Thank you for sharing and teaching

I want to thank everyone for all the knowledge you share. I have had a wonderful weekend off work, especially since I discovered the printable divider pages and information for BOS. I couldn’t seem to quite get mine organized and now it is! It warmed up enough to sit by the fire outside, even though there are still patches of snow. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Blessings!



@linda6 , that’s great! Yes it is a bit overwhelming at first. When I started my BOS last year I didn’t where to begin! However, everything eventually around it’s place…

Thank you,. Weather warmer in my neck of the woods, but rainy. But I’ll take it! It’s warmer.
Blessed be


Yay for getting your BOS organized! That’s a big accomplishment. @Francisco does some wonderful work on those printable pages, doesn’t he?


Wonderful news @linda6! I love working on my BOS and how it’s divided up & organized. Spells8 makes it so easy. I love the daily/weekly/monthly calendar pages & journal pages/shadow work prompt pages. They are great. Talk to you soon! :smiley:


That’s wonderful to hear, @linda6- congrats on your organized BOS! :open_book: :star_struck: Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. May this week continue to have good things in store for you! :sparkles: