Unusual Yule Celebration Idea

I just finished a Yule playlist on Spotify, it is public. As I was listening I noticed I had a song for every part of the Sabbat. Besom to sweep the circle, opening a circle, elemental songs, invocations for the lady and lord, songs for the season, a song for wine and cakes, and a song for closing the circle.
Here is my weird idea, I am going to plan my entire Yule celebration using these songs. I have a lap drum to keep time. My words will be very few and this could be my gift of the season.
This is my first Yule celebration! I also bought a Yule log Bundt cake pan to make a cake for my offering!
Is it too weird? I followed the Green Witchcraft’s Sabbat celebrations in the past, but I wanted to use one I planned myself!


It sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful ritual! What a great idea!


This sounds awesome!!! :heart_eyes: definitely not too weird :joy: I think it’ll be beautiful!


I do that, did a whole coven ritual using Disco. It was for Beltane though. We danced through it, even asperging the space, casting the circle, calling quarters, we had a song for each quarter. Disco Inferno for calling the Element of fire, Ring my Bell for Air, Rock the Boat for Water, forget the one we used for Earth, More than a Woman for the Lady and Boogey Man for the Lord.
Lisa Thiel is a great Pagan Songstress and has a Song for each Sabbat, a theme for each sabbat and a song called Invocation that basically has everything for casting the circle. You can manipulate her songs to an approprite play list.
Using music in rituals is as valid as any other ritual working.


This sounds like SO MUCH FUN :star_struck:


Love Disco, we used that one for mixing the salt and water, asperging, and smudging the space. We had a sort od deosil dance where we each weaved through everyone in the circle.


Wendy I love decorating with the bunt :birthday: cakes! What color you think your going to use for Yule?
Sound delicious :yum:
I really appreciate it is so traditional!

What do you think about
Food and Consumables ?
If you refuse to eat mincemeat pie on Christmas you will have bad luck in the coming year.

If your friends are important to you, you must eat plum pudding during the holiday season otherwise you will lose a friend before next Christmas.

After eating supper on Christmas Eve leave a loaf of bread on the table. This guarantees plenty of bread in the household for the coming year.

To ensure a good fortune in the coming year Christmas cakes must remain uncut until December 24 even then one piece must remain an eaten until after Christmas Day!

In Germany it’s customary to eat lots of greasy pancakes on winter solstice then leave a few on the table to feed the winter hag. What if you forget to leave them? Legend has it that the oversight insults the hag and makes her very angry so angry and fat that she will hunt you down slice open your belly and take your cakes right out. Why all the grease? There’s a reason for that to apparently makes the belly so slick that the hags knife slides right off and no matter how hard she tries she can’t harm you or take your pancakes away!! Ps bye Dorthy Morrison A celebration of light and warmth



That’s an amazing idea, Wendy! And a very practical one!

Do you happen to have a link to the playlist! I’m in the mood for Yuletide tunes! :christmas_tree:


Here you go. The songs for ritual closer to bottom.
If you are interested in a Yule log cake.

I am going for the colors Red and Green with silver and gold accents. Thank you for sharing your traditions!


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