Sharing this with loved ones

New to the craft, I have been immersing myself in this practice for 2-3 months. This is my favorite site by far! I have been watching videos, reading as much as I can (I have difficulty with comprehension due to a medical condition) meditating and enjoying my new path. I played around with tarot cards and crystals in my late teens to early 30’s now Im knocking on 60"s door and felt DRAWN to this like never before.

I have a few questions for all of you…

How did you tell your loved ones? I have no plans to tell anyone but my husband and my step daughter. Im pretty sure she has been practicing, I know my brother-in-law is. In fact one thing that pushed me over the edge to explore this a bit was he made me a wand!!

I know lots of videos and articles I have read say dont worry if you dont have this or that its your intention. However, I do not always have access to a bath tub. We run an Airbnb home share and we reserve one bathroom the one that has a tub for our airbnb guests. It on the same floor as their bedrooms, and sitting room. I also want to keep folks from wandering around the home. SO I will not always have a tub to take a ritual bath. If I dont have a chalice and red wine, Im ok with that, but no tub for a bath, that seems to be a biggie.

Thank you in advance.

Blessed Bee


Welcome to the forum @malinda! Glad you’re finding your way around! We’re happy to hear from you!

As for myself, my Mom got me my first witchcraft book and told me I might be interested and I haven’t looked back. So you and I are lucky to have a family that accepts us. I’d just casually mention it and see where that conversation goes.

As for the bath, it’s been pointed out to me you can use the ingredients as salt scrubs, or make a big batch of warm water to pour over you in the shower. What I’ve done is buy good soaps and use them for cleansing in the shower. I have medical problems that make scrubs difficult for me. I’m sure someone else will have some ideas. I hope they help you out!


@malinda hi! I’m so happy that you love the site! We love it as well! I especially love when the courses come out & learning all the new things. I use the guided meditations too. I can’t free meditate, it’s just not something I am good at doing.

I just told my husband & my daughter figured it out. I didn’t really explicitly tell anyone else. I have a friend that is a witch also, she kind of figured it out & brought it up to me one day when we were having coffee.

I’m sorry that I don’t have better advice as I am still partially in the broom closet myself.


Hello Malinda! :sparkles: I’m glad you’ve found your way here :hugs:

For me, I just kind of…did? I mean, I started exploring this path as a young girl (12-13 years old, pretty much) and never really stopped. When I first found Wicca, I told my mom who, at the time, was pretty dead-set against it. She told me it was the work of the Devil and she wasn’t comfortable with it in her home. Fast forward many years later (I’ll be 30 this year) and now we’ve done spells together, I’ve made her prayer shawls and tinctures and salves, and she’s pretty okay with it. We even still live in the same house :rofl: It’s funny how that works, but I’m glad it did. I mean, I even have an entire website and YouTube channel dedicated to my path and practice and sharing what I know and she doesn’t bat an eye.

I think it comes down to knowing your family and who you plan on telling. If you think they’ll react negatively, then you don’t have to tell them. I think personal belief systems are okay if kept private.

Also, you don’t have to take ritual baths. I posted an Elemental Ritual Bath :mountain: for one of our challenges, but it could easily be adapted for a shower! Just go with what you’ve got, adapt and change where needed :heart:


Thank you! This actually does help, Im sure my step daughter will figure it out, but not my husband. The other day I asked him if his late wife was one, he said " I dont think so". I think she was and is leading me and my step daughter…one day at a time.


Oh wonderful then! You are very welcome! :hugs:


The Craft is all about using your creativity (your cunning) to find the best way to practice (or to adapt to) whatever circumstance you are.

If you don’t have a bathtub try Kasie’s idea with the soaps or…

As for coming out of the broom closet :broom: go one step at a time. You could just talk about a certain technique you found (e.g. a meditation/chant/oil) that helps you when you’re anxious, or describe any other witchy thing you do and how it benefits you.

Like Megan said, you know them and you probably can tell how they will react. Good Luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Merry meet,

I am NickWick, it’s a pleasure having you with us, as @Francisco said

and I definitely agree with this. I really am in the same situation with you,:hugs: but making sachets with your herbs and different items that resinates with you also helps.

Now that can be a bit challenging, for me I have not told anyone :roll_eyes: well at least not yet. I do have a feeling that my daughter has an idea but I will then awaiting for her to ask and then that will be my moment to tell her. For my husband, I do have plans of telling but I believe I will write him a letter concerning the matter. Well I hope that goes well :joy::joy:.

But as MeganB suggested

What ever make you feel comfortable, then just do it! and do remember feel free to ask questions. We are all here to help. Enjoy :hugs:

Be Blessed


A very merry meet to you, @malinda! :heart:

It is wonderful that you have followed your heart into the craft and found your way here. It sounds like you feel at home with your spirituality and are enjoying the journey so far- I’m so happy for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a great question- and others have already shared some very helpful advice! For me, when it comes to telling others about my spirituality I only do so if I feel comfortable sharing. I’m at the point where I am comfortable in my beliefs and who I am- my practice doesn’t feel like a secret or something I have to “come out with”- it’s just part of me! :grin::sparkles:

It is a pleasure to meet you, Malinda, and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon!

Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Welcome and this is a tough topic. But the more you hesitate and focus on thinking about it, makes it all the harder. Just go for it. You said your brother in law made you a wand, talk with him first. I just told those I’m comfortable with. I have people in my family who judge and hate on being different. But go with your intuition, it will all work out. And nice to meet you :hugs:


I recently had to share some hard information and my anxiety surrounding it was awful. So I just said what I had to say. I’m not saying that’s what you should do about this, my situation was something that was hard to say but had to be said.

What if you sat down with them & told them & then told them that if they had any questions you would be happy to answer them the best that you can? I have done that before & it helps when they know that they can ask questions without a defense coming their way. If you find something that works, I would be interested to know. Only because I have a lot of my family that has no idea & neither do most of my friends. Two of my best friends know & they are very supportive.