Spell Advice Please

I’m looking for a spell to block someone’s lies and emotional harm from affecting me. I looked into the Far and Away spell but this being a person who is connected to my son, I wasn’t sure if it could also keep my son away.
Short run down, my son’s gf, baby momma has always been someone I just cannot stand. When my son was in the hospital she lied about where my grandsons were, and would not let me or their Aunt’s even talk to them. I confronted her at the time, of which she apologized and said it was dumb for her to do, but we still didn’t get to speak with them. This past week while they were visiting us I addressed it again, wanting to know why she did it. It ended in a heated discussion and her deflecting every chance of just explaining herself and squashing the obvious problem.
I’m completely done with this person, she is a narcissist and a liar :lying_face:.
I know if I don’t do something in the form of crafting a spell to either block her negative influence this will deteriorate my relationship with my son. This volatile relationship with her has been a long exhausting battle that I just can’t do anymore without ending up knocking her on her ass. Which while that would satisfy my anger it is not in my best interest…:wink:
Would the Far and Away work for this situation, or maybe a Freezer Spell?
Truth spell?
If I was more capable a Hex would really be great! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Any advice appreciated.


@Tamera, I don’t know what to tell you, but I do know a good book on hexes and things like that. It’s by Dorothy Morrison who is Wiccan and she talks about hexing and the Wiccan Rede. I haven’t read it in YEARS, but it’s a good book. Utterley Wicked: Hexes, Curses, and Other Unsavory Notions.

Hope that at least gives you some ideas.


You already know this but I believe hexes are a bad idea. I understand the feeling, though. :sweat_smile: There’s a few people in my life that could use a good hex on them. The freezer spell will probably fail since she’s the mother of your grandchildren.

Personally, if I was in your situation, I’d go with a spell for myself to see her as she really is inside. I’d also do a spell for her healing and another to remove any negative energy attached to her, me, and the situation.

Maybe someone in the coven knows good spells for each idea? I do :candle: magic and each spell is unique to the situation so I don’t know if I can help more than the ideas themselves and lighting candles for you this weekend.


Hi there Tamera :heart:

First, I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough time with your son’s girlfriend. Hopefully you can find a resolution that works well for everyone involved.

My first thought of spellwork is actually not for you or the girlfriend, but for your son. He may be walking around with rose-colored glasses on and, if he can see her for what she is, that may spark a discussion between them that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to have.

You could also do a cord-cutting but modify it so that you’re not severing your relationship because of your grandchildren, but severing your emotional investment in her behavior, if that makes sense.

You could also bind her from doing harm to you or others, sort of like putting up a wall between her and you.

I hope these ideas spark some inspiration in you!


Thank you @MeganB, I so wish my son could see her for who she really is. That would ease my heart so much. I’m definitely going to look into these suggestions, I like the cord cutting idea.
Thanks Everyone!


@Tamera I am agreeing with the ‘no hexes’ but I did come across this spell. It didn’t seem too bad. I modified the incantation (of course…cause that’s what I do) LOL… It isn’t asking for more than the exposer of the lies and letting the chips fall where they may.

modified version- Berta

You will need:

  • one onion
  • a small offering of coins or juice or a little wine or something for the local spirits.


You carve the name on an onion.


In the name of the Universe I ask
This onion to serve my task
Who’s name I on it write
All lies expose to light
Let consequeses rule
for what was mean and cruel
As this onion rots
Truth’s bright torch be caught
It’s light burns bright and true.
Deception’s payment due.
As it is spoke so mote it be
Thank you and blessed be

Then you cut the onion and rip away the layers (you can wear sunglasses to prevent crying). As you are doing so you envision that you are tearing away the fronts that the person puts up in order to deceive people until the core truth is exposed.

It’s kind of like dispelling a glamour.

Then you take the pieces and throw them in a natural spot.; As the onion rots so does the deception.

You can go further and asked the nature spirits living in that area to assist you and leave an offering.

There is also the TRUTH TEA I posted earlier.

@Francisco please read through this and if I got it wrong I will be happy to delete it.


@berta Thank you! I am going to write this one down for my BOS if you don’t mind. :grin:
Since last night was a Waning moon, I created my rendition of a kind of sour jar but made it more so to protect and ward off her nastiness. I used salt to protect me from her narcissistic ways, vinegar so she feels the bitterness from her lies, garlic so as to prevent her infecting my life, and moon water to make it so. In it I put a small piece of a shirt that is hers (sneaky me cut a piece off when I did their laundry before they left, it already had a hole I just made it a bit bigger). Then I sealed the jar with black candle wax and followed with a karma incantation.
Today, I texted her a closing statement saying that I’m done with her and that I will no longer try to form any kind of connection with her because it’s pointless and I don’t need that to maintain one with my son or my grandsons.
No response as of yet, so perhaps my jar is working!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


This is a great spell! I’m going to be saving it, for sure!


Sounds like a great sour jar! Hopefully it will work.


Thanks for sharing your version of the glamour, Berta!

I like what Tamera decided to do, since the most powerful spells are usually the ones that you make yourself.

Hopefully the jar will work and banish all that negative energy. @Tamera maybe you should get a nazar amulet :nazar_amulet:. It should help reflect the evil/negative intents back onto the person.


I so agree with you @Francisco about @Tamera 's choice…just as I tend to re-work spells to speak more exactly to my sensibilities and needs I am so glad she found one that feels right to her.


Thank you! I’ll look for the nazar amulet, sounds exactly what I could use.


@Tamera check on Etsy… there are some reasonably priced with free shipping.
I just put this stretchy bracelet in my cart for about $8.00
(but I love stretchy bracelets. LOL)

Nazar Amulet


I found some bracelets! I got 6 of them, one for myself, my husband, my daughter’s, and also my son. Thought it’d be a good idea for him to have one also…:wink:
I had one extra so I’m going to send it to @krissie117. :grin:
Thank you @berta and @Francisco for the suggestion.


Don’t forget to activate them and bless them. :slight_smile: SUPER GREAT PRESENTS!!!


How do I activate them? It says to make a wish after tying, is that activating it?


Well, I am sure @Francisco may want to chime in here, but I would treat them like any other TOKEN. or AMULET

The Easiest Way to Charge & Activate Talismans or Amulets

Recipe by Francisco HuanacoDifficulty: Easy

Activate a Talisman with the Wiccan Powers of the Elements. This simple ritual will charm any amulet or object with protection, good luck or any other intention.


  • 1 white candle
  • 1 glass of water (or your chalice)
  • 1 small bowl of salt
  • 1 incense stick (pick any aroma that speaks to you)


  • Light the candle and incense.
  • Take the amulet you want to consecrate in your hands and stand facing North.
  • Hold it over the salt and say the following chant:Blessing amulet
  • Turn to the East, and while holding the amulet over the incense smoke, chant:Consecrate an amulet
  • Turn to the South and hold the amulet over the candle flame – be careful not to burn it – and chant:Charge and activate a talisman
  • Finally, turn to the West, and hold your amulet over the glass of water. Chant:water amulet consecration
  • Hold the amulet up in the air, and say:Amulet blessing
  • Read out loud or state the purpose of your amulet.
  • Wear the amulet or carry it with you and don’t take it off for the next 5 days.

Thank you! I have this posted on my board above my altar, I didn’t even think of this as activating them.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I will wear it with my other charm bracelets!


You’re very welcome! :grin::wink: