Spell to Clear Negative Energy

This is a super spell to do during Waning Moon to help clear negative energy in your home!

Waning moon phase is the perfect time to banish negative energy. this will protect you and your loved ones from outside influences that could negatively impact your lives.

And of course we are working with plant spirits…so remember to always thank them for aiding you! They are sacred and need to be treated that way.

What you need:

Incense - your choice
Pan - I used a tin inside my cast iron pan - less mess to clean.
Heat source (stove or wood stove)
Water - moon water would be an amazing addition!
1/4 Cup Rosemary - Home blessing
1 Teaspoon Dill Weed - Good luck, emotional balance, protection
4 Bay Leaves - Protection, healing
1 Cup Cedar - cleanse, heal, protect
1 Tablespoon Basil - Protection, purification, peace
1 Teaspoon Juniper Berries - Protection, health, purification
1/8 Cup Sage - Protection, banishing

Mix all the herbs together by hand - visualize your home as a scared place which is being protected by a glowing white light!

Add herbs to a pan that has been simmering with water.

When you can begin to smell this magical goodness repeat, “By my own hand, I have made this balm, this divine essence contains my calm. This precious potpourri protects all from harm. With harm to none and health to all, Blessed Be!”

Take a cleansing and deep breath. :green_heart:

This is the most divine smelling spell I’ve done to date! :heart_eyes:


Another beautiful one, Thank you!