Spell jars

I was looking at the past spell jar topics. I figured why not open a new one to share spell jar recipes. I’d like to make more jars. So please share jar recipes here with me.


That’s a great idea Devenne. I need to make a “get a job” spell jar. Now my brain is ticking, lol!


Great idea! I have a package of jars just for this purpose sitting in my Temu cart. :grin:


That’s where I got mine, I got a whole box full. I love temu


Nice. I love spell jars :heartpulse:


I just did the prosperity and luck jar and I added some other things to it.
A few extras I added were a Lucifer ascension oil six drops exactly. I added a Lucifer oil another nice blend an offering to Satan and Lucifer inside. Cinnamon for prosperity. Obsidian for security and balance, chamomile to enhance positivity and emotional balance, divination oil to help increase the ability of my third eye, tigers eye for confidence creativity and health. Calendula to strengthen the heart and raise the spirit. Clove to remove impurities and invite abundance. Sage for cleansing of the mind and body, clear quarts to stimulate the immune system and restore. Thanks for sharing it. I spent a lot of time on it lol :laughing: too bad I went crazy with the wax and you can’t see inside.

I can’t wait t see what all we can come up with. I don’t have as much time as I’d like to have. It was much needed, made me happy and at peace. I haven’t been this happy in a min.

Ps I keep lighting the cork on fire lol. This was isn’t the best wax I’ll admit

Also added black salt


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I can just picture you trying to put out
the fire on the cork, yet keep fire going to melt wax!

Image from Pinterest


Yesssss I absolutely love that and the photo. I’ve always been drawn to fire and I feel I have a lot of fire in me. Hahaha :rofl:


:rofl: I’ve been told I’m a little spitfire :rofl::rofl:

Between you and @tracyS I swear I laugh 100 times a day! Love this group. No matter how I feel I always leave the app with a smile on my face.


I was just saying this to @CelestiaMoon

Some stuff I read in Lucifer rites sinks in to. We are never truly free until our minds are also free. If we are a prisoner of our mind we are still slaves. I have to let go of all to be free. Worries, stresses all dat.

Which leads me to believe my six drops of Lucifer ascension oil did their job. I love that lil so worth the big price on that one I love it. Ascension comes in levels. I’m not there yet but I’m working toward it.i have alot on mind I want to complete soon. I’m also a student who works full time pretty much it’s not been easy to balance it all. I plan on buckling down more. I just have to stick to my guns.

A lot of magical things I have planned to achieve


I could see that and sense that from you even though you have been nothing but friendly. :fire::fire:

I’m so glad to hear that. It’s so nice to come here and forget our earthly troubles for a second and find comfort to overcome them together. :people_hugging:


Jars are my go to thing when doing spells. I like to have the visual reminder on my desk. Since the Hunter’s Moon I have done 19 jars, 2 balls, 7 pouches, and a mommet. Most of them have been adaptations of someone else’s spell, but here is one I personally made up and it is working!
Here is my spell for a cheerfulness jar.
I performed it at sunrise with the waxing moon in Gemini.
The glass jar contained:

a pinch of basil
pieces of cherry incense stick
a sigil for the word CHEER
a monkey sticker
gold glass shards
5 gold stars
a sun and spiral sticker for the lid
a sun button attached with gold wire
a yellow rickrack bow.
On the altar I had carnelian and tiger’s eye stones, a chickadee, a sun symbol, and a yellow candle.
I cast a circle, invited the Fire Element, and lit the candle.
I held the jar high above the flame and chanted 3 times:
I do not fear
or shed a tear
all through the year
I’m spreading cheer!

I thanked the Fire Element, opened the circle, and extinguished the candle.

I have been having fun using up all my scrapbooking supplies that were too big or thick to put on pages or greeting cards.


Wow I love that thankyou you for sharing this with me. Sounds like a lovely jar. You put alot of thought Into it. I love the use of stickers and bows. I have plenty of stickers. I should get bows or string and stuff too lol

Love the setup . I love simple in contrast to my chaos :laughing:


So pretty and ooh I love the chickadee! One of my favorite birds :black_heart: :silver_heart:


Love this!! Thank you! I’m bookmarking this so when my jars come I can do something very similar! :purple_heart::purple_heart:


Thanks. The chickadee is a leather name tag I carved and dyed. I wore it to the local nature club meetings.


A Creativity Witch Ball
This spell uses a plastic fillable ornament ball, but it could easily be adapted to a jar.
My intention was to boost my creativity with the use of a witch ball.
I performed the spell on a Friday during a waxing moon, and it worked.

In fact, I may have to turn it off to get some mundane tasks done!

The materials for this spell:
the ornament containing:
alder cones,
star anise,
cedar tips,
St. John’s wort,
willow leaf,
plastic spider,
gold beads,
3 stars,
3 copper sequins,
orange fabric flower,
5 orange beads,
red flower button,
yellow fabric butterfly,
chips of aventurine and citrine,
pieces of cherry incense stick,
and pieces of orange incense stick;
orange spiral sticker on the outside base;
an orange ribbon with white flowers;
gold cord for hanging; and
a red candle for the altar.

After doing the spell (according to the way you practice your Craft), hang the ball in a window to catch the sun’s rays. When it heats up it will disperse its scent throughout the room. Living up north, the winter sun hasn’t gotten hot enough to ignite it, but check for overheating in more southern climes!


Manifestation Pouch Spell
This spell started out as a jar spell, but when I was looking for a jar, I saw this lavender pouch I wanted to recycle, and it has turned into a pouch spell.
My intention was to create a spell to help with the quick, long lasting, and accurate manifestation of all my spells without harm to anyone.
I just performed it on the full moon in Virgo, my zodiac sign, and I will keep you posted on its success.

The lavender pouch with a butterfly charm ana a deep red rose ribbon and flower contains:
a washer and ball bearing made of iron,
a butterfly wood figure painted violet,
violet cardstock with dragon image and a sigil for manifestation,
chips of amethyst, citrine, garnet, obsidian, and tiger’s eye,
bay leaf,
and pieces of lavender and rose incense sticks.
On the altar I had amber, lapis lazuli, and turquoise stones, 3 tarot cards (Hierophant, Magician, and World), a lavender scented candle, and sandalwood incense.
I filled the pouch, wired on the flower, and tied on the charm.
I did my usual altar setup and spell format, saying the following chant 3 times:
This is my song.
My spells are strong.
They don’t take long.
They do no wrong.
To me they belong,
all the year long.

I don’t have a permanent altar so the setup is pretty simple and I can’t open a window to burn anything so I put the incense in the pouch and the scent lasts a long time and is more subtle.
What is your favorite spell?


What is going on here with our :fire: mishaps! There seems to be quite a few lately! Maybe someone’s trying to tell us something!

Great spell jars! :heart_eyes::purple_heart: I have made 2 so far. I may find one to get rid of exhaustion.