Simple & Effective Peace Spell

We could all use something simple and effective for peace!

What you need:

  • Your intentions
  • Purple candle
  • Lavender oil
  • Salt

Light the candle and sprinkle the salt in a circle around the candle clockwise.
Drip some oil around the candle clockwise into the salt.

Sit quietly and watch the flame…envision you are surrounded by peaceful feelings. Feel them wash over you like a gentle wave…

Relax the shoulders, the neck, the jaw…no slouching though, keep a tall spine.

When you are ready, chant the following: " I am filled with peace. Peace that is healing. Peace that is deep. Peace is within me when I am awake or asleep. Peace dwells within me, so, mote it be!"

Continue to sit quietly for as long as you need. You can keep your eyes open with a soft gaze or close them. Which ever is more comfortable for you.

You can allow the candle to burn out on its own or snuff it out.

Use fire safety :fire:


This is beautiful! I’m gonna have to get some lavender oil at the first of the month. Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous! I just printed it out to put in my BOS! Thank you! I needed something simple to do this weekend. This is just perfect for it.


I need to do this! I’m adding this to my book of shadows. Thank you @SilverBear :slight_smile:


Beautiful added to my book of shadows thank u blessed be❤️


This is Wonderful. I can say i have all the ingredients to do this spell. :laughing:. Thank You…


Gorgeous! Even just reading the words brings a sense of peace, relaxation, and gratitude :person_in_lotus_position::two_hearts: Your spells have amazing power- thanks for sharing them, @Silverbear! :sparkling_heart: