Talisman & Amulets on Necklaces: Separate or Together?

Hello! I have a question regarding talisman and amulets.

I have a necklace I wear everyday for protection (from negative energies). When I am ready to put it on in the mornings, I hold it, visualize and say my protection chant. I’ve been doing this everyday for about 2 months, so I think it’s one of my powerful pieces.

This New Moon I’m going to create an necklace that I want to help me unlock doors and opportunity, as well as start hearing a lot more “yes” than “no” when it comes to my job. (I"m working hard for a promotion).

With all this info, would wearing both at the same time cancel out and/or affect each other negatively? This has been bothering me and I felt a little embarrassed to ask, but, here I am. I also want advice from people and not Google this time! I welcome all opinions and knowledge regarding talismans and amulets! Thank you and I hope everyone is have a great Friday night! :blush::rose:


Good morning @kelly30! (I’m on Cape Cod & it’s about 6:45 AM :smiling_face:) Typical Saturday, I’m the only one awake for a little bit :joy:

The first necklace that you wear for protection from negative energies wouldn’t negate anything else you are wearing, but it would keep negative energies at bay while the second is doing its thing for you. Even if one of the functions of the second necklace is also to help with negativity or negative energy.
So if you are able to wear both at the same time I don’t think they would interfere with each other working for your highest good, but maybe complement each other.

You can also always wear one of them under your top with the other showing over the top. I hope that makes sense… or sometimes I have necklaces that have more than one “charm” on them.

  • I have a necklace for the Morrigan with a Raven & quartz crystal.
  • I have a necklace for Brigid that has Brigid’s Cross, Black Tourmaline, & a Cladaugh on it.
  • I have a necklace with a Tiger’s Eye Triquetra :triquetra:
  • I have a Celtic knot with a Triquetra & my birthstone in the middle.

I have worn them that way & I have worn 2 necklaces with multiple or single charms at a time

I also wear earrings a lot & at least 5 in each ear at a time.

  • I have a pair that are Ravens on a blue background set in glass with back beads (??) hanging from the charm but I also wear them with others… right now I have Roses, mini dangling coffins with roses on them, glow in the dark spider webs :laughing: & the Raven ones. Plus my right Conch is pierced with a dangle charm & my 2 upper cartilage piercings just have silver studs right now. Those I tend to wear piercing earrings in & haven’t had time to go through what I have & don’t have to change them :rofl:

  • I also wear bracelets with charms on them. One is family-based, and one is charms that people have given me (they are Pandora, so a little tougher to make witchy necessarily, but I do have my Sun Sign & birthstone on one charm.)

  • I have a little bag of other charms that I can switch out on my necklaces & earrings.

  • After cleansing & charging my wedding ring properly, I set my intention for it & wear that every day. I don’t have any other rings for my right hand. I actually gave a pretty silver one to my daughter that is a spiral ring with leaves on it. She saw it & her eyes lit up, so I cleansed it & gave it to her :smiling_face:

Whatever feels right to you, there are many ways to wear more than one to amplify the original positive intentions.

I’m sure other members may have other ideas for you or opinions, I hope that helps though! :hugs:

Edit I hope you don’t mind that made this it’s own post in the forum. Others will see it more quickly & be able to answer right to you :two_hearts:


Hi @kelly30, I agree with @Siofra_Strega and will add this - it all goes back to your clear intent for each of the talismans - as long as you are clear their job and your intent for them, they will do exactly as you have visualized and chanted. Focus your energy with each item on your intent and it will do it’s job for you! :green_heart:


I have a set of three necklaces I regularly wear, and I do a similar intent-setting ritual with them as I put them on in the morning and remove them in the evening.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, you might make sure that they are on cords or chains of different length so that they hang to different levels. I have a long chain on my quartz pendant, a medium chain on my nautical cats head charm, and a collarbone-length cord on my leather-backed pendant. That came together largely by coincidence, but it does make them feel like they each have room to do their thing.

But I agree with the others who have already said that if the vibe you are creating with each doesn’t contradict or conflict with the other(s), they could even go on the same chain if you wanted!

Best of luck, and enjoy wearing them all!


I agree with this as well. I put slide knots on some of mine so I can change the length based on the type of cord & such. I have others that are all on some sort of mostly silver chains & cords of different lengths. Great idea to add in there @gardenstone

I also agree with @jan_TheGreenWitch as long as you are specific with your intent for each one, there shouldn’t be any issues :smiling_face:


Thank you @Siofra_Strega so much for your advice and information! Your jewelry pieces sound so amazing! I hope to have a collection like yours in the future. Im slowly collecting and making them special to me. And, I dont have any deities who i work with yet. I’m about 2 months into my studying. And, the last 2 times I’ve asked my tarot cards if I should begin a relationship with a deity I have got the 5 of Wands card. Both times! So, i took that as, don’t go searching quite yet. Thank you, again! By the way, i was up early too! I’m at work today😔


Thank you, @gardenstone! Yes, i will have them layered separately on two different types of cording. That felt like the right thing to do, so You’ve definitely clarified it for me!


Thank you @jan_TheGreenWitch! I love all the information and advice!


I personally wear my talisman all the time and at times I have amulets or crystal jewelry that I wear depending, but I do make sure they are not overlapping or touching each other. I’m a bit OCD, but I still find it a good idea. So if I wear a necklace as a talisman, I’d look to create an amulet ring. Or if necklace is really it, like mentioned and wear two different lengths, it’s a great idea!


@Siofra_Strega i had never considered setting an B intention for my wedding ring! Or earnings! You clever thing!


Oh my goodness! @AileyGrey! I have been thinking so much about you since my daughter went back to school this month & trying to adjust to the new schedules & implementations for the students. (junior high is considered an “innovation school”, so it’s always interesting)

Thank you! I did it because of thing about diamonds & Scorpio Suns not mixing well. So after I cleansed & charged it with my intention, I have been fine & dandy! :revolving_hearts: Regular jewelry uses the same gemstones that we work with as crystal stones also, they are just cut & polished! :hugs:


Hi @kelly30, I know I’m late in replying, but I wanted to add some comments. I agree with what others have said: it is perfectly fine to wear multiple talismans/amulets simultaneously. As an empath, I always have a shield (which protects me from negative and unwanted energy) and an energy-generating (pulls earth and celestial energy to supplement my own so I don’t burn out during the day) talisman/amulet. I then will have more, depending on my intentions. I try not to do more than a total of 3 (not including my shield/energy ones) just because I don’t want to overwhelm my personal energy.


Aww! Thank you! I have been missing everyone! I feel like I am on a hamster wheel right now and can’t get off! Since Mabon is Wednesday I decided that I was going to get myself back together and refocus on some things that are important to me…. Like the forum and taking time to meditate! Everything else can take a step back!

A Gemstone is a gemstone and it just makes so much sense! I just hadn’t wrapped my brain around to it! I’m going to try to set an intention to my wedding rings tonight.


Oh awesome! I hope it goes well for you!


I’ll keep you posted!


I love this question :blush: and I know I’m a bit late lol

In my opinion, since both each piece of jewelry has a different intended use, there is no harm in wearing them both at the same time.


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