Spells/tools for moving?


My fiance and I are moving to a 1br apartment, and starting the move slowly in 2 weeks by placing items in the empty new place. Must be fully moved in by July 25th.

Any spells/tools etc. for moving, blessing the new place or leaving old energies behind etc.? Alas, I have no besom or wand as-of-yet, but I do have an athame and a boline.

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Here ya go! This one looks like it fits the bill!


@Amethyst beat me to it!

Other things you can do:

  • If the new place has carpet, sprinkle salt on it before you vacuum to remove any negative energy.
  • Open all the windows (possibly to door if you are not worried about animals escaping or critters coming in) and boil a small pot of water. In the water, place 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary and a dash of either fresh or dried basil. Boil for about 10 minutes, making sure it doesn’t overflow. Remove from heat and let it cool. The Rosemary is good for banishing and protection. The Basil is good for blessing and purification.
  • While the windows are still open, use frankincense incense or cedar wood for air purification. If you use a stick you can walk around with it and make sure it gets into each room. If you are using herbs/bark/wood, light a charcoal disk in a fire-safe container. Place the herbs/bark/wood onto to start burning and do as above.
  • If you have Blessing Oil (rosemary-infused oil), anoint each door and window sill with the oil by tracing a pentagram or other symbol that prevents negativity from crossing into the home. You can chant the following if you like:

May the goddess bless this home,
making it sacred and pure,
so that nothing but love and joy
shall enter through this door/window.


Oh, that’s smart, moving in slowly! Congratulations on your new place! You can smudge the space with sage or palo santo. You can get a smudge stick at any store that sells crystals, Five Below or Wal-Mart. Open the windows or doors first then go all around the rooms with the smoke. Smudge yourself first if you like. You can also burn bay leaves. I go around the exterior three times and sprinkle salt (just a little). To leave old energies behind? I think I would say thank you to your old home and take a few minutes to think of the good memories you had there. You can always introduce yourself to the new house. Bringing a plant or crystal into a new home is a nice way to start. Or play music or kiss, or anything positive vibration.


Congrats on the move, @chaitea43! :raised_hands: :house:

Amethyst, Amaris, and Mary have already offered some great advice for you. The House Blessing Prayer shared is a really lovely one! :blush:

In addition to what’s already been suggested, you could also place crystals around the new home (bringing balance and harmony to the new space):

Where to Place Crystals Around the Home

If it’s something you are interested in, you may invite a diety or spirit of the hearth and home to move into the space with you.

Gods & Goddesses of the Home: Protective Spirits of the Hearth

And at any stage in the moving process, you could do a home blessing ritual. Here is a pretty one:

Home Blessing Oil Spell

Wishing you and your fiance all the best with the move, @chaitea43! Good luck and congrats on the new apartment! :heart:


Already some awesome responses here!

I noticed you mentioned that you don’t have a besom but did you know you can use your regular ol’ broom? You can sweep the house from back to front and then out the front door, either actually sweeping or energetically sweeping. It will work just the same! :broom: :heart:


Wow thanks for all the tips, everyone! I really appreciate it :pray::purple_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So easy, awesome!


Love the diagram! I collect gems so, this is perfect.


Definitely giving me ideas! And I’m a big incense fan.


Ooh love the sound of the blessing oil. Thank you :heart::pray:


Perfect! Thank you​:pray::rose:


You’re welcome!


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