Suggested books or authors?

Does anyone have any book or author recommendations for Norse Mythology and also Elder Futhark Runes for beginners with more than just introductory or theoretical information?

I found a Runes for beginners book that I absolutely recognize the authors name but I’m not sure if it’s in a “Probably a good bet” kind of way or a “Steer clear” kind of way.

Not sure if there’s a neutral way to say the last, but does anyone have suggestions on either that they personally would read or have read?


Anything by Neil Gaiman.
American Gods, Norse Mythology are the best.
The Runes A grounding in Northern Magic by James Flowerdew
A modern Heathens Guide to Norse Paganism by Quinby C Larson.
Runes for beginners by Lisa Chamberlain
Are you looking for anything God specific, I have nice books on Loki, also Morgan Daimler is a reliable author (I’m personally a little wary of general Norse books as they paint Loki as the devil which is a Christian overview on the Norse tradition, but I think if you’re looking at the other Norse gods you won’t have this problem)
Runemarks, Runelight, The gospel of Loki, The testament of Loki (series) by Joanne M Harris
The Gods own country (A heathen prayer book) by Dan Coultas & the Heathens of Yorkshire .

All the above books are inclusive as in they DON’T support any form of hatred towards any community members, I enclose a quote from the book A Modern Heathens guide to Norse Paganism
“Today many people assume Norse Paganism is a religion that supports white supremacy. It would be dishonest to say that those factions do not exist. They have used a misinterpretation of ancient texts to justify their racist beliefs. It is an issue I strongly disagree with, and I will address it head on in this book”. Due to this sad side, I enclose a screenshot of books and authors to avoid.
(This site may not work in your country but I hope it does )
Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Hello Nixi! :hugs: It’s been so long since we talked. :smiling_face: :face_holding_back_tears: I missed chatting with you & I love you sweetie, and yes I have one ebook for rune magick…that is just one of those that @tracyS has mentioned! :blush: :pink_heart: Runes for beginners by lisa chamberlain. She is honestly one of my favv authors for books on witchcraft & magick. Other than this i have started to admire and love norse mythology too, nowadays! Seeing so many witches here who follow the norse pantheon. :heart_eyes: :blue_heart: :heart: Blessed be with whichever magickal book you choose to get, Nixi! :kissing_heart: :cupid: :sparkling_heart:


Thank you @tracyS I figured you would have good ideas. No, not Loki but I really have no interest in reading an author that portrays him in that way.

I vaguely remember reading something describing him in that way and I think I might have started questioning everything. I do not remember in what way or to what extent, but I do remember that he quickly set me straight. I believe I felt awe, slight amusement, respect and reassurance


@Solasta_Amore I have missed you as well. @tracyS is like the fun Auntie, and you’re like the fun sister.

Thank you so much. Lisa Chamberlain is actually the author that sounded familiar, I was pretty sure it was in a good way but I couldn’t place her and I didn’t recognize any of her books


I don’t have any books to recommend on runes, but I highly recommend Bente, The Norse Witch, on YouTube.

They also have an entire playlist on reading runes and rune meanings, with more videos being added regularly.

The Runes - The Norse Witch

I trust their knowledge and experiences, and they have a wonderful way of explaining things in a way that makes sense but also touches on the sensitive side of fascism and nazism’s use of Nordic folklore for propoganda.


Aww that’s so cute Nixi! :face_holding_back_tears: love you darling! And I absolutely agree that @tracyS is really an amazing person to have around! :wink: :pink_heart: :magic_wand: I think I need to learn a lot from her about rolling with so much chaos, almost everyday! :scream: That is some another level of art and ability! :heart_eyes: I am starting to suspect something though, why is my life suddenly infiltrated with so much chaos, too? :thinking: Could that be smthng linked to The Norse God Loki?! :flushed: :tornado: :black_heart: I will think on this, maybe get a reading or two. Blessed be & much love. :heart:


This is so informative megan. Thank you so much :kissing_heart: I will take a look too. :heart: Blessed be! :hearts:


@Solasta_Amore aww thankyou sweetheart that’s kind of you.

If it is, welcome to the family, He’s Fabulous to work with (if a little unpredictable :grin:). He’s loyal, protective of those he loves, fun and very modern. He will mess with your tech and nudge you to challenge yourself where you may not want to though, so no pressure to embrace him, if he’s not for you. But if he is, life will be a rollercoaster. :partying_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@MeganB I’ve watched her channel before, she’s good. Thanks for reminding me about her. :sparkling_heart:


Wow…just, wow! I dunno about him being the one for me to embrace in my witchcraft practice, but i’m practically in awe of you
:star_struck: :astonished: :heart_eyes: You are something like…
A Wild Ferrari Wheel, having those seats, full of delicate and stylish Magic. Someone who loves risks, is filled with bravery and at the same time, so gentle and loving… just like an enchanting contrast! I love your energy, Tracy! We can honestly learn a lot from you. :hugs: :sparkling_heart:
Blessings to you hun :sparkles: :dizzy:


@Solasta_Amore :kissing_heart::heartpulse:Thankyou, we’re blessed we can all learn from each other lovely, in this fabulous coven. You have so much beauty it radiates in every word, never underestimate yourself. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


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You’re welcome! They’re pretty awesome!


I actually just subscribed to that challenge last week. I haven’t been able to watch much yet. So glad you suggested it though, I wanted to check in to see if anyone has any opinion of it was a good choice but I couldn’t figure out a good way to put it


This the Norse Witch channel? I find her very down to earth (and she said nice things about Loki :laughing:), it’s a good channel :sparkling_heart:


@Nixi - @tracyS – Yes, Bente is an amazing person! :clap: She’s down to Earth, very centered and honest in their approach to both witchcraft and Heathenry, and they don’t shy away from the more difficult subjects.


Does anyone have an opinion and/or experience with this particular one

Norse Mythology Collection: The Prose Edda and The Poetic Edda (Complete Set) (Annotated)
By: Snorri Sturluson, Anonymous


Those look familiar, actually… Let me dig around after this work meeting. :thinking:


Ah, these. I can send you a sample of the Prose Edda, if you like. I didn’t read them fully – I didn’t know I had ADHD back then and found them hard to read.

But essentially, they tell a story of how the Norse gods came to be and their tales. Their origins in Thrace (south-east Bulgaria), and their lineage. There’s so much detail on lineage and so many names. Although, given the book titles, I’m being redundant here.

For example, on Thor from the prologue:

He married a daughter of the chief king Priam who was called Tróán, and they had a son named Trór — we call him Thor. He was brought up in Thrace by a duke called Loricus and, when he was ten years old, he received his father’s arms. When he took his place amongst other men he was as beautiful to look at as ivory inlaid in oak; his hair was lovelier than gold. At twelve years old he had come to his full strength and then he lifted ten bear pelts from the ground at once and killed his foster- father Loricus with his wife Lóri or Glóri, and took possession of the realm of Thrace — we call that Thrúóhcim.

Interestingly, Priam is the name of the Trojan king during the Trojan war.

Much of it is told via conversation, in the main segment called The Deluding of Gylfi:

Then Ganglcri said: ‘Loki had very evil children, but all these brothers and sisters have great power. Why didn’t the gods kill the wolf, since they anticipated evil from him?’
High One replied: ‘The gods set such store by their sanctuary and temple that they would not pollute them with the wolf’s blood, [even] although prophecies foretold that he would be the death of Ödin.’

And then some interesting poetic segments:

The sun will go black
earth sink in the sea,
heaven be stripped
of its bright stars;
smoke rage
and fire,
leaping the flame
lick heaven itself.

I suppose they come as a bundle, because the Prose Edda draws from the Poetic Edda a bit.

If they’re cheap, they might be fun to have. But they’re definitely the kind of books that one studies, not really casually reads. Which might mean they’re exactly what you’re looking for! Depends on what format you want your further information in.