The Red String Bracelet for Protection from the Evil Eye

For this week’s Witchy Challenge about knot magic :yarn: I decided to share my findings on the red bracelet for protection against the evil eye.

This tradition is very old and comes from the Kabbalah or Hebrew mysticism. According to popular lore, a red string bracelet is said to protect from the Evil Eye.

Red yarn bracelet wool

What is the Evil Eye?

Traditionally, if a person were to stare at us with envy or with negative intent (a dirty look) :unamused: they would be cutting our channels of blessing, so any energy of blessing that was coming to us was instead transferred to that person.

Where I’m from, in Buenos Aires :argentina: , it’s very common for students to wear a red string bracelet to an important exam, as well as athletes during big competitions, or really anyone, for example during a job interview. It is a universal symbol of good luck.

A famous example was when Messi, the football player, was given a piece of red yarn by a journalist, whose mother had previously blessed. Messi, humble as always, wore it on his left ankle and went on to score a goal that same day in a World Cup match.

Most people in Argentina don’t even realize that this is a Jewish tradition as it was passed through Arab influence into Spain, and then to Latin America over the course of many centuries. After all, my country is a land of syncretic practices.

red bracelet for protection evil eye

Red bracelets for good luck are now a custom in many parts of the world such as Mexico, where red bracelets are sometimes given to babies for good luck.

How does the red bracelet work?

The red bracelet for protection of Evil Eye is made of wool.

  • Wool in Kabbalah represents Left Column energy. This concept stems from the Tree of Life sefirot, a system of three columns. The left column is associated with the Water element and the Female aspect (protection).

  • The color red is said to attract negative force, in this case envy or judgment. An interpretation is that the wool inside is white so it attracts negative energy and when it reaches the thread, it transforms it into positive energy.

Red evil eye bracelets are usually worn on the left arm because the right hand gives and the left receives. We attract things on our left side.

Kabbalah Bracelet Traditions

The red string is associated to Rachel the Matriarch who represents protection in the physical world.

In the tradition of Kabbalah seven knots are made on the string and the Ana Becho’ach prayer is said during the whole process. One knot for each verse in the prayer.

In this tradition the prayer is said in Hebrew.

A red bracelet for protection is typically tied on your wrist by a person who has unconditional love for you :heart: such as a family member or a good friend. This is why some people consider it a friendship bracelet string.

After a while the bracelet will break and it will come off, as a sign that it has already done its job of protecting you. :pray:


This is really cool @Francisco! I really like the fact that someone who loves you has to tie it on. This is neat!


It shouldn’t surprise me anymore… I was just reading about the red protection bracelets… in fact I thought about making one before I opted to make my Witch Bells instead. This is great information. I am so grateful for it @Francisco! Thanks for posting!!!


@Francisco this is good information. I may have to do this with the hubby as he is interested in learning Kabbalah.


This is so beautiful, @Francisco! I’ve heard of protection bracelets and they had something similar with white string at temples in Thailand, but I didn’t know about the lucky red string bracelets until now :two_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom- I love these posts where magical intent and cultural knowledge combine to teach us something new! :world_map::sparkling_heart:


@kasie Yes, I love that tradition too! It adds a layer of power to the charm that is hard to match. The power of love!

Thank you to everyone who commented! :blush:


For those of us who can’t quite wrap our tongues around the Hebrew lyrics … Here is an English Translation of the Ana Becho’ach Prayer song. I think is is beautiful in the Hebrew but if you want to put understanding into the intention this might help.

Please, with your Might

Please, with the power

of your mighty right hand

release the imprisoned she (Avi: exiled Israel?)

Accept the singing prayer of your People, elevate us in Holiness,

cleanse us, your awesomeness.

Please, the hero of the seekers-of-your-Singularity,

as the pupil of your Eye please guard them (your seekers).

Bless them, Purify them, the mercy of your Charity/Righteousness always reward them

Holly Immune,

in the plentiness of your goodness

manage your community.

Proud Single, to your People turn,

those remembering your Holiness.

Accept our plea and listen to our cry, O knower of mysteries.

(Blessed be the name of His Majesty for ever and ever)

The translator even admits that it is difficult to translate and holds many secrets within the wording and structure of the lyrics. His commentary below—

“This is a hard song to translate - it’s actually a 2000 years old prayer and as such has many secrets in it wordings - I’m worth enough to translate it. For example, the (Hebrew only) Wikipedia article explains that the first letters of the song’s words compose the 42 letters name of God, one of His many names.
Anyhow, will do my best…”


Thank you so much taking the time to find a translation!! It’s a beautiful prayer in both languages :smile: