Spiritual Burnout

Hi everyone!
Nice to chat again. Recently I came across something called the Lesser Pentagram Banishing Ritual :star2:and out of curiosity, I tried doing this. After many trials, I noticed that I’m exhausted. At first I thought maybe too much exercise or too little sleep. And I can’t paint as I used too…I just feel too tired.
Another weird incident, my athame broke :dagger: :cry:. Just like that. I had made it and used it to do the rituals. And I used to have prophetic dreams…once in a while. Now I just don’t have any dreams at all. Blank for a month.
Or maybe it’s just plain burnout? Also been seeing snakes for a while…out in the lawn, at the place where I work and random TV shows. I know there are many experienced people here in this forum…can anyone please help me?
Stay safe, dears.



I have to ask, what is the ritual and what should it do?


Hmm :thinking: it’s interesting that you’re experiencing a bit of energetic decline after doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Normally, this ritual is one you only need to do once a day or so. It’s a banishing ritual, a sort of way to cleanse and protect a space all in one.

Were you doing this ritual many times at once? Or many times over the course of a few days or weeks? That could lead to burnout if you’re doing it too much, much more than should be done.

Many people are experiencing burnout lately with the way the pandemic was handled in places, the burdens of capitalism, and the trials of just existing in our society. I would suggest looking more into burnout and self-care practices and take a break from doing any energetic exercises.

We have several topics on burnout here on the forum, too. Those might be helpful to look through and see if it resonates with you at all.


Hi @MorganFay - a couple of quick questions for you:

  • How are you grounding and centering before doing the LBRP - which technique are you using and do you think it’s typically effective for you or are you using a different one for this?
  • How many times/ how often are you doing it?
  • If more than once a day is there something specific you are trying to clear/banish? Or just trying to use this as part of your normal day to day practice? IE: what’s the intent?

The anthame breaking might be better understood in time once we get to the bottom of what’s going on ultimately with this ritual, so let’s table that for now shall we? As far as the dreaming, if you are exhausted, you won’t be having prophetic dreams for sure - out of curiosity, you’ve had no dreams for a month is that the exact same timing you began doing the LBRP?

Snakes are usually a good thing, they represent healing powers. Or, that healing will soon take place in your life, and the snake will guide you spiritually to great transformations. The snake carries a very powerful energy, and can help you to reach new spiritual and emotional heights in your journey. IDK if it’s connected, do you feel like it is?

Light and love to you, Jan :brown_heart:


Thank you so much @MeganB and @jan_TheGreenWitch :heart:
The resources are plenty of help.
I did this ritual continually for a week. And my grounding was a bit weak.
Yes @jan_TheGreenWitch the dreams didnt appear after the ritual. I did not try to banish anything…just did it to protect my new home from the Evil Eye. And as a sort of circle casting.
Hi @Garnet…merry meet! The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is sort of like casting a circle…but very elaborate and includes the cardinal angels and watchtower spirits (the Elementals). Plus you have to memorise Hebrew incantations too. You can Google it up and then there are plenty of variations in that too. You can use it to banish evil spirits, protect your home or altar or yourself…
Thanks again and blessed be!


I get frustrated with my dips in energy. Sometimes, I want to do a ritual or work on a Witchy Challenge and I just don’t have it in me. Same thing with creativity. I am trying to remind myself that I may need fallow periods and I just have to wait them out, because I always “come back.” But I wish it was more often… I was interested in the snakes you mentioned. I have been thinking a lot obout snakes because I am really feeling this Scorpio energy and snakes are a symbol of transformation, the Underworld and rebirth. Great Plutonic energy, also very appropriate for the upcoming observation of Samhain. I just bought a beautiful black candle with a snake entertained around it. It really spoke to me and I do not usually “veer” into dark or eerie symbolism (e.g., I try to like skulls but I am really more bunny rabbits). But snakes are resonating with me. I am experiencing some endings and periods of growth but along with this some serious dips in energy. So I wonder if it is possible you are going through something similar. If you are, maybe just roll with it and see where it takes you. Sometimes, I am more receptive to energies than trying to direct them. That often leads to good things for me.


Wow @mary25 it seems we are going through similar phases. I hope it passes away. Didn’t know that snakes had so much meaning to them. Thank you so much. Blessed be.


You’re very welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would take a break from doing the LBRP and see what happens. It may be that you’re doing it too often.


Everyone burns out. Whether it’s a matter of infusing your magick with too much of your personal energy or, although this is rare, sometimes the spell itself can take a lot out of you.
Shore up your psychic walls and always put up a strong circle of protection. Let us know how you’re doing.


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