The Hecate Epithet Art Project (The H.E.A.P.) 174 Images of Hecate 5.8

:warning: The following writing and imagery deals with life, death, blood, snakes, creepy crawly critters, spirits and things that go bump in the night or silently lurk in the shadows. :warning:

Here are 81 images of Hecate epithets all in one big heap, made with Bing Image Creator AI. The first 27 correspond to the epithets listed in the “Hekataeon” by Jack Grayle. The other 54 were chosen from the list compiled by Mat Auryn over at Patheos. They were made during the course of two weeks or so. Some were done while visiting a relative in a rehabilitation facility, others while attending them later in hospice, and the remaining were done in the days following their funeral, at which a friend announced a new birth. I share this for context of what was going on around me at the time while making the images. I saw the undeniable courage of a woman consciously decide that she had lived this life for long enough. And I saw those around her, who were perhaps unaware of their own inner strength, shine like blazing torches in a moment of darkness. Making these images was a helpful task, keeping me focused on something during it all. As the days went by, my dreams became filled with visions of the many facets, the dark, the light and the in between of this complex goddess. I hope you find something as worthy in viewing the images as I did in making them.

Link to download them all in a zip file:

01- Brimo “Furious One”

02- Boukolos “Ox Herder”

03- Therebromos “Cry of the Beast”

04- Agrotera “Huntress”

05- Agriope “Fierce Face”

06- Azostos “Unbound”

07- Spierodrakontozonos “Clad in Serpent Tresses”

08- Thea Deinos “Goddess of Fear”

09- Kratais “Strong One”

10- Kourotrophos “Nurturer of Youth”

11- Zootrophos “Nurturer of All Life”

12- Atalos “Compassionate One”

13- Apotropaia “Averter of Harm”

14- Aoroboros “Eater of Restless Dead”

15- Dadaphoros “Torch Bearer”

16- Kleidophoros “Key Bearer”

17- Propylaia “Before the Gate”

18- Enodia “Of the Path”

19- Scotia “Dark One”

20- Phileremos “Lover of the Abyss”

21- Phosphoros “Light Bringer”

22- Noctiluna “Night Light”

23- Nyctipolos Chthonie “Night Walker of the Underworld”

24- Philoskylax “Friend of Dogs”

25- Skylakitis “Leader of the Pack”

26- Soteira “Savior”

27- Pantos Kosmou Kleidouchos “Key Keeper of the Entire Universe”

28-Gorgo “Grim One”

29- Aidonaia “Goddess of the Underworld”

30- Ippoprosopos “Horse Faced”

31- Pyripnos “Fire Breather”

32- Agallomenen Elaphoisi “Rejoicing in Deer”

33- Phroune “She Toad”

34- Hipparete “Horse Speaker”

35- Aglaos “Radiant”

36- Deichteira “Teacher”

37- Pyriphoitos “Fire Walker”

38- Eurippa “Horse Finder”

39- Trimorphos “Three Formed”

40- Arkyia “Spinner of Webs”

41- Oriplanos “Mountain Wandering”

42- Chrysopis “Golden Faced”

43- Erigeneia “Daughter of Morning”

44- Polyplokamos “Of Many Tentacles”

45- Leaina “Lioness”

46- Ouranian “Heavenly”

47- Einalian “Of the Sea”

48- Chthonian “Of the Earth”

49- Reksipyle “Door Breaker”

50- Tymbidian “Sepulchral”

51- Leontoukhos “Holding a Lion”

52- Charopos “Having Blue-Gray Eyes”

53- Pege Psychon “Source of Souls”

54- Taurodrakaina “Bull-Dragon”

55- Astrodia “Star Courser”

56- Nymphen “The Bride”

57- Borborophorba “Eater of Filth”

58- Lyko “She Wolf”

59- Angelos “Messenger”

60- Nerteron Prytanin “Mistress of the Dead”

61- Eidolios “Phantasmal”

62- Oistrophaneia “Manifester of Madness”

63- Nyktiboos “Night Crier”

64- Kynolygmate “Howling Like a Dog”

65- Pyridrakontozonos “Girt With Flaming Serpents”

66- Lampadephoros " Lamp Bearer"

67- Aimopotis “Blood Drinker”

68- Apanchomene “The Hanged One”

69- Daidalos “Cunning”

70- Tletos “Patient”

71- Psychopompe “Soul Guide”

72- Taurokarenos “Bull-Headed”

73- Pyrtania “Invincible Queen of the Dead”

74- Prostistos “Primordial”

75- Zonodrakontos “Encircled by Serpents”

76- Ameibousa “One That Transforms”

77- Physis “Nature”

78- Kardiodaitos “Heart Eater”

79- Meisoponeros “Hater of Vice”

80- Paionios “Healer”

81- Drakaina “Dragon”


Oh, they are all amazing images! I like them all! Thank you for sharing them. I like that they are sort of labeled as the representation of Hecate, too!


I managed to tear myself away from the gorgeous images to read. Goodness, what an emotional journey that must have been for you! Sending you light and strength :purple_heart:


There they are, in all of their beautiful glory! :sparkles:

This is an amazing journey to experience and it’s been an honor watching and hearing about your work collecting these 81 epithets. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, @peter3 :pray: :heart: :hekate_wheel:


@peter3 great images full of power!
I hope that Ekati will always be a guide, helper and warrior by your side! :pentagram:


I think these are my favorites from this set! So powerful, moving and beautiful!


I added a link to download them all at once for anyone that wants. Thanks! :smiley:


Awesome, I downloaded the file, thank you!


@Artemisia Very welcome!


@AIRAM Thank you for the kind wish!


@BryWisteria It was quite a little journey for me :grinning:
@Susurrus Thanks, you are very welcome! Hecate has a lot of facets to discover.


These are so beautiful @peter3 :heart_eyes::heart: Thank you for sharing! I’ve really gotta try out AI art. If I can figure it out! :laughing::purple_heart:


@Sivonnah give it a try! the one I used is super easy. literally just type in a description of what you want. most of these were about three short phrases and a few descriptive words on style and lighting.


Which one do you use?


This is what I used-Bing Image Creator


These are gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great! Thank you :blush:


Thanks, @CelestiaMoon glad you like them! :grinning:

You’re welcome @Sivonnah :grinning:


Wow I love them.


Thank you @Devenne :grinning: I had hundreds of fails along the way, lol. So much weirdness from AI mashing everything together. And it kept making her topless for awhile no matter what :flushed: