The Holy Month of Kartik

Hello all! Long time no see!

I’ve been very busy ever since October 9, when the holy month of kartik began. I wanted to share a little about it with you all.

The month of Kartik (car-teek) happens around October/November every year, based off the Vedic lunar calendar. We celebrate the goddess Radha during this month, and how She is the one who binds Lord Krishna with Her love; and we also celebrate a binding pastime with baby Krishna and His mother.

Mother Yashoda is cooking when Krishna wakes up, hungry and wiping sleep from His eyes. She nurses Him, but suddenly realizes the milk is about to boil over. Putting Him down, she rushes to save the milk.

Krishna is angry at this. He runs to the room with pots of yogurt, butter and cream hanging from the ceiling and breaks one with a rock. Then He climbs onto a grinding mortar to eat the butter, feeding it to his crow and monkey friends.

Mother finds out and picks up a stick, pretending to threaten. Little Krishna runs away, but His mother catches Him.

As a time out she tries to tie Krishna to the grinding mortar, but - what is this? No amount of rope or ribbons etc will fit! After all, Krishna is the lord of the universes and as vishnu he breathes the universes out at the time of creation, in at the time of destruction.

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Finally, seeing His mother perspiring, being teased by her friends; flowers fallen from her hair and braid undone, he allows her to tie Him up.

It’s a symbol of how god and goddess are conquered by love.

Later he gets untied by his father after trying to roll the grinding mortar between two trees, felling them. And a tearful reunion with his mother where they’re both so glad each other is OK.

Painting by SoSacredArt

There’s a beautiful song we sing during this month called Damodar (He who is tied by his belly) astakam (8 verses). Here is a sweet video of the song, with lyrics and translation:

Find out more at this link:

And a book about it:

I’m so happy to be able to share this wonderful month, ans bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion), with you. It goes until November 9. Traditionally we sing that song, linked above, while offering a candle to goddess Radha or to baby Krishna. If you’d like, please listen to the song and offer a candle!

Here is a picture of Radha for you:

And baby Krishna (Damodara) :

Love and light!


Thank you for sharing this. This is such a wonderful story and am glad i had opened your chat to read about it. Always love to be enlightened and hope you had a wonderful time during the month of Kartik.

Blessed Be :blush:


Hello @chaitea43 and blessed be!

I am very familiar with The Holy Month of Kartik and have many friends who celebrate this, mostly those in India — some who live here now. I understand it is the time to show respect and love towards nature.

Do you also celebrate the festival of Diwali? I understand it’s the celebration of Lakshmi and is during the holy month of Kartik during the new moon and depicts how we can fill the darkness in life with light and teaches us how to live on hope when we are surrounded by despair — I love that!! It certainly applies to my life right now.

Many of my friends either go to bathe in the Ganga for purification, or another consecrated/holy spiritual river wherever they live, this is something they do each year! Ritual bathing and chanting the Bhagavad Gita or other Kartik scripture is also customary. So much rich history here so much so it is very interesting to find those state side who practice - I am very interested in any pictures or anything you can share for your practice!

Love and light! Jan :brown_heart:


Hi @chaitea43! Nice to see you pop in & offer so much information on the Month of Kartik. It was very interesting! I had learned a little about the different deities in my chakra studies & always found their background history so interesting!

The pictures are great representations of what your explaining. Are the pictures from the linked articles & books from the site? The cover looks beautiful too. :star_struck:

Before my chakra studies i knew very little about the deities associated with them. They fascinate me though.

I like learning about different deities, practices, & how they work within different areas of the world & their paths.


Hello, so glad you enjoyed my post!

I forgot to add the image sources, my bad! I want to add them in now, but somehow the Spells8 editor isn’t allowing me to add any text, move stuff around, etc. :frowning: So here it is:

All the art/images are property of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) and done by various artists, except for second-to-last art picture, which is by artist Anjana Das.


Wow, I enjoyed reading this! I love Hinduism. I have a few deities and mantras that I like. :purple_heart:


Wow that is awesome that you are familiar with kartik! That warms my heart. I’ve been to India during this holy time and bathed in various holy rivers and ponds yes, such an experience. You really feel something transforming when you enter the holy waters.

It’s been years since I’ve gone now but I’ll try to find some photos from my India trips and make a post about it.

Yes, Diwali! I just celebrated it recently. Another pastime behind it is, when Ramacandra returned to his kingdom after 14 years of exile, the citizens lit up the city to welcome Him home.

Jai Gange! Jai means “please have victory over my heart/spirit”.

Bhagavad Gita is also wonderful. I memorized some Sanskrit verses as a kid and still remember them. Now it’s harder to memorise verses, as an adult - alas! Haha. But I still try. Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more, I’d love to share. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, Who? :slight_smile:


Ooh glad you liked the pics! The pictures are mostly from Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, except the second to last, by artist Anjana dasa.


@chaitea43 when I was learning about the Chakras for the posts in the forum, some of the artwork & representatioins of associated deities fascinated me… I am one of those people that is very interested in cultures & the differences between the East & West & ways of life :heart_eyes:


Oh wow! I also love the art! Let me know if you have questions on Vedic wisdom, I can try to answer.