Spell for Positive Thinking: Daily Checklist

If you started the Book of Mirrors course, you know how important journaling is in anyone’s spiritual path. :notebook:

I found that writing down my thoughts, especially the negative ones, is a good way to release them. Otherwise they’ll get stuck in my head and won’t let me think clearly.

Spell for Positive Thinking :relieved:

I made this video after an article I read the book The Happiness Equation which included an exercise. I decided to turn it into a spell for positive thoughts, a daily positive ritual.

A study at UC Davis proves that writing for just a few minutes each day will boost your happiness and well being, and also your health.

Daily Positive Checklist :white_check_mark:

Do this once a day. Write down:

  • I will focus on: _______________________
  • I am grateful for: _____________________
  • I will let go of: _______________________

The first one is an intention for the day, the second one anything positive you can think of, and the third one the negative thoughts that are in your mind.

:printer: I prepared a printable page with these journaling prompts.


Whenever you are overwhelmed by your own thoughts, write them down. Getting things off your mind by writing them down will help you relax.

Daily Ritual Before Bed :sleeping_bed:

Scan for the 3 daily positives. At the end of each day, make a list of three specific good things that happened that day. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: They could be anything from talking to an old friend, a positive comment someone made, or just being healthy.

If you can’t find any positive things before going to bed, simply write them mechanically. Go through the motion by copying 3 of these positive affirmations.


You can control your thoughts with practice. Where we put our attention, we put our energy. :sparkles:

Find more printables in this page: Spells8 Magic Grimoire PDF! And if you haven’t already, watch the Book of Mirrors Online Course.


Thank you, Francisco! I will print these off in the morning. :slight_smile: This is extremely helpful.


Just what I needed! I’d been having some negative thoughts this evening and writing these three things down has helped me feel a little better.


@Francisco , thank you! This is great! The Wiccan reade- do as you will and harm none. All comes back 3 folds… Been thinking a lot about this. Our thoughts, manifest themselves good or bad! To harm none also applies to oneself as well. If, we think negative thoughts about ourselves. Guess what! We’re gonna get back threefold. Trying to think positive thoughts all the time now. Not just loving the people around me, but also myself. ( I don’t want to harm myself with negative thoughts. We all get ourselves down in the dumps at times)

So this, you shared, is perfect timing! Weird, it’s like the universe is conspiring to help me.

Thank you!
Blessed be.


Thank you for the printables @Francisco! I try to do regular shadow work with my journal. In all honesty, my journals are like a catch-all of my days. I journal about my day, dreams, my practice, shadow work, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, positive thoughts, ideas… a catch-all. I love to write in them & actually just picked up my 5th one to write in since August.

I feel the same way though, once I write down the thoughts, they are released from me. It’s my way of getting them out. It’s almost like as soon as I write them down and close the journal, the thoughts are gone. It happens when I write letters too. I write them down and pop them in the mail, then I forget what was in them. I do the same thing with the journals so it’s fun to look back on them after a while.


Thank you @Francisco! I hate to admit it but journaling is something that escapes my daily plans, I think I’ll create a reminder alarm so I can get in the habit.


I’m glad that it helps! Thanks for your comments @praecog29, @Kasandra, and @walter!

I do the same thing! It’s like looking through old snapshots of specific moments in time that I had forgotten.

One thing that works for me is to decide the where and when I am going to journal. So for example, in the morning say: “Tonight at 7pm I will journal at the living room table”.

But having an app on your phone is also very useful and you’re going to have your phone with you all day anyway.


Wow! Alarm! That’s a great idea! Thank you!


I find this to be a good idea, I will journal on my book of shadows but only on special occasions, but I will try to do it more often.

@Francisco I definitely agree with this, happy to have these printables that I am assist me with this experiment.

Thank you!


Thank you because I could use this in my daily situation.


Thanks for the nice comments! It’s comforting to see that so many of you can relate to my situation. Sometimes the negativity can be paralyzing and I get the urge to let it out somehow. Writing is a very easy thing that anyone can do no matter when or where. Keep journaling!


Journalling is a great way to ease negative thoughts out of your mind and leave room for positivity :blush: Writing is a creative process, and capturing emotions into words can be very helpful in dealing with them!

This is a beautiful practice and really lovely spell, Francisco- thank you for sharing your warmth and positivity! :star2: The daily bedtime ritual is a favorite of mine. I’ve found that planting happy thoughts before sleep helps to encourage good dreams :sleeping: :+1:


I am new here. I love this I definitely will do this. I be having so much things going on in my mind. Thank You for this


Started this last night and already feeling the love thank you


@AliceInWonderdab I was just looking back at these to start them tonight! I’m hoping for similar positive results from it in the morning. :hugs:


Thank you Francisco just wanted to share my Gratitude. I was so glad :grinning: when I first saw this I am amazed and in awe! Sometimes I get down on myself and this is a easy way to start being active in my mental recovery! something that I can do to keep my mind from being negative! I can’t thank you enough for that! I felt something in my heart that you care for us to do that! And I so appreciate your guidance!
Thanks :pray:t4:
Blessed be


Thanks!! I’m glad you find it useful!

I think that trying to “stop” the negative thoughts can become tiresome, and arguing with them is useless.

Addressing them, giving them a place, and putting them into perspective is a lot healthier! Eventually their power wears out and we can replace them with positive thoughs! :smiley:


I am discovering such treasures! I love that the forum is linked back to the spells. Thank you for this resource.


thank you i found this very helpful and I will start using this everyday . Thank you for sharing this . :slight_smile:


Yes I am learning to get to know my bad parts and you would really appreciate this book Francisco it’s called strong text No bad parts by No bad parts

I am reading this book and it’s Funny you mentioned the fact that we should get to know the self and Swartz says there are many parts of us that we should just get to know them more and get more perspective on them!
So I am going to try to understand why I do what I do and reason with them because they were at once trying to perfect parts of myself! Anyway there are no parts in other words! Lol

What you said is genuinely true infact instead of shaming them I’ll just get to know them better!