Self-love/self-esteem spells

I was wondering if there are any spells/chants etc that i could do for myself or someone else that will raise self-esteem/ self-love? Preferrably one that doesnt require many supplies, thankyou (: x


What about a morning tea ritual? All you need is a cup of hot water and a tea bag!


Thankyou! I will defo try this :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! I hope it works for you!


Just to build on @Amethyst 's wonderful idea, we also have the Daily Devotional which updates everyday.

There are also some great things here: All Spells8 Spells by Category & you can go through them…there are some great ones for self-care & self-love. Including things that you can make to use daily or as needed!


Perform a glamour spell. Imo and am sure many others feel the same way, how one looks at and sees themself is very important. Here is one from Spells8, nice solid spell.

There are also many more types of glamour spells out there, can search and see if something rings for you.


I agree with @Amethyst about the self-love morning tea ritual. Any tea or drink can be infused with self-love and confidence depending on the chant. While the drink (if you’re using a drink) can help – such as lavender, rose, hibiscus, etc. – it’s not necessary.

We also have a self-confidence sigil that can be used. This link takes you to a ritual but I’ve had success with just the sigil itself.


One thing I’ve done that doesn’t require any ingredients (though you could add the appropriate oil or incense if you wanted to) is to stand under the water in a shower or whatever and with every splash of water say something positive about yourself. As the water washes over you, imagine that compliment sink into your body to stay.

I also second the sigil that @MeganB recommended. It is very helpful.


Here is the verbiage from the Spells8 glamour spell shared, it hit the self-love part very well, and very well put too!


Greetings @ivrus!

You’ve got some great suggestions here already- adding to what has already been offered, we actually have a Self-Care Tag here in the forum. If you click the link, all topics discussing Self-Love/Self-Care work will be available for you to browse through :blush:

I would also suggest looking into getting a Rose Quartz Crystal- they are very popular, pretty inexpensive as far as crystals go, and I’ve found it’s a stone that helps both with nurturing self-love as well as raising one’s confidence and comfort levels :gem:

Whatever you choose, I hope you’re able to find some lovely ways to work on self-love and confidence!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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