Spell for a Favorable Judgment

Hello, my name is Sam happy to be here. I am a baby witch and my friend is in prison and will see parole next year. I’m trying to do a spell that will help him get a yes this time. Does anyone know of a good spell. I see a lot of people say not to ask questions about legal matters. I hope I’m not crossing a line, especially for my first question.


Good evening/morning @InvisibleForce, I think what you are seeing about legal matters is what others in the forum that read for members, they won’t answer questions on certain things like medical issues, legal issues, things of that nature. You aren’t breaking any rules by asking a question.

Also, there is a spell on the site for winning a court case:

Read through the spell & tweak it if you need to or write your own based off of this one for your situation.

I’m sure others may have something to offer also. :heart:


Merry meet @InvisibleForce and welcome to the forum! :blush:

Like Siofra said, no worries at all about asking a question- while individuals may choose whether or not to read or work magick on certain issues within their practices, there is no harm at all in asking the community! For most things, if you can think of it there is probably a spell for it :wink::sparkles:

Siofra shared a great spell- I second Legal Blessings :+1: I also recommend Hecate’s Justice Prayer for legal workings:

Hecate’s Justice Prayer

Additionally, in hopes of receiving positive news about the case, you could also work the Positive Message Spell:

On The Wings of Flame - Positive Message Spell
Spells8 Positive Message Acceptance Spell Candle Ritual

Wishing you all the best, Sam! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


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