Substitute for rose hips?

So I know roses can be used as a substitute for any flower but is it also able to substitute for rose hips?


I would imagine so? Rose hips are just the seed pod of roses themselves, if I remember correctly. What are you using the rose hips for?


I have used them in place of roses by breaking them up a tiny bit. Which spell are you doing with them :smiling_face:


Hi @phoenix_dawn!

To clarify, are you substituting rose hips in a consumable product (rose hip jam comes immediately to mind- I’ve been eating so much lately :laughing:) or in spellwork that won’t be ingested?

If it’s for something edible or topical, I’m with Megan and Siofra- roses will work as a substitute! :+1:

There are over 150 species of roses available in almost any imaginable size and color. The best part is that they’re all edible.

From Healthline: Edible Flowers

I don’t munch directly on roses myself, but it sounds like the petals, leaves, and hips are edible. However, just because a plant is edible in general doesn’t mean you can eat any you find- never consume any plants that may have come in contact with harmful pesticides or chemicals. I would strongly advise against using chemically-treated roses in any topical ointments, creams, salves, etc as well :warning:

If it’s for something magickal that you don’t plan to consume, could you please share the intention of the spell (as well as the other ingredients)? Magickal ingredients can have a vast amount of purposes in magick. Once we can figure out what the role of the rose hips are within your spell, it will then be possible to find something else with those same properties :sparkles:

Blessed be!


I am planning to use them in a healing ritual


Nice! :blush: Then with the goal of healing in mind, any herbs with healing properties should be fine to swap in. If you can find another flower, that may work best :bouquet:

Roses themselves will likely be the closest substitute :rose:, but lavender (healing scars), chamomile (easing inflammation- physically or inflamed emotions), calendula (reducing the “itch” to return to the way things were), or hibiscus (cooling the situation) would all work as well :+1:

Good luck and blessed spellwork! :sparkles:


Hibiscus is the substitution for rosehips for healing


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