Servitors...Do you have one?

I’m looking for information on servitors. There’s not much on the forum about them. I’ve already looked through them. I’ve heard about servitors through various online resources but wanted some firsthand experience.

Does anyone here have a servitor? How did you create one and what do you use it for?

Any help is appreciated!


Nope and the only person I heard has one was @devin6 I don’t know if she’s still here or not. Think she was on her way out.


Here are some videos that I’ve watched on the subject:

I love HearthWitch and she reviews a couple of books about servitors in this video

This one from Ivy the Occultist gives a lot of info about servitors:

I have no first hand experience myself though.


Hi @Sivonnah!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about servitors myself as I don’t currently use them, but I do know @MeganB had mentioned looking into them at some point. Otherwise all I can find is the Learning About Servitors discussion and the My Chaos Magick Entry about servitors by @Artemisia (and it sounds like you may have already come across those!)

The videos kindly shared by @BlueAngelite look loaded with info about them- I hope, one way or another, you’re able to find out more! Wishing you all the best with it. I’ll be watching (and learning) along to learn more about servitors too! :grinning:

Blessed be!


I think @MeganB has worked with those. Maybe she can help you!


I did create a servitor for the Chaos Magick challenge and followed the steps in Chapter 6 of Condensed Chaos by Phil - if you don’t have a copy but want to take a peak at that chapter it’s available here. I did buy my own digital copy fwiw.

It’s a different way of casting magick. It was a different feel for me but not in a bad way. Sometimes I feel like I’m not “witchy enough” to be creative and mystic and transcendent. This was nice because it was clear step-by-step instructions that I could modify for my intent and purpose. Kinda fun.

I should think about using them more. :thinking:


I love her too! I will check that out. You always need more books :books:
I’ve watched some videos by Ivy so I’ll check that out too!

@BryWisteria I did check out those links

I’ll have to reread your entry!


Sadly, nope - but hopefully I’ll have something to share in the future! I never got around to creating one because life just went ;alkdnfahg everywhere :joy: but the video I would share has already been shared (the one above by Ivy the Occultist).


Thank you :heart: :blush:


Sorry about that, love! Hopefully, you can work with on once you settle in!


I’m sure I’ll get there! :heart: I’ll be sure to post about it when it happens!


Cool! That will be interesting!