Types of Tarot Readers

Blessings! I am Nyx. I have been reading tarot successfully for years. However, I only use the major arcana. Is there anyone else that does this? Anyone else that reads tarot in a non conventional manner?


I’m a non con. I made my own tarot staves based on the books I wrote. Somewhere on this site is a reading I shared from this past New Year.

Umm… (Shuffle shuffle) Not where I expected it to be. (Shuffle shuffle) Ah! There it is!


I do this spread three times a year: New Year’s, my birthday, and Samhain. Is this what you mean by non conventional?


While it sounds unconventional at first, you’re really just using the tarot deck like oracle cards, which is pretty cool. :black_heart:

I don’t do anything interesting myself. But I only started doing tarot readings about a year ago, so I’m still learning and figuring out what I like. Maybe I’ll get to some cool stuff someday soon. :smile:


Yea - I am just looking for different ways people read. I use the original rider-Waite images, but I did design a cool background for a deck I am going to have made for me. When I read for others I only pull 3 cards and I don’t ask them any questions. I just do a blind draw, then I just use my intuition and Empathic abilities to give the reading. I have had great success with doing this. Though so many people say, “that’s not where I thought this would go, but you were right on!” There have been people that have given me crap and said I was a sub-par or bad tarot reader because I don’t focus on the keywords and book definitions for the cards and that I am lazy by not using the minor arcana. When I use the minor arcana it feels like static and the message doesn’t come through clearly. Idk - just trying to feel out how other people do it and what they think about my method. Thanks!


Ooh sounds interesting. I prefer runes to tarot, but I do use tarot/oracle decks. I have my own Loki deck which I made which is a private deck between him and I (I use that alot, it’s like a phone link :partying_face:).

I have a demonic tarot/oracle, it’s not a traditional tarot reading as you look at what the demon assigned to the deck is saying too. Then I use a witches oracle (my first deck, very close to that one) in shadow work.

I’m not great at tarot, still learning, but I find the runes easier :person_shrugging::two_hearts:


Same. I feel like I do best when I’m not trying to focus on a question. It often feels like I’m trying to force it when there’s a question.

Although the number of cards I draw is often different. My favourite is to just draw six cards and lay them out however I feel like at the time.

Sounds like their shadows are trying to attack you… Don’t mind them. You’ve helped many others, given the responses you’ve talked about!

I didn’t expect that… Damn! That doesn’t even make any sense.

The deck I use doesn’t follow the traditional meanings very much, either. It tries to change things up quite a bit in some cases, too, like putting The Chariot on a bicycle instead. It’s actually kind of hilarious and I love it.

Speaking of hilarious, one day I will get my Florida Man Oracle made! Bwahaha!

I recently said in another thread that I prefer the major arcana to the minor as well. We aren’t alone. There are a few others here, too!


I think it’s totally fine to focus on the major arcana :+1: The journey of The Fool through the major arcana is both an interesting story and really helps to solidify the meaning of those cards.

I do currently use the minor arcana in readings, but I always give preference (the “key points” of the reading) to the major arcana. I think they will always hold a spot of higher importance in my practice.

I like to use tarot for things other than divination too - like for spellwork and sometimes in meditations - so that might count as being non-conventional to some! :grin:


You are doing what works for you. I see that as commendable. Anyone who wants to control your process simply doesn’t understand you or really doesn’t care. May I suggest you use their comments as red flags and avoid contact with them as much as possible? I know- easier said than done, but you will enjoy your life more if you can succeed at it.

Gently suggest to such people that if they know the tarot well enough to be able to tell you how to read for them they can do their own readings. What you are giving in your readings is so much more than the impersonal book definitions! You are a genuine psychic, not a beginner with no knowledge of what you are doing.

This sounds wonderful! Would you be willing to share? We enjoy sharing favorite decks around here, and you are welcome to join in.


I use oracle decks as well. I have several. I use them to add to a tarot reading. I have a spell oracle deck, a couple essential oil decks - I use dōTERRA oils so I will draw an essential oil card and tell them to meditate on the results of the reading and have them do it with the oil card I draw. I then will either give them a couple drops as a sample or I will sell them a small bottle of the oil. It is a nice way to combine my businesses. Right now, though, I have been digging my moon child deck that my husband got me.


I have not used runes yet, but I make them. I use real crystals in them. They are fun to make :slight_smile:


@Nyx-Dea These are beautiful runes. You’d get wonderful readings, especially if you made them. :sparkling_heart:


Right?! True divination is about the message not how we get there.


What is the Florida Man Oracle?


It is nice to know I am not the only one!


I do that too. I draw a card in the morning and then journal on it and then before bed I review what I wrote in the morning and journal again. I feel like it helps me stay connected to my deck, the divine and my abilities. I will use it for spell work too, and I have an oracle deck dedicated to spell work.


I was writing some oracle card defintions and image descriptions based on Florida Man news headlines. I think they’ve disappeared since I was posting them in the Merry Monday thread. :thinking: I’ll share some of the ones I’ve done soon. :laughing:


Alas, they’ve entered the archive where all of the old MMMs have to retire to eventually, otherwise the forum would be full of 4 + years worth of old news. We’d never be able to find anything with the search tool if it kept pulling up all the MMMs haha :sweat_smile:

That being said, they aren’t gone gone, just unlisted. I’ve got the direct links to them here for you, in case you’d like them :wink:

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