Spirit of Onyx

Have you worked with Onyx???

Learn about spirit of onyx and a return to sender spell using this gorgeous stone!


@SilverBear I love :heart: black onyx. I have crystals and also a small box made of Onyx which is lined with felt. I don’t think cleaning it with water would be good :rofl: but smudging with sage or placing it in the light of a full moon :full_moon: would also work. Thanks :pray: so much for sharing.


I have Black Onyx, but I also have Black Obsidian & Black Tourmaline tumbles… I have a bit of trouble telling them apart. Minus the Black Tourmaline tumbles & the Black Moonstone sphere… somehow I separated those ones. :rofl:

Thank you for sharing the video with us! :revolving_hearts:

(Black tumbles are so hard to tell apart :joy: how they wound up together I don’t know My daughter, cough cough) So I can’t tell obsidian from onyx or shunghite tumbles :laughing: they are all in one bag so I can bring them to the local crystal store to look at for me :face_with_monocle:)


Thanks for this information I so appreciate you sharing and I receive negative energy and know I can send it back!