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Recently, I’ve gotten back into writing after two-something years. I have several unfinished stories and two completed stories on my computer. Last night, I managed to write a whole page!

My problem is, I tend to type a sentence and spend a few minutes editing it. Writing is definitely not easy. I may be able to play the chapter out in my head, but when I write it down, sometimes I learn I need to do some light research. Or when I write dialogue, I can’t help but think, “Is this dialogue too clunky,” “do actual people talk like this”.

Anyway, I wanted some suggestions on some spells I could turn to help me with writing.


Hold on, let me yell for one of our resident word witches → Ohhh, @Amethyst!!

There’s an old saying that I have no idea where it came from. My brain wants to attribute it to Hemingway, but I have no clue if that’s true or not → Write drunk, edit sober :joy:

I don’t have anything personally, but there’s this chant that @Amethyst wrote for writer’s block. Maybe it’ll help?

🎯 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Tactical Magick - #56 by Amethyst

Or this one to help with creativity!

Motivation and Creativity, Come My Way! ✨ (Prosperity Challenge)

Or what about adjusting your own creativity spell?

♀ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Feminine - #34 by Kasandra


Oh my Goddess! I had completely forgotten about my creativity spell for that challenge! :laughing: I’ve written so many spells it’s hard to keep track of them all.

“Write drunk, edit sober…” That reminds me of a YouTube video from Terrible Writing Advice on writer’s block.

“We need alcohol! That’s right! Having a few drinks will loosen us up and help us kickstart the writing process! And if a few drinks get the words flowing, then a lot of drinks will really get things moving!” :rofl::joy:


You could use the magic square of the planet Mercury to create a sigil. Mercury is linked to thought and communication, including writing.

Writ a short message that shows your intention. Use this table to help covert your message to numbers

2 5 1 2 5 9 9 2 9 5 7

Draw the sigil on the grid, marking the start with a circle and the end with a line. Repeating numbers can just be looped.

Then use your sigil as you see fit.

Blessed be



Oh, interesting! I’ve never done something like that before. I will definitely try that tonight before I start writing.


haha it’s okay! :blush: It happens – I thought it might be helpful!


Here I am to save the day! LOL!

First, I’m assuming the stories you’re writing are for fun, not for pay. Am I right? If I am, remember that you’re doing this for fun and just go with it. Don’t second-guess yourself. I use the free version of Grammarly to edit and that works out okay. That might help you with nitpicking.

A human beta or someone to bounce ideas off might be a good idea and give you the confidence to stop second-guessing yourself. Only you can figure that out.

But I do have a couple of spells. One a short chant and one a full-on spell to help you get started writing so that nasty blank page will go away. Hope this helps you out.

Mighty Apollo, hear my plea!
Bring my words back to me!
Let the conversation flow from my pen,
and relay all the magic that resides therein!

Word Abundance Spell

For this spell, I used an orange candle for prosperity, success, and endurance. I’ve dressed it with High John the Conqueror’s oil for abundance and three herbs:

Poppy seeds for abundance and good luck.

Chamomile for: vitality and longevity.

Cinnamon for success, prosperity, and love of what I’m doing.

Dress the candle with oil and herbs and light it and say:

Candle, candle burning bright.
Remove from me during this rite,
all blocks and negativity,
let words flow and be carefree
as I will, so mote it be.

I’ve placed it in my cauldron in case the poppy seeds pop in the heat. I’ve never used them before so it’s better to be safe than sorry. I let the candle burn all the way down while writing. The object of the spell is to keep writer’s block away and gift me with an abundance of words.

~ September 13, 2020



I would like to make money off of some of my stories in the future, but for now, the story that I’m writing is purely for fun.

My best friend has been helping me tweak the plot and characters. What I’m worried about is not choosing the right words or constructing the right sentences. I tend to feel like everything I write is garbage and not worth anyone’s reading time. You know what they say— you’re your own worst critic.

All of these suggestions are wonderful! I plan to try all of them at some point.


I was searching around and found these resources! I hope they can help. :blush:


I hate to sound weird, but the best way to get over it is to publish something and see what people say. I think, not sure but think, there’s an original story category over on Archive of Our Own, known at AO3.

That’s where I post my stories and you get kudos that are just people pressing like on your story and comments that may help you grow as a writer.

Caution though, most of AO3 is fanfiction, which is what I write. You may not get a lot of readers there. I will say that some of the fanfiction I’ve read is better than some novels I’ve seen written. And there are a lot of writers who move on from fanfiction into writing novels and stuff to be sold on Amazon.

But yeah, you need a shot of confidence.

Here’s the favorite story I’ve got going on right now, along with another. But this one gets more kudos and comments. You’ll see what I mean.

Good luck!


You’ve got some fantastic resources and advice already (a lot of which I will be reviewing- I’d love to get back into my personal creative writing projects too someday!) so I just want to add in some positive energy and support- you’re doing awesome, Kasandra, and I’m wishing you all the best with your writing! Good luck and have fun with it- may creativity flow for you! :star2: :blush:


Last night, I drew the sigil that @Cosmic_Curiosity sent me and it helped me write 300 words and
another page!

I will keep the other solutions suggested to me in mind whenever I need help with writing.

@Amethyst Thank you for the link! The story I’m writing is actually a fan fic. :face_with_peeking_eye: My family tells me it’s a waste of time and that I should write something that I can actually sell. But I’m writing this for fun (and as an exercise in plot and characters). And no, not all of your hobbies have to make you money! :laughing:

I haven’t had much luck posting my stories on fanfiction.net. They’ve barely gotten views or comments. So, I think posting it on a few sites will attract more readers.


It depends on the fandom, AO3 got me more reviews than Fanfic.net so that’s where I post anymore. I wish you luck with your writing!


Aww im so glad it helped you. Good luck with the rest of it.

Blessed be



You are a blessing everyday okay maybe several times a day I draw a blank when I’m texting, researching, talking and etc … sometimes the words are so simple like … can or were.
I am anxious to get started!

Blessed Be as always :witch_hat:
Medea :white_candle:


Aww. Thank you! Good luck with your writing!


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