Tarot Poem 14. Temperance

Here’s yet another poem in my series. Hope y’all like it!

  1. Temperance


A balancing act.
Temper your thought processes.
Blend, moderation.


A struggling with change.
An unfair relationship.
Feel like your held back.


For a while now I’ve noticed that I sometimes mix up Temperance and Justice, as my definitions for them seem to overlap in some places (justice, righteousness, finding harmony on the scales). So I extra-appreciate these haikus on Temperance- they really help to give the cards their own unique character :grin:

Beautiful as always, @Amethyst- well done! :clap::two_hearts:


Thanks, @BryWisteria! I’m glad you like it! I always get Temperance confused with the Two of Pentacles. Or rather I use the same meaning because it seems like the figure in the Temperance card is trying to juggle things, at least in my deck. It’s an easy card to confuse I think because we don’t use Temperance as a word every day. It’s difficult to get your mind to click. I’m happy if this helps you!


That’s a good point, Kasie- I didn’t think of that! :laughing: It’s certainly not a word I use often, if at all. Looking deeper, for some reason I associate the word Temperance with Libra :balance_scale::libra: , which connects to scales and harmony, and thus leads me to think of Justice :sweat_smile:

Sometimes these little connections help tarot readings and other times they get in the way! Thank goodness your haikus are a great map to help study the unique traits of each card :pray::flower_playing_cards:


Libra make sense for Temperance, because it’s like the figure it trying to balance things. So I can see where you’re going there. Glad my little poems can help you out!


I enjoy all of these poems, I just wish I could retain the information. I’m still using books or cheat sheets when I do the tarot readings. I have started reading them reversed because I feel like turning it and reading it upright when it was dealt reversed changes what the tarot is trying to tell you. I love that my Light Seer’s deck doesn’t pull any punches with me. Whether or not I like what it has to say, it’s going to say it.


What I do is write what I see in the card first, then look it up in a book. That seems to work for me and I can tell if I’m totally way off or not. That and getting more than one book to read. I have like six. LOL. That might help you get in the groove of not needing cheat sheets. Good luck!


This is a great strategy- it lets you draw on both your inner personal interpretations and the traditional by-the-book meanings. You get the best of both worlds and a very thorough card definition! :grin::two_hearts::+1:


I like to compare what I’m seeing and see if I get it right too, I think that helps me learn. Glad you like this idea!


Temperance is a card that I really like:


Earlier this year I did a quick reading for a friend who was going through a bad breakup. This card came up and it was perfect for what she had to go through. I like this interpretation from ata-tarot:

“The verb “to temper” means to modify or strengthen by adding a new component to an existing substance or mixture, and this broad defintion can be applied to many areas of your life.”

This process of reconstruction and harmonization is shown by the card Temperance.


Like tempering glass. What a nice way to remember that card. Thanks for that @Francisco!


This is why I love feedback so much! You can learn a lot or you can learn a little detail that makes all the difference in the world. This is my favorite way of learning.


Excellent point. There are so many “tricks” on how to remember "something this is a good one.


Thank you for your post. You added in it about the tarot cards and how it pulls no punches. I’ve been trying to find a new deck and this sounds like this is the one that I need to look for.
Thank you and have a blessed day!


I still use the Light Seer’s Tarot because it is still the same way, but I have another one that I really connect with even more & when I say it pulls no punches… it is all up in your face, or with me it is… The Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes. I practice Celtic & work with the Celtic Pantheon… :triquetra: Brigid :flame: & :triskele: the Morrigan :raven:

The Light Seer’s Tarot has some beautiful artwork in it too & the meanings & definitions of the cards always were just spot on for me.