Using charms with Tarot card readings?

I was fascinated watching a YouTube tarot card reader using an assortment of charms, picked at random, to elaborate on the meaning of her Tarot spread. I’ve seen this with Oracle cards but not charms. It looked fun and I was curious to know if anyone has tried this type of divination before, and if so, if you have any tips for the kinds of charms that would be useful. I know I have some in my jewelry crafts bin…


Wich YouTube channel it is?
It sounds interesting and I would like to take a look!


Here it is 👤💖🔐HOW DO THEY TRULY FEEL ABOUT YOU: THEIR THOUGHTS ABOUT YOU TODAY🔥💋👤|🔮CHARM PICK A CARD🔮 - YouTube I think the technique is called charm casting? But this is new to me. She starts picking charms around the 35 minute mark.


Ohhh!!! @Amaris_Bane tried charm casting before and shared her experience- I remember thinking it looked like fun! Let me grab her post about it…

She has a really great guide and introduction to the charm work, although I believe this practice was just charms (and not charms in tandem with tarot).

I really like the idea of charm castings! Something about them reminds of using runes :raido:. I don’t currently use either (charms or runes), but I occasionally like to do double readings with multiple divination methods and sometimes cross-checking if I need more insight or want to make sure of something. It is tempting though! If I can build up a collection of meaningful charms, perhaps I would include them in divination more often :grinning:

I’ll be following along here to learn more- thanks so much for sharing about charm casting, @mary25! :raised_hands: :blush:


Hello @mary25! After my experiment with charm casting that Bry mentioned above, I’ve doved full in to it. I have not done it in combination with tarot but I can see how that would be supportive.

As to your question about which charms to get, that is really up to you. You want to have a charm that represents you/querent. Beyond that, use what calls to you. I looked a few sites that have information regarding charm meanings in my challenge entry post but you don’t have to follow those definitions.

I think it would be good to start with charms that represent the following:

  • Money
  • Any deities/ guides you work with
  • Change/ transformation
  • Abundance
  • The home
  • Movement (usually an arrow or other charm that can be used directionally)
  • Learning/ knowledge
  • Beauty
  • Strength

It is recommended that beginners start with fewer charms and you slowly build from there. Whenever I come across something small and I’m drawn to it, I’ll add it to my collection, meditating on the meaning


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