Trigger Warning: Cleansing Spell for Death

This whole post is blurred for a reason. But I do need assistance with a spell or ritual. Please don’t view this if you don’t like to discuss this topic.

Does anyone have spells or rituals for people who work in professions where they are exposed to death on a daily basis? (Specifically when returning home to family after a shift).

I see death quite often, and last night for work I saw a pretty gruesome one which affected my sleep for the first time.

I worship Osiris on Saturdays, so death is a common topic for me, and I did do a cleansing with some smoke and I probably should have meditated and come back down (grounded) as well before jumping into bed.

All I did was a quick ceremony and with smoke asking for any negative and old energies to leave from my body.

Next time I think I will specifically talk with Osiris and ask for his assistance for both removing these energies from me and assisting the passed with their moving on.

I have found myself at scenes go into my head into a personal ritual for the dead spirit since a lot of the time they are alone, no one around, no family, no religious person or priests etc. But I don’t do much more than that as my partners at work would think I’m crazy or inappropriate. I usually reach out to the spirit and assist with their moving on from this dimension

Most people you speak to about ‘withcraft’ or ‘magick’ think you’re some crazy schizophrenic or something.

Anyway, thanks for any advice.


I understand where you are coming from, my brother… never stopped playing cops & robbers from childhood. Instead, he went into undercover narcotics & SWAT & straight from there to the Army doing counter-terrorism & espionage. So I understand seeing things that are gruesome & then needing to leave them at the door once you are home in your space.

I don’t have any specific spells or rituals for death specifically. This doesn’t sound like grief. I will look through what I have though for more specifically helping a spirit cross over peacefully that you could do in your :hindu_temple: The Inner Temple for Casting Spells without Tools.

I will get back to you in a bit. We are snowed in so it gives me something to research while stuck at my house for real. Lol :laughing:


Oh, Tem- while I don’t know the details, it sounds like your work is very important (thank you for the service you do :pray:) yet it takes a high toll on you.

I do not work much with death in my practice and I’m afraid this isn’t my area of expertise, so I won’t pretend to understand the heavy burden you carry- all I can do is send you my full empathy, positive thoughts, and maybe a few suggestions you could consider.

You have already connected with a god of death and it sounds like your bond with Osiris usually helps you through the darkest moments. Personal inner rituals or rites for the spirit seem to be a good idea too, especially within your Inner Temple.

I know you don’t want to draw attention to yourself in front of your partners, but is there an inconspicuous sign or phrase you could say (even to yourself) to provide a bit of active protection/blessing? Sometimes I clap my hands together when I say a prayer (a habit from temple life) and it helps me to feel grounded and stabilized, even when I’m away from home :pray:

You could trace a protective symbol in the air (or even in your pocket), say a phrase or line from a prayer (either to Osiris or of your own creation), clap your hands softly, bow your head for a moment- any small action is still taking an action, which can help in terms of coping and being able to take the next step forward.

There’s also journalling- I know I say it all the time, but expressing yourself through words (be they spoken or written) is an extremely releasing practice and can help take a lot off your shoulders, kept safely within your sacred book :open_book:

Finally, after exploring magickal methods, remember that there are also mundane pathways you could take too. Does your job offer any resources or support that you could use when things get really tough? Any resources provided are there for you to take advantage of to their fullest :+1:

Again, apologies that I can’t help more- I’m sending positive thoughts your way. Many blessings to you, Tem!


It must be so hard. Thank you for the care you provide, Tem. I am sure you are doing amazing work.

I think the important thing is that you are able to release what goes on. It’s good that you already have a ritual to say goodbye when necessary.

It would probably be strange if you light a candle or incense in your workplace, but any symbolic gesture that you can do in private may help. I would do a grounding visualization, such as a protective light shining from above, while channeling it with a hand gesture


“As above, so below”

The more you can let that energy go through you without getting stuck, the better. Another idea would be to pull a Tarot card when you get home. Then dialogue with your deck about any lingering energies from the day.

Any grounding activities, including shadow work, journaling, or raising energy and releasing it through a creative act at the end of the day will help. For protection, carry a mojo bag with you to repel negative energies in situ.


Thank you. I appreciate all these answers and they will all help me deal with these situations better.

I like the idea of symbolism at the scene. And the grounding, energy work and releasing within both my inner temple and within my sacred space is perfect.

Thanks all.


I totally agree with @Francisco, there’s a few things you can do, without the need of tools or of saying out loud, alarming your coworkers. Visualization is key for this kind of situation, if saying a word, just whisper it and smile.


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