Smithsonite Info 💎


Mineral Family: Calcite
Structure: Carbonate
Hardness: 4-5
Chakra: Throat
Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo
Element: Water

All the color varieties of Smithsonite assists those facing issues with alcoholism. More properties from the lovely ladies at The Crystal Council:
Sense of purpose, new beginnings, psychic abilities, communication with guides, bridging the spiritual and physical worlds, astral travel, stress relief, channeling and grounding higher vibrations, creating your own reality, clearing and clarity.

The white is calcite on the bottom.
My blue-green smithsonite with attached calcite crystals is a world class crystal!!! My sellers hooked me up!!

Here’s a Google pic of Smithsonite:


Oh this one is pretty neat! I like it! I have a couple of calcites! I like them & have them in my printer’s drawer on my wall.


Smithsonite occurs across the globe, but facetable crystals are extremely rare. These gems can show a wide range range of rich colors but are too soft for most jewelry use. However, high dispersion makes properly faceted smithsonites truly magnificent collector’s pieces
|Etymology|After James Smithson, the British mineralogist who discovered that the zinc ore known as calamine was composed of two distinct minerals, later named hemimorphite and smithsonite.|
Commonly occurs as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of zinc-bearing deposits.|


This Mineral is world class! It says “hey look at me”! There’s no breakage in this rare gem. It’s structure is amazing. The cleavage is beautiful. The color hypnotizes you. In my opinion as well, it’s my world class Smithsonite :relaxed::two_hearts::v:t3: