🛠 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Troubleshooting Spellwork

@Medea Please don’t apologize for the length of your reply. Thank you for sharing your experiences. So fascinating. I hope one day to be able to experience a paranormal event- I just want it to me with someone more experienced than me.
I have had some mild experiences but nothing where I felt it was obvious. Once, on a tour through an old jail that was known for its horrific treatment of prisoners, I had an experience. I was the last in line of the tour. Everyone was looking into this cell. Everyone opening the door and closing it. The person in front of me closed it gently, I was watching, like every person before and when me and the muscular guy in front of me tried to open it it was jammed tight. He heaved. I heaved. The amount of anger in the air was palpable. And it was not from me or the guy. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept moving on the tour.
*edited for typos…I may have missed some.


@Ostara it makes sense to me to wear special clothes etc. I see that as helping get into a certain space. What I have a hard time understanding is wearing the wrong clothes, as in a spell doesn’t work because I was wearing the wrong clothes. Having said that, I am still new to spell casting!


**Challenge entry **

Ok so bot what i had planbed but insane wwekens and week n last week too. I needed spell and resources for calm and other intebtions but not been able to grab physical stuff or light specific candles physically so my trouble shooting came out of desperate need lol. My solution was to turn yo my inber temple that ive not used in a while but came in handy now especialky when i cant stop to light a candle or do a spell physically, its been a rescue from situation n limitation on what i could do to help situation now i can use the inner temple n resources in there to do spell or meditation that i need as each insrance or situation arises😊 ill hace to come back to fixinh bos situatuon when gwt a chance


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Troubleshooting, improvisation, spell repair, and alterations- this challenge theme calls for creativity, and the entries I’ve seen have been very creative so far! :sparkles: Thank you so much to everyone who has delved into the murky word of spell mechanics in their entries so far!

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :hammer_and_wrench: :sparkles:


This all started when I was about 6 years old. I have been blessed with Miracles as well, they are not coincidental but genuine miracles. I honestly believe you are an Intuitive Witch and also feel the “unknown” around you, like the tour you were on. I am very new here as I did not have the time in my life to learn and research the thoughts on this topic. Now my kids are grown and have their own life, I have decided to take time out for me. I know my daughter is a Witch. I feel it in her. This is all from my mother’s side.
These are the reasons I need to learn spells, potions and rituals…etc.
Thank you so much for your feedback!
Blessed Be


@Medea Thank you for saying that you believe I am an Intuitive Witch. I had always kind of thought empathy and intuition were the same thing and I am not empathic. I can’t always pick up or understand the emotions of others as I sometimes don’t understand why someone would be experiencing them in some situations. I just looked up empathy vs intuition and there is a difference. I would say I can be intuitive. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
Oh my word! there is so much to explore. There is always something on here for me to unpack and look at. Like shiny objects- I keep getting distracted and I still have so many other things taking up my time that I don’t have as much time and energy to explore all of this as I would like.
But everytime someone mentions something that registers on some level gets added to my ‘toolbox’ for me to later come to a situation where I can say to myself "ahh, I get it. I see now (at least for my level of understanding at that point, I love how levels of understanding can deepen over time and with experience)
I am happy that you are here and have more time to explore this side of yourself.
I too need to learn spells, potions, and rituals for many reasons. My mom is a witch and keeps encouraging me to learn as much as I can but to not get caught up in the details- to keep the focus on higher energies and soul growth. So so much to unpack.
I hope you have a fabulous day. I enjoy and am looking forward to continuing, our journey of learning together in this coven! :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


Challenge Entry

This one seemed easy at first, but with the chaos of the last week around here… it was actually harder than I thought. Then, last night… a HUGE Energy Shift outside my home. I walked outside & was like… something doesn’t feel right… but it’s not mine. I went inside & got my pibble to go out one last time before we went to bed for the night. He was different too, looking around doing his thing literally on the border of our yard & the street… every rock that lines our front yard to the street. Looking in the center of the yard, across the street, kind of watching all around us as we walked. So back in the house & I didn’t like the energy.

So took my bedtime medicine but was still wide awake… trying to figure out what this was, I knew it wasn’t mine. It wanted to kind of intertwine with me though. Well, not while I want to go to sleep! Sleep is precious to me now! I actually sleep through the night.

My brain started thinking. The first thing that I thought of was, my little stone needs to be cleansed under water… so I went & got my new friend off of space & cleansed it under water. I kept it in the living room with me after patting it dry & I felt better. So off to my room & I put it back in it’s home there. I went to get into bed & it was a piercing in my heart center/chest. Not like the pressure of a panic attack but I was getting worked up the longer the piercing was there. I needed to go to bed! It was after 11 PM, I had taken my medicine a while ago… I was wide awake for no good reason, it was bedtime or would 1 be up all night or 2 lots of broken sleep… neither one does me any good in the morning.

I couldn’t really Do much so instead I went over to my space & looked at what I had there. I picked up my Black Tourmaline palm stone & went straight the bathroom to cleanse it. I rubbed my hands together, took 3 deep cleansing breaths & set my intention. I placed it on the Selenite bar I have on my nightstand, then I picked up my Snowflake Obsidian piece & did the same with that one. I also had Clear Quartz on either end of the Selenite & placed a piece of Onyx on there too. I have other crystals on my nightstand too & I had my little crystal pouch, but those were cleansed & intentions set.

I started my diffuser & made sure that it would run from 11 PM to at least 6 AM with

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Sandalwood

I laid down & this night my pupper, when I say he couldn’t have gotten any closer to me… it was like having a wall up against the length of my back, I’m pretty sure he shared my pillow too :thinking:

I was still getting the piercing, but not as bad, some kind of whatever bad juju was across the street was trying to pull me in… I wasn’t letting that happen. So I did some intentional breathing… In a White cleansing light through the top of my head & down a bit - hold for 4… Exhale negativity, and heavy energy to relax for 4 then hold for 4. I continued until I could get the white cleansing light past my heart/chest where the piercing was hanging out. It took more than a few times like something was blocking it plus making it hard to actually hold for 4 when I inhaled… I kept at it until it went through my heart center & then I got my shoulders & my arms to release & relax… then continued some more deep cleansing inhales for 4, hold for 4, exhale tension, anxiety, and negativity for 4, hold for 4… you get the picture :framed_picture:

I slept straight through the night. I woke up feeling pretty good once I got out of bed, did my thing. As soon as my husband had left for work… ran into my room & set up my space to Connect with the Morrigan. She had been becoming more & more persistent over the last couple of weeks & I knew she wanted to meet with me, but it was a chaotic couple of weeks, so I made sure this morning, we were having a sit-down.

I set up my space & it included my little friend the spirit stone that apparently is some kind of protective friendly stone (thank you to my daughter for finding that to give me), charged my Onyx bracelet and asked for Her :raven: protection while I wear it, I sat with Her & then used Her oracle cards for a message… I pulled The Morrigan from the deck.

I have never pulled that card during the entire time I’ve had the deck, I’ve pulled the others, some multiple times, but never Her card. So I read the message & she answered me. She was there for me & my protection & my home.

I journaled the :poop: out of the whole experience from last night & going outside until after we had our sit down. I let the candles burn all the way down & I lit the extra Protection candle that but kept that one lit & lit the Purification candle on my nightstand to keep the good energy around… I started my diffuser & kept them all going until I headed to do the things in the rest of the house for the day.

I also opened my little crystal pouch & took out my lithomancy stones. I took three deep breaths with the question of what would be best for me to get through this week & I drew Red Jasper from the bag. I went to my correlating meanings & for this draw, Red Jasper’s meaning for my lithomancy stones is Grounding *(I already knew that because of the stone being Red Jasper & its correlation with the Root Chakra… it’s a very grounding stone & perfect considering the last 24 hours or so in my neighborhood.

I definitely felt better. The energy in & around my home was completely changed & lighter. It felt great actually. I got so much done & wasn’t weighed down at all. I have kept wearing my Snowflake Obsidian bracelet & Black Onyx bracelet along with my crystal pouch that includes clear quartz to amplify the stones within it including the Red Jasper.

It was successful for me trying to come up with substitutes & making what I needed to do for myself & well-being but not being able to formally do anything & needing to kind of substitute methods along the way. However, since it worked so well, I did write down what I had done, said, used… in my written BOS that I keep to pass down. It includes incense recipes & rituals that I have done.

The next time I do this, I will do it during the New Moon :new_moon: to sort of refresh what is in place & keep it there until whatever is going on that’s trying to intertwine with me is at least settled & in its own sense of normalcy. I guess that’s what you would call it. :woman_shrugging:


My Challenge Entry

This was a bit of a challenge, not that I didn’t have a spell that didn’t work but rather trying to figure out how to fix it. I opted to redo a spell jar that I made a few months ago for a challenge.

The spell didn’t so much as backfire instead, it failed to fire. I know why. Even at that moment, I knew what was missing—my intent and honest desire for the outcome. The jar was for success in my business. But truth be told, there’s always a part of me that worries if things do ever take off, that I won’t be able to fulfill orders in time, or deliver a quality product. Fear of failure often holds me back.

So I cracked open the jar and properly disposed of the spell remains and started anew.

(The first quarter moon this evening)


I have all the colar tabs in two of them but you’re right I should have the colar tabs in all of them huh :thinking:
I actually have a pretty organized collection except I do need to stay on top of it!
I feel like it’s a once a week thing where you should go through your stuff and organize and make it a habit!


Soifra Strega,

Blockquote I actually sleep through the night

I also get tourmaline and onyx mixed up and thank you for clearing the air! I like that silver bear has that post and thank you for your experience with the stones. Now I know Onyx is good for sleep :sleeping: I was unaware of using Onyx properly! And honestly I wish I was better with my crystals! You give me hope I can use my crystals for the restless nights. My nightmare had something to do with me using divination! So I want to sleep with onyx while I sleep and make sure I protect myself!
I know what you mean by broken sleep my son came from the hospital :hospital: at 3.00 am last night from the hospital. I had to lock my doors :door: I am bummed :face_with_diagonal_mouth: but glad you’re doing so good :blush: protecting yourself!
You and everyone else gives me the tools to work my magic :magic_wand: so I need to put it to practice! I know it seemingly simple but in my world :earth_americas:. It’s just a must to protect myself all day long!
Anyway thank you for sharing I need to do a meditation session know! I need to stay grounded!


Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

I spend most of my time in my bedroom. Its where my tv is and its cozy. Anyway, I do things in my bed like tarot :tarot_card:spreads and simple spells. I really needed to represent the quarters one night and just grabbed what I had on my night stand:
I used my saline nasal spray to represent water :water_element:, my lighter to represent fire :fire_element:, my dream catchers representing :air_element:air and of course I always have crystals :pendulum: and stones near me so I used them to represent :earth_element:earth.
It worked out so well I have done that a few times now. :pentacle_tarot:


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Great job to everyone who put on their thinking cap and tackled spellwork troubleshooting this week! This was a theme that called for creative thinking, and the coven met the challenge with some very clever magickal fixes and improv :hammer_and_wrench: Thank you to everyone who joined in! :heart:

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I can keep it until I feel that I have the desired results. Then, I can return the herbs to mother earth and cleanse the crystals and reuse them again. Or, I can keep it and if I need it in the future I can charge the jar on a desired moon phase and re-do the remainder of the spell.


I should listen to my own words…lol. Right now, everything is in disarray :roll_eyes:


This is not an entry, am a little late, but find appropriate for the given topic, troubleshooting, feel this is where the challenge idea originated from, given the timing, so with that, I’d like to add and link. Shortly before the challenge, a few of us were having a discussion on a love spell performed by member @Gianluca. The spell was seemingly going wrong with the candle going out, but totally turned it around and symbolically came together very nicely. Here’s the forum trend:


Thank you for linking this here, Eliza! I think you’re right – this is perfect to go here as well.


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