UPDATE! There's a witch running for US President!

Update! The interview is now live!

You can watch the interview on YouTube → https://youtu.be/LnAmzStJd80

Or listen to the interview on the podcast → 132: A witch for president?! || Interview with Brittany Jones - 'Round the Cauldron | Podcast on Spotify

Good morning, everyone!

Later this month, I will be interviewing Brittany Jones, 2024 Presidential Candidate for the US! She is an open Pagan, pansexual woman running as an unaffiliated candidate. I know we don’t really get into politics here on Spells8 - it’s not the place - but I would love to take questions from you for her if you have any!

Here is a bit of information about her.

Brittany Jones is an unaffiliated presidential candidate from Oregon, who is dedicated to bringing about positive change in the United States. She is a veteran, a mother, and reconnection to her indigenous heritage who has been advocating for social justice and equality throughout her life.

After serving her country in the military, Brittany pursued her passion for activism and politics. She has been a vocal advocate for the separation of church and state, a principle that she believes is essential to ensure religious freedom for all Americans and her own community as a Pagan. Brittany is committed to promoting a political system that respects the diversity of all religious beliefs and does not impose any particular religion upon its citizens.

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Our interview is scheduled for later this month, so you have until September 10th to get in your questions! I’m really looking forward to this interview, and I hope you are, too :heart: I’ll be sure to share the video/podcast link when it goes live!


Oh wow! That is awesome! I don’t have any questions, but good luck interviewing her! That’s great!


@MeganB ok, your political system fascinates me, I love love Madam Secretary, I’m a huge fan of Hilary Clintons books, so what is an

Is she democrat, republican? I think as a non American, I would ask how does she see 21century America. So much has happened in your country since covid, my dad keeps threatening to emigrate to Canada :joy:. I here stories that some parts of your country are really hateful towards witchcraft, paganism etc, how would she tackle that?
It’s so exciting. At least your politics is exciting, here it’s just grey suits and umbrellas, :sleeping:


She’s neither! So, our two-party system isn’t just two parties. We actually have so many different political parties. The Democrat and Republican parties are just the two main parties. Brittany Jones isn’t running with a party, so she’s not beholden to any oversight from something like the Democratic National Committee or the GOP.

Witchcraft, paganism, people of color, Queer people…you name it, there are people that hate them. It’s really hard to live here sometimes, but there are also places that are really amazing for people. Our country is so big that it’s impossible to be the same everywhere.

I’ll keep your question for her!


@MeganB ok. Sorry to be a ditz, but let’s say she makes president, what party is her party, or would she govern them all. Here we vote for a party, not a prime minister, he/she comes with the party. So who would control the government if she won (when she wins :grin:) :sparkling_heart:


haha you’re not a ditz! Even I sometimes get confused about how the US political system works.

Our three branches of government are full of different parties. There’s no “one party” that governs them all. Everyone works together (or they’re supposed to, anyway) for the benefit of the people. So, right now, we have a Democrat President, a majority Democrat Congress (which is the House of Representatives & the Senate), and a Republican-dominated Supreme Court. It’s all really complicated :joy:

The whole country votes for the president. Each state votes for their respective members of Congress, and the presidents appoint members of the Supreme Court.

Our federal government has three parts. They are the Executive, (President and about 5,000,000 workers) Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) and Judicial (Supreme Court and lower Courts).
The President of the United States administers the Executive Branch of our government. The President enforces the laws that the Legislative Branch (Congress) makes.

The Legislative part of our government is called Congress. Congress makes our laws.

The Judicial part of our federal government includes the Supreme Court and 9 Justices . They are special judges who interpret laws according to the Constitution.

Three Branches of Government | Harry S. Truman


@MeganB This is fascinating. I’m going to have to follow your elections again, and re-watch madam secretary. :grin::sparkling_heart:


haha it’s all very fascinating and confusing. I’ll be honest - I have no clue how your elections or political system works :sweat_smile:


That’s great news! As an Independent, she has my vote!


Ours is fairly simple. We vote for a party, our mains one are Conservative (Tory) right wing, Labour, left wing, Liberal Democrats, in the middle, Greens, eco, SNP, Scottish party, then the Independents.

England has its main parliament where all these parties meet in London. Wales has its own government to a point, Scotland too, and Northern Ireland. The Prime Minister comes with the party.
People vote in a main election for the main party which controls the government. Then there’s local elections for local government, this also decides how many representatives get to be in the main parliament, the more local reps, the stronger the main government.
We have the Houses of Parliament where the elected government (normally one of these parties) meet up, with the opposition (the party that lost the election) to so say govern.

Then there’s the House of Lords who get to check the governments ideas before they get approved.

When one party doesn’t get much of a vote, we get a hung parliament and they have to do deals to work out how to work together.

This is the theory. The prime minister is supposed to last till the election (every 4/5 years), but currently we’ve had 4 prime minister’s with the one party (the party can sack their PM if they want). So it’s a bit of a mess at the moment. Who knows what’ll happen next. :person_shrugging: But that’s it in a nutshell. :joy:


haha it’s crazy how different our governments are. I’m hoping that this interview goes well. It’s my first interview in…whew…at least a year. I’m super nervous, but I’m super excited!


It’ll be fabulous :sparkling_heart:


We’ll take him @tracyS :snowflake: :canada:


@ArcticCharm Thankyou :joy:


How fascinating! I can’t wait to see her in the political arena! She is sure to time some people up!

Ever the educator- I’d like to know if she’s familiar with the science of reading movement and how she might revamp literacy instruction to support students actually learning to read.

I’m eager for your interview!!


I remember when my cousin who also practices sent me the link! I was so excited too! :star_struck: I immediately sent it to… well, I’ve been referring to her as my daughter in law because she is having my grandson… & she was just as excited! I must have read every part of her site at least twice.

I’d love :heart: to say the same as @Kasandra… but at the moment… I can’t remember how they have me listed :laughing: I do know that it’s either Independent or I want to say I’ve seen it as Undecided too. Which one it is… I am no longer sure :rofl: However I am in agreement that she absolutely has my vote after reading her site.

I’ve shared the link with a couple of people, literally in my neighborhood… because… I don’t get out much… not so much a people person normally but really not right now. Still recovering from peopling the ever loving st** out of August unintentionally & inadvertently… but totally worth it because it was for my daughter. However, currently in a state of recovery from that experience :joy:


@AileyGrey – I’ll add your question to my list! :heart: I know there are almost zero media outlets that are giving her coverage because she’s unaffiliated. She’s been fighting for media coverage anywhere she can get it.

@Susurrus – yay for sharing her information around! :clap: I’m glad she’s getting her information out there, too!


@MeganB What about adding information and photo to your status in WhatsApp. Then if we all do it, all our contacts will see it, then they’ll pass it on. Power to the people. (Not that it’ll do much good for me in England, but I’m happy to help). :grin:


Ahh I don’t actually use WhatsApp :sweat_smile: but maybe someone else could do it?


I hope so, it won’t do much good here on my WhatsApp. :worried:. Then there’s anyone’s Facebook, advertise her there, X (,Twitter), you’re show on YouTube too. We should run her campaign, I’m on the wrong side of the pond. :sob: :joy: