Spells for creativity?

Are there any SIMPLE spells for creativity? Like for recognition wise?


There’s a chant to Apollo for Inspiration that seems easy. Here. Hope that helps.


Greetings @jada1!

Amethyst shared a great spell for inspiration- and I agree that oftentimes a lack of creativity goes hand-in-hand with a dearth of willpower and energy as well!

To help recover creativity, willpower, and motivation to get things done, here is a selection of spells you might find useful:

The easiest one is likely to get some Carnelian- just carrying the stone helps to assist with creativity! I have a Carnelian bracelet I wear when writing and I’ve found it to help immensely :grin::orange_heart:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I second Carnelian, and I like to pair it with Citrine. These two stones helped me tremendously studying for tests in college. There are some other stones you could use as well, and there are so many ways to apply crystals magickally. Several simple methods are mentioned in this article about using crystals, from wearing them as jewelry, to placing them around your home and empowering them for usage.

Other than stones (which aren’t my strongest area), you could use herbs or oils to inspire creativity. Chants are also a good method to use, especially when combined with a magickal cup of empowered tea. I think the Fire element is helpful with creativity, which means burning an orange candle could bring some great results. There is power in writing your own spells from your heart, and tailoring them to your situation.

My two cents. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They’re amazing for studying. Tiger’s Eye is a great motivator.