Spells or practices that can help with burnout

I’m struggling with severe burn out and more pressure being added to me each day. Energy and concentration sucks and the strain and exhaustion is really effecting my health and my magical practice as well.

I know magic is a supplement to medical assistance but is there any spells or practices that people have found useful to assist in recovering from and dealing with burn out and still getting done what need to while looking after yourself physically emotional spiritually and magically. This past week alone has really taken a toll and I’ve found my magical practice feeling like it had been hit hard along with my health and emotions.

I don’t know, I guess I wondered if anyone else has had burn out before and found any spells or practices that helped them when they were burnt out to recover from that or to cope better.

I mean besides just drinking a lot of coffee lol. Coffee is my best friend right now, I know I’m not alone on finding coffee good. But I know coffee can’t be my only assistance so I thought I’d ask if anyone else had any ideas or suggestions on spells, rituals or practices that might help someone whose burnt out.


Here’s a whole video on burnout, but mostly it’s about balance. Which is difficult to do in the modern world. Just remember that you didn’t get burned out overnight so it’s not going to fix itself overnight either.


Sweetie, I suggest asking care of the physical first. Eat right, drink plenty of fluids and lots of rest (if possible). Love yourself!
Then concentrate on the mental / spiritual. The video suggested by
Another thing is meditation to help with focus & direction.
Bright blessing little love


One of the things that has helped me with burnout is to just stop doing the things that I don’t need to do. I know, easier said than done, but if I have things on my to-do list that can wait then I put them off. If that means putting them off for a few days (or even a week if possible) then I do that. Not giving myself the space to rest and breathe is a number one contributor to my burnout. Plus, I always feel like I need to be “on”, so to speak, because of all the things I do online.

From a witchcraft perspective, one thing that helps me is mindfulness and meditation, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Taking the time to remind myself that I am human – I have a physical body that needs care, I have a mental body that needs rest, and I have a spirit that needs rest – all help to ground me and bring me back to focus.

I’ve also found that creating a self-love altar to remind me that I deserve love and care from myself has been helpful, too. Spending a few minutes a day in front of it, lighting the candles or incense if I can, and just existing in that space is helpful.


I have dealt with this a couple of times, at least. I find that magic in the mundane helps me with my spark of connection & being outside, especially when it’s sunny & I can work in the dirt. Short meditations, Celtic relaxation music, my Brighid playlist, or breathing exercises.

So magic in the mundane:

  • stirring coffee or tea with intent. Clockwise to bring in good energy & Counterclockwise to repel negative energy

  • Use essential oil diffusers or incense with intentions throughout the house.

  • draw an oracle or tarot per day. Just 1 card & learn about or meditate on that card.

It can be whatever you want to use something with correspondences, scents, music, whatever you feel called to use for intent. Maybe short meditations. it can be anything that feels right to you for your pracrice.


Greetings @Phoenix_Fire,

I’m so sorry to hear you’re dealing with burnout :people_hugging: It’s not fun, and it hits all of us at one point or another. I think that burnout manifests differently for different people, so my best advice to you is to keep trying different things- luckily, I can see you’ve already got some wonderful advice from the coven! :infinite_roots: :heart:

My usual go-to for burnout is with Self Love work to get some rest and have a good refresh :sparkles: Others have already shared some fantastic resources about this, though, so I’ll skip right to the other kind of spellwork I’d recommend, which is Motivational Spellwork.

Here’s a spell you might try:

Motivation and Creativity Come My Way Spell

Take it easy and be kind to yourself- burnout hits all of us at some point, but it really is just a bump in the road of the journey. Take good care of yourself and be well, Danni! :heart:

Many blessings!


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