Spiritual Guides vs Spiritual Spouse

Grand Rising new family and friends. This past week this topic came up for me. I wanted to get some more points of views about Spirit guides and spiritual spouses. Exactly what is the difference and can you shed light on the difference.


Hi there! :wave: I’m not familiar with the term “spirit spouse”, though spirit guides make an appearance in many different practices.

Spirit guides are generally there to help you along on your spiritual path. They may help you make decisions, guide you to someone or somewhere that you need to be, etc.

Can you elaborate on the context of spiritual spouse? Where did you hear this from?


Hi and thank you for responding. From my understanding a spiritual spouse is an entity that assist us on our path they can be male or female and when using the term spouse is actually that in it s entirety in the spirit realm. I’ve read in some paths they are required for that person to progress forward. I’ve read and listen to some videos that want to make them out to be a negative but I don’t see it that way.


Hmm :thinking: that’s really interesting! I’ve never heard of the phrase “spirit spouse” but I’ll see if I can dig up some information. I’ll let you know what I find :blush: In the meantime, I believe we have some information on Spirit Guides here on the forum as well as at least one post on the site.


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@Intentional_Witch Hi there and Grand Rising to you as well!

A spirit guide is very well understood and thought as a positive entity that lives in the spirit realm and depending on your belief system, is there to guide you both while you’re on the earth and when you die before rebirth to help plan to level up to the next spiritual place in your journey - they assist you and can be more than one entity that is invested in your spiritual and soul’s growth.

Sprit or spiritual spouse/husband/wife are thought of as a couple of things. The one you are most likely referencing is one in Shamanism where the spirit spouse helps not only guide the shaman in the spirit realm, but also is laid as proof that they are indeed an actual Shaman. In Vodou, an actual ceremony to ‘wed’ the spirit entity including a dream ceremony is done to ensure the bond is there for the Vodou devotee, and most all of them have a spirit spouse not just the leaders.

Christian and other mainstream faiths either will believe that the spirit spouse is the cause of unrest in a marriage or the cause of other issues in ones life and acts as a demon, nephilim or other spirit entity that is not causing anything positive, causing disdain, nightmares/terrors/paralyzed ion, infertility, divorce, etc., and needs to be banished from the person. Else, the Christian or other faith will say that it’s all hogwash and people believe it and it’s just not true and you need to just do the right thing and forget about all this spirit spouse crap.

Any more specific targeted question you might have just let me know!
Jan :brown_heart:


I’m very familiar with spirit guides, animals, ancestors, familiars totem’s and the such. I’ll read through what I kind find. Blessed be


Yes you are correct I am thinking of the one spoke of in Shamanism. This is the one I have experience.


Yes I have one more question if you would indulge me please. I have lucid dreams that I can actually physically feel in the dream . Which clairvoyant gift is that under if you know?


@Intentional_Witch I believe that the Shamanic spirit spouse is a type of spirit guide, one of the guides of the shaman. Acting as a spirit guide, the spouse can act in both benign and malevolent ways, so it is up to the shaman to keep on good terms with their spirit spouse. Different shamanic practitioners have different ways to connect but they probably all do it when in trance or in any altered state of consciousness and create a bond during this time.

Although the name spirit spouse is used in shamanism and Vodou and western religions, maybe elsewhere as well, I don’t personally believe the use of this term refers to the same spirit entity. Do you?


I used the term entity because I wanted to show it as a spiritual source.


A Clair is something that you can relate to in the sensing of something that isn’t actually there, or that you couldn’t know otherwise, it’s not really your experience, but you are ‘sensing’ it.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing.
This is when visions past, present and future flash through our mind’s eye, or third eye, much like a daydream.

Clairaudience means clear hearing.
This is when we hear words, sounds or music in our own mind’s voice.

Clairsentience means clear feeling.
This entails feeling another person’s or spirit’s emotions or feeling another’s physical pain.

Clairalience means clear smelling.
This is being able to smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source.

