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I want to do my first spell soon, but I am nervous about how to begin my first one. Do I always need to cleanse the room with sage before casting a circle, and is a circle always necessary? What is a good first-time spell? The deity who I would like to work with is Diana. She has already chosen me, but I do not know how to reach out to her. I bought a small offering bowl, and am working on setting up an altar for her, but I’m just starting so have limited supplies. Any help for me, advice, beginner spells, etc I would love to hear them!


Your first spell can have you nervous that you’re gonna mess up, get something wrong, or just have nothing happen. But that’s okay! It’s your first spell for a reason, and it will be a learning experience whether it’s successful or not.

My answers are no and no. This is all going to depend on your particular tradition or style of magic. It’s been years since I’ve cast a circle, but I create sacred space in my own way. I don’t cleanse the entire room before I work magic either. I find that it isn’t usually necessary and just adds an extra step to what I’m doing.

That being said – doing both of these things isn’t a bad idea, either. It just depends! If you feel like you want to cleanse the space and cast a circle for your first spell, go right ahead.

In my opinion, a good first spell to cast is going to be one you need but also one that doesn’t have too many steps or ingredients involved. That will help keep you from getting overwhelmed by the steps or forgetting ingredients. It’s helpful for it to be one you need, too, so you already have an emotional connection to what you’re doing. If you can’t think of a spell to cast, then I’d say protection spells and self-love spells are always great options!

Pardon me for asking, but if you aren’t sure how to reach out to her, how do you know she’s chosen you?

Supplies like we think aren’t necessary, especially when you’re first starting out. An offering bowl can be a bowl from your kitchen. A chalice can be a cup. An offering plate can be a plate from your kitchen. I mean, the options are endless when you look at what the object is at its foundation rather than what it is on the surface.

One way to reach out to deities is through prayer. If you’re planning on working with or worshipping Diana, I would start with researching her mythology and customs. Learn some traditional prayers for her, but also pray from the heart. It may also be helpful to learn a divination method or keep a dream journal so you can also receive messages from her, too.

I hope this helps! I’d also recommend checking out these links, too.

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Thank you for your help! I suppose I should have worded the deity situation differently. I have researched different nature deities, chose a select few who caused a feeling in me, and then ultimately felt Diana calling to me more than of the others. After my discovery, I woke in the night with her name on my mind multiple times, and I haven’t been able to get her out of my head since. I’ve researched quite a bit, and even did the deity tarot spread that Spells8 suggests, and all the sign were pointing to Diana. What I meant was, how do I reach out to her on a deeper level? Meditations and prayer, I see!! I really appreciate it!


Ahh okay, that makes a lot of sense! Thank you for clarifying :blush:

Yup, meditation and prayer are where I would start! An altar can be helpful but it isn’t fully required. I don’t know too much about Diana as a deity, but we do have some information about her here on the forum. I’d definitely recommend keeping a journal of your divination, meditation, and prayer sessions. This can help you find patterns and reveal messages that you may have missed during the regular day or during dreams!


Hello @amandakay,

Your first spell- so exciting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Like doing anything for the first time, it’s normal to feel unsure before moving into new territory. You’ve got this, Amanadakay! :raised_hands: I think that, after a few tries, you’ll find yourself taping into your magick isn’t scary at all- it’s actually a very freeing and empowering feeling! :sparkles:

Megan has shared some wonderful information, tips, and resources for you- both about casting in general and about working with Diana. She has some wonderful things there for you to explore!

The only other resource that comes to mind is the Spellcasting 101 Guide- for those new and anxious about casting, it can help build a foundation of knowledge and nurture the seeds of self-confidence. Here is a link if you are interested:

Spellcasting 101 Guide

Wishing you all the best! Good luck and blessed be :heart:


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