Spring Equinox! Saturday 20th March 2021

Hi All!

Unfortunately this post is a bit different to my other Astrological post of late, as we’ve had some internet issues locally and I’ve been off the grid for most of the week :dizzy_face: so please bear with me!

What is the March Equinox?
The March Equinox occurs when the Sun crosses the equator line heading north - for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, this signals the start of Spring :seedling: and for everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, this marks the start of Autumn :fallen_leaf:

After the Equinox, the Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt towards the Sun :sunny: which results in increased daylight hours and warmer temperatures. For everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite begins to happen, bringing with it shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures :thermometer:

The March Equinox brings with it the first day of Spring, which falls on either 19th 20th or 21st of March every year - this year it falls on 20th March!

Along with it being the first day of Spring, it’s also the Pagan holiday Ostara - famous for celebrating re-birth, fertility and harmony - please check out the lovely Spells8 ritual linked above, for ideas on how to celebrate.

Lastly, it’s the first day of the Astrological new year! On 20th March, the Sun enters Aries :aries: the first sign of the zodiac, meaning that we are starting a whole new zodiac cycle! I don’t know about you, but I can feel a change brewing. I can feel new energy vibrations heading this way and I’m genuinely buzzing :honeybee: with excitement for what’s to come this year! Seriously, go outside bare foot, stand on the grass… Wait… and then come back and try and tell me you cant feel it! I dare you :rofl:

When the Sun moves into fiery :fire: Aries, the Zodiacal year begins. We feel invigorated! We are new again. We are impulsive, full of energy and inspiration! Over the next four weeks, we’ll be ready to conquer anything! We have drive in this season, and we really need to harness this energy and make the most of it now in order to carry us through the rest of the year.

At this point I would usually do a deeper dive into what this all means for us and what we can do to harness this incredible Aries energy. Sadly, I’ve got about 10 minutes of my break left and, as my time is limited, I would instead invite you all to check out this article on Astrology Answers, which contains LOADS of details on how to channel this awesome energy; lots of tips on what to do this season and even a link to Aries loving Crystals :large_blue_diamond: for you to peruse :slight_smile:

I’ll be back online next week - hopefully Monday! - until then, have a lovely weekend and a GREAT SPRING EQUINOX!! Cant wait to hear how you all celebrate! :dove: :dove: :dove:



Oh thank you! I look forward to your insights on the astrological front because I am learning so many new things with it. It will be a part of my elemental mastery challenge that I am catching up on.

I have definitely been feeling the winds of change lately & I feel like I have settled into a decision that is going to be fruitful for me & my family. I’m still taking it day by day & making sure to take time for me so I can meditate or focus my energy on what lies ahead.

Thank you for the link I will be sure to look into it!


So sorry to hear about your internet connection, that’s always a pain to be without! Good luck! And thanks for this great information!


Aries in the Coven holler Hoo Yah!!!
Hoo Yahhhh!
My family and I will be taking a short trip away starting the 21st, so tomorrow I’ll be packing a bit. I plan on doing a meditation tomorrow evening, and I have felt a shift; I feel as though some parts of me are healing and I’m finding strength in the residual hurt and a bit of Tamera Wisdom as well, in other words learning to process and organize my thoughts/feelings with it all. Being hurt by someone you love is horrible, being hurt and lied about by your child, is cruel. Being an Aries, if I’m wrong I’ll admit it and explain myself, but being lied to or about I just can’t tolerate. I have no patience not energy to waste for disloyalty or malicious intent. Sorry rambling…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Blessed Be Coven and Blessed Ostara,


Thanks for this post and the astrology article, @Abs53! That’s useful for tomorrow! :sun_with_face:

I’m going to be cleaning up my altar and spaces in the house. I am planning on going outside for some sun and moongazing, and a divination session with my Oracle deck which has been calling me lately.

Happy Ostara!! :sunflower:


Happy Ostara :hibiscus::bouquet::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Happy Ostara! :partying_face::hugs::sun_with_face::bouquet::tulip::blossom::sparkles:
I’ve been enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze today with the patio open, cleaning things up, packing up things for the pup,Franklin. I pulled from my Moonology Oracle Deck this morning

Later after making dinner I think I’ll do a meditation before finishing up packing.
Blessed Be


Today has been great here for having the windows open. My husband set up my daughter’s greenhouse outside & we put a couple of plants out there which felt good. I have been organizing craft stuff since last night into containers so it’s not so… everywhere… :rofl: It’s been a great start for Ostara! I have geranium in my diffuser in my room & I think I’ve rearranged my altar twice today.


I love the Moonology deck! I haven’t used them in so long, maybe I will today. I’m glad you had a good Ostara!


I’m still rearranging my main altar. I have three. I’m always changing something :joy:


Haha, I have 3 also. One main, two mini ones. I’m thinking I need a bigger main one, longer at least.
Blessed Be


I didn’t even think of having mini ones! Woo hoo! New idea!


Yes that wouldn’t hurt! And yes to new ideas as a coven. Wait, what’s our coven name again lol


This is some fantastic information! :milky_way: I hope everyone had a very blessed Ostara, Equinox, and Astrological New Year :partying_face: :two_hearts:

Thanks to @Abs53 for taking the time to type this up- you’re amazing! Fingers crossed your internet will be back to normal soon :pray::blush:

Infinite Roots! :deciduous_tree: :infinity: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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