about blossoming and growing everything in our lives from the ideas that have been frozen in the thick of winter. The worms can be seen as symbolic of those ideas and activities. Now that the Earth is beginning to thaw, we can spiritually embrace the thaw as our creativity and winter ideas come to life!

What is March’s Spirit Animal? Unearthing its Humble Wisdom

This Full Moon is also about balance - it stands on the precipice with the Earth, Sun, and Moon as we just experienced an equinox, another time of balance. It is even more fitting that this Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, the sign that balances the scales and weighs all options before making a decision!


Activities for the Full Worm Moon in Libra

There are many things you can do for the full moon, but these activities will be enhanced by the specific energy of this Full Worm Moon in Libra!

Tarot Reading for Balance

If you are feeling off-balance, consider doing a tarot reading to help you embrace balance again! This tarot spread uses three cards: one represents the reader and the other two represent what you can do to embrace balance.

Tarot Spread for Embracing Balance || Spells8

Lunar Eclipse Shadow Work Ritual

Lean into the energy of the Lunar Eclipse with this Shadow Work ritual. You just need a white candle, the journal page provided, and something to write with. As the Earth’s shadow crosses the moon, it is time to evaluate how your own shadows dim the light within you!

Lunar Eclipse Candle Ritual & Shadow Work

Seasonal De-Cluttering

Out with the old, in with the…space? I was going to say “in with the new”, but that is not the point of de-cluttering! Since this Full Moon is a time of balance, both as a Full Moon of March, a Full Moon in Libra, and a Full Lunar Eclipse, why not bring balance into your life by removing things in your home that you no longer need? Give things away, sell them, or throw them away. Remove the excess clutter in your life so you can be in harmony with yourself.

→ Join your coven mates who are already cleaning up their spaces!

Rest and Reflection

If you are a witch who does not work magick during an eclipse, that is okay! Now would be a wonderful time to reflect on the concept of balance. Here are a few journal prompts you may find useful!

  • Reflect on a time when you felt a sense of balance in your life. What factors contributed to this, and how can you incorporate those elements into your current routine?

  • Consider the various aspects of your life - work, relationships, health, hobbies, etc. How do you currently prioritize these areas, and do you feel they are in balance? Identify one area where you could make changes to bring back a sense of balance.

  • Reflect on emotional, mental, and physical balance. How do you nurture these different aspects of yourself, and how can you ensure they are in sync to promote overall well-being?

  • Think about the role of boundaries in maintaining balance. Are there areas of your life where boundaries are lacking? How can you establish healthy boundaries to protect your time, energy, and values?


Remember, the energy of the Full Moon isn’t just for the one day that it reaches its peak. Personally, I give myself a three-day window for the Full Moon: the day before, the day of, and the day after. This works well for my practice and it may work for yours, too!

Do you plan to work with this Full Moon? What are your favorite ways to work with a Full Moon?

Let’s hear about it!


So many wonderful ideas, thank you for putting this together with enough time to pick and plan what I’d like to do! :full_moon: :worm:


You’re welcome! I’m glad I was able to get this out with enough time this month :joy: it’s been a heck of a month!


I hear that. I feel like March just started yesterday and I’m already looking at being busy the next 3 weeks!


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Ohhh I like this- goodness knows I’m guilty of cleaning out a few things only to quickly fill in the space with new stuff! :sweat_smile: Sometimes it’s nicer to have the room to breathe and just be.

This is a wonderful guide to the full moon - and goodness, it’s coming along quickly! Thank you for this, Megan! :pray: :blush:

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I completely understand this :laughing: I hope you can stay grounded in the busy of the weeks!

That sounds exactly like what I’d do after a three-day-long spell :joy: good luck!

You and me both :joy: I like the space to breathe, but I also don’t like having empty space… it’s a conundrum!


20 minutes till the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse starts in Va at 3:00am the Worm Moon is officially full and at 3:12am the eclipse will be maximum can’t wait to do some moon magick I never miss an eclipse best time for some potent magick. :full_moon::waning_gibbous_moon::last_quarter_moon::waning_crescent_moon::new_moon::waxing_crescent_moon::first_quarter_moon::waxing_gibbous_moon:


This is great, thank you. I especially like the emphasis on balance!