To Keep A Person Away

Write down the name of the person you’re trying to keep out or away from your life, (of course they would have to be harassing you in some form of the way )onto a piece of parchment paper no bigger than a 3x5inch index card or so, now visualize the person unable to come near you or to your home or work, etc. Now with a lit candle nearby, color is highly up to you I would use black for banishing negativity, a flame the paper and place in a cauldron or fireproof bowl and as it burns see in your mind’s eye the person no longer harming you in any way! and chant this at the same time:

" Goddess of protection hear my plea,
keep this person away from me.
When thee are near they will feel pure pain until they are free from me
so be it harm none, or me this is my will so mote it be! "

Now go outside and scatter the ashes into the airts. ( which is the 4 corners or just go to a crossroads and throw them behind you and don’t look back!)


This is a great spell that you came up with for this, I may have to try it with someone :thinking: I don’t have anyone in mind, but 1 day I may, so in the back pocket it goes. I hope it worked out for you & you are in a better place. :two_hearts:


Greetings @joseph2! :blush:

Thank you for sharing this banishing spell- I personally love fire spells and always enjoy seeing new ones. You are very kind to share it with the coven! :pray:

Everyone has their own code of ethics that they follow in their practice (which is absolutely fine!), but I personally hesitate to burn someone’s name on a piece of paper- as, if not done with extreme care and mindfulness, could be interpreted as burning the person themselves, which would fall under Black/Baneful Magick for me.

That being said, I also believe that it depends on intent and so long as the intent is clear (burning away their presence in your life as opposed to burning them themselves) then it shouldn’t be an issue :fire:

Don’t mind me rambling, this is a lovely spell and I particularly love the Goddess chant you wrote- it’s beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks again so much for sharing and I wish you very blessed spellwork!