Shadow Work & A Dark Moon

The Dark Moon carries an energy all its own and doing shadow work during this phase of the moon is very beneficial. Shadow work is an exercise where you face your inner demons and befriend them instead of suppressing them. I did some shadow work on the last dark moon.

This description I found to be very on point – Shadow Work: The inner work of facing your demons. Asking yourself why you are the way you are, and then having the courage to actively work against detrimental behaviors and beliefs while also embracing the hidden or shamed parts of yourself. The spiritual and psychological work of dealing with your own :poop:.

I created a board of what that shadow work visually looked like for me. It’s ugly…When I finished picking out the pictures my first reaction was “Damn, I’m a wreck!” LOL But actually FACING them and SEEING a visual representation made it easier for me to dissect and accept and make peace with it.

These are all things I don’t like about myself or feel insecure about:

  1. Anxiety brain - ugh…just ugh lol
  2. Negative internal dialog’s takeover - Negative self talk & creating negative scenarios.
  3. Chaotic brain and internal battles - over thinks - looks for hidden meanings.
  4. Ego - This doesn’t mean I have to put others down to make myself feel better - I have learned it’s the opposite. If I help others and raise others up I automatically feel better about myself.
  5. Reactive instead of proactive; I grew up in a house hold where there was a lot of yelling and reactiveness. It’s all I ever knew. I have been like this and it has been hard to change and a lot of work but worth it! I try to always take a step back now before I open my big trap lol.
  6. Too sensitive overall - I blame my empathic tendencies for some of this & I know I am just sensitive in nature as I struggle with panic disorder and GAD.

Have you ever done shadow work or created a shadow work visualization?

Using some form of art in shadow work can be very powerful and eye opening. Psychologists use art therapy as a way to help patients explore their inner selves. It is because art is a great way to allow your Shadow to manifest itself.

Introspection work!



  1. the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes.

Grab a notebook (or digital format) and write down things you don’t like about yourself or things you feel insecure about.

Do you know why these things bother you? Can you pin point why these things trigger you?

Feel free to share your thoughts if you wish or keep them private if you are more comfortable.


This is such a good idea! I know journaling for some is difficult, and that’s often the first thing we all say to do when beginning shadow work. Journal, journal, journal! But you can also do this, or draw, or create in any other way that helps you with your introspection.

It’s funny. When I’m crocheting – if I’m not also watching TV – my mind just reels over and over different things through the day, things that have happened in the past that I haven’t dealt with, etc. and I just realized that the introspection I do when I’m creating is more helpful than any introspection I do when journaling :exploding_head:


I love this idea! I’ve got to work on doing more shadow working! Lately, what I think I’ve already worked on, pops up. So, I have to do it a lil different this time. I’m getting amped up to begin. I’ll plan on it tomorrow night as a ritual. I have a couple more ideas of like to add with this. Thank you so much!


I love doing shadow work and this is such a great idea! Thank you @SilverBear


Wow, you just put into words something that I know has been plaguing me for years but haven’t been really able to pin down… thank you :heart:

Just when you thought you knew your shadow… no, it doesn’t really work like that! :sweat_smile:


I have never done shadow work before :thinking: but it sounds like something I would like to give a try! This seems like something that may open closed doors here, what do I got to loose.


The New Moon/Dark Moon means it’s that time of month again- time to delve into the tricky but worthwhile realm of shadow work :black_circle:.

I usually do a meditation/visualization and journalling, but this is so true- art is a fantastic way to self-epxress and release some of the shadows lurking inside.

Thanks so much for both the info and the ideas, @Silverbear! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Shadow work really helped me through the bout of depression I had through the fall and beginning of winter. I try to keep up with regular journaling each day. Sometimes it’s like a record of what I did for the day and other times it’s how I feel about what is going on, dreams, and where I want to be, all kinds of things in one book. It’s a lot of freewriting, whatever comes to my mind.

I have a couple of worksheets that I want to work on that I found with a lot of prompts and I have the ones from Spells8, I wouldn’t do all of them at one time, I would work on what I could get through. Otherwise, I should probably start today. I don’t remember if I posted the ones I found before, so I won’t again unless someone would like to see them.


Silver Bear
I have been working through my shadow work. I didnt finish all the question but I am still working on them. One question a day and one day at a time. I did a visual Dream Board that has some similarities which is distinctive to the Shawdow Visual Board. I believe this would really great to be more self awareness to deal with of the problems that arise in my daily life. I struggle with P.T.S.D Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. My Therapist said that I may have a distorted narrative that I tell myself. Which makes it hard to determine if I am looking at things objectively. I had a resent scenario with my grandma and could not tell if my belief was truthful or distorted. The consequences of me over reacting can be horrible and that’s is why I always try to weigh the pros and the cons. Libra in action, however I don’t want to judge harshly! I want to be balanced when it comes to reality and being rational.
I am going to try this post soo, thank you, Silver Bear! This is first time that I ever made it public what my diagnosis is. There is a scene of judgement when it comes to Mental Diagnosis! This will be self empowering and since we have such a wonderful community .I feel safe sharing my vulnerabilities and short cummings! Maybe this will be a way to release it all. I love art and can’t wait to share my heart, mind, and soul.


Good luck with your journey! I suffer from panic disorder and GAD…we are always a word in progress. Just remember to be kind to yourself in the process of healing.