Clairgustance means clear tasting.
This is the ability to taste something that isn’t actually there.

Claircognizance means clear knowing.
This is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about.

So….I personally do not believe that experiencing a lucid dream where you are ‘with’ a spirit spouse and you are actually the one experiencing the sensations and orgasm, wet dream, physical pleasure from/with them, and accepting guidance from them is a Clair. Not sure though, haven’t done any deep thinking or reading about this, but it seems like it’s actually a spirit entity and yourself acting out something that you are indeed experiencing as your own reality not someone else’s? Interesting……


Thank you for the list of meanings I’ve been asking people and you are this first to explain it this well. Blessing to you


@jan_TheGreenWitch I like the way you explained “the clairs”… I have at least a few & they got jumbled & almost shut off & started coming back. Now its just sorting them out with trusting myself. Good times. :roll_eyes:

Being an Empath is a whole other section of what I’m working on with myself & a couple of providers. That’s just tough because I had no odea until roughly 2 years ago that it wasn’t all in my head… I just knew :woman_shrugging:

I haven’t had a lucid dream or any dream I can remember in quite some time, but the last one all I remember is my mom sitting in the room… I can’t recall anything else though.

I had never heard the name spirit spouse & I see the differences with them & guides or animals… which I’m not sure I still have one or if I’m just closed at the moment.

:roller_coaster: Rollercoaster of a week the past 3 or so… I’m starting to come around though.

Anyway, thank you @Intentional_Witch for asking, I have learned a few things from your question & the replies! :heart:


Merry meet. Your what a teacher of mine once called a filter I think. Dream world is a safe place for you because it can be written off as just a dream. Your more powerful than you know and probably wide open in your crown chackra. Do you feel more comfortable getting information when your asleep? Maybe reading up on becoming more Lucid when dreaming will help you have more understanding and control when sleeping. I would practice protection before entering sleep world because some energies are very low and like to play tricks. Maybe your spirit spouse is you trying to love you. Maybe your that strong that your actually healing yourself. I once had this experience in dream state. Sometimes we remember ourselves in past life. Say you were someone who admired the sex you are at present you would remember what you needed to feel desired or loved so in dream state your giving it to yourself. Maybe you are feeling your own energy but it is unfamiliar to your present body so it feels like its coming from someone else but its not its you. we come into this world with all past lives that we lived the answers are all in you. You are so strong its a pleasure to meet you.
Blessed Be


@jan_TheGreenWitch janie i just love u darling. U are amazeballs. Love the way u explained the clairs. Hope u are feeling better today.


Hi @Intentional_Witch
Spirit guides are divine beings like angels who protect you.
Spirit spouse is something I came across while researching alchemy. You are required to have a spirit spouse (a being from the astral plane) and work with him/her to complete your Greak Work (which is probably uniting with the Universal Spirit or becoming your Higher Self). Physical and spiritual energies are combined this way. But none of the books gave much info on how to find a spiritual spouse. Ha ha…


I hope you are talking to me. Thank you so much for your perspective. I have been taken necessary steps to protect myself while I’m sleeping. I’ve been evolving quickly with my gifts and some days they seem to be a bit overwhelming because I don’t know the names of them I just know that they present themselves at times that are not convenient. I’ve been studying dreams and my dreams in particular because I feel it is a way for my spiritual team to communicate with me. Im getting better it’s just taking time.


Thank you for responding and blessings to you. I am so happy others have heard of the spiritual spouse. Cause at first I thought I might have been going a little cuckoo. I fear unless others with the experience comes forth and talk about it we will not find information on how to grow with it. Some may not say anything because of fear of sounding crazy. But I know the experiences I am having and the are not evil or bad.


@Intentional_Witch You could also benefit from shielding, are you familiar with this, it’s a bit different from protection….

Yes, 100% trust your own instinct on this and explore it — you are making progress and breakthroughs which is what it’s all about! AWESOME

Back atcha @christeena you silly minx!!


Yes I am familiar with shielding as well. I am open to other ways of shielding please share your knowledge.