Stop smoking spell for a loved one

My husband has tried several times to quit smoking and nothing seems to work. He is having problems breathing lately and will wake up at night feeling short of breath. He and I are concerned about his health. He wants to quit and is going to try again. I am asking if there is a spell that I could do to help him quit smoking. I appreciate any help with this. Thank you and Blessed Be.


I am pretty new at the craft but can relate to your husband. I had quit smoking tewce and it worked only to go back to vaping recently due to stress. I think the only advice i can personally give it so keep life stress-free as possible which tends to help. Hopefully a more experienced witch can help you with a spell and hope that he can find the willpower to quit as willpower is a strong tool for us humans. Take it from me i wanted to loose weight and did so with a strict diet and exercise and 10 months later i am 52kg down! I know your support will be one of the most important factors that will help him to quit too :heartpulse:


I don’t know of a spell. Your husband may try hypnosis. Start with the one’s on YouTube, not bad. People have success with it. To save money not having to go to a hypnosis. But if the hypnosis audios don’t work, then see a professional hypnosis. It’s hard. Don’t even know why cigarettes are legal like that.


Personally, I had never thought of a “Stop Smoking” spell or ritual. My husband quit years ago & actually so had I, then… something happened :thinking: & I haven’t been able to stop since. :slightly_frowning_face: I’m trying to get there, some days are better than others.

I have tried hypnosis, patches, gum, 2 different medications, cold turkey, with group support… it’s just not in the cards for me right now. I smoke less though, so I’ll take it as a win. A small victory, but a win.

If anyone comes up with anything I haven’t thought of or tried… I’m all ears :ear: :heart:


Hi @sara25

It took my husband many many tries to quit. Thankfully he finally did it! Just tell him to keep trying.

What if you did a binding spell on the cigarettes?
Or maybe a binding spell on your husband to keep him away from smoking.
Just thinking out loud, maybe a spell for healing an addiction?

With love :heart: and :magick: :dizzy: always


Greetings @sara25!

I’m struggling to think of any spells specific to quitting smoking as it’s not a focus I’ve looked into before, but I agree with Marsha about the binding spell. You could try a freezer spell too- adapt a freezer spell, seal it up, and freeze the addiction :ice_cube:

Here is one freezer spell you could adapt for quitting smoking:

Like Eliza and Siofra I’ve also heard about hypnosis helping some people, and I’ve heard a lot recently about mushrooms being used to treat various health and behavioral problems. There is a study by John Hopkins Medicine about it (‘Magic Mushrooms’ Help Longtime Smokers Quit), but the study suggests that more research needs to be done before its conclusive. A note that the study is very clear that this isn’t an “at home remedy” but something that is at work in controlled scientific studies:

But the study results are not an endorsement of do-it-yourself psychedelic drug use for smoking cessation — they’re the result of specific, controlled administration of psilocybin in the context of a treatment program involving cognitive behavioral therapy.

Source: John Hopkins Medicine

I hope you are able to find something that works for your husband, Sara! Wishing you both good luck and positive energy :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I use chants for myself but maybe your husband can benefit as well:

Wiffs of smoke
Go up to the sky
But the Earth demands balance

& bad habits breaks
The Earth opens its mouth
& lo and behold
No more smoke

No pipe no cigarette
In sight
In mind

It’s all left behind.
No more troubles tribulations
Or addictions.
No more hardships
Or afflictions.

All is roses
& benedictions.

I would say to chant it twice a day:
When he wakes up &
Goes to bed.

Have a great week :hearts:


Quitting smoking is very, very difficult – been there! I mean, I’m still young in the grand scheme of things and I didn’t smoke for more than a few years. I quit cigarettes and started vaping as an alternative. I quit that cold-turkey in 2019. It’s rough and I still get cravings for both!

I never thought of using a spell to quit though, if I’m being honest. I did try to help my dad quit chewing tobacco with black pepper essential oil but he’s been chewing since a teen and it didn’t do anything :laughing:

I love the idea of doing a binding spell on his cigarettes! That’s a great idea!


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