Vegan Banana Cookies for Good Luck | Spell Exercise!

I had the idea of using a random object generator to give me spell ingredients, so that’s what I did for this challenge! The idea here is that I took five random objects and have to use them in a spell in one way or another. I think this is a great exercise in improvising and using what you have available to you. Also, I love the challenge of creating a random spell with random objects that I would probably never use!

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I used a website to give me the random objects if you want to try this, too. It’s Random Object Generator. I chose to do five objects because I felt like that would be enough to build a decent spell but also enough random objects to challenge me a bit.

Here are my five objects:

  • statuette
  • banana
  • tiger
  • rolling pin
  • wristwatch

My immediate first thought was how the heck am I going to get a tiger for a spell?! But then I remembered that these are objects and do not have to be live animals – I can work with the spirit of the tiger, have an image of a tiger, or use the colors of a tiger. Those are all valid ways to utilize a tiger in spellwork. So, let’s breakdown each of these objects and come up with a spell!

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  • statuette: This one is the most obvious to me. It is a statue of some kind, generally on the smaller scale when it comes to statues. Since the random object generator does not give me an image of what the statuette is, I will choose something that works well with the spell I create.

  • banana: Most delicious of fruits! Wait, is a banana a fruit? I have no clue! That probably sounds like a dumb question but techincally strawberries aren’t fruits either – and no one can decide on the tomato… Anyway, I have never used banana in a spell before for its magical properties. I have no idea what they are anyway, so let me see if I can figure it out! According to Plentiful Earth, bananas are good for resilience, change, wealth and prosperity, luck, sexual stamina in men, and a symbol for any phallic-needed symbolism.

  • tiger: In many cultures around the world, tigers are associated with strength, stamina, courage, and ambition. I can use this animal to call in the energies of the tiger for my spell.

  • rolling pin: My first thought is baking, so that is what I will use the rolling pin for. I am assuming, at this point, that it can be any old rolling pin. However, some people already have enchanted their kitchenware so I might go with that idea first!

  • wristwatch: This one stumped me. I don’t know very many people that still wear a watch because we all have smartphones. For me, I wear a watch but it’s also my FitBit – does that count? Anyway, watches stand for time, obviously, but can also point to wealth, patience, and timing.

So, with all of these ingredients, what the heck am I going to make? My immediate thought went to baking because of the rolling pin. But then I had to figure out what to bake that involved banana. So, that was easy, actually. I tend to eat a vegan diet (mostly plant-based but never any meat) and bananas can be used to replace eggs in a lot of baking dishes. I found a very basic vegan sugar cookie recipe to make sure this would work. Instead of the applesauce in the recipe, I would substitute for the banana.

Now that I know what I would create for the spell, I have to figure out what the spell is actually for. In this case, I think I want to combine the image of the tiger with a tiger statue (or a small tiger figure – that’s not cheating, right?). So that takes care of two of my objects in one.

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This spell will then be for cookies made for resilience and prosperity. The tiger will symbolize strength and courage. The wristwatch will symbolize wealth and good luck. The banana will bring in the reslience and prosperity. Then the rolling pin will be used to roll out the cookie dough, enter a meditative state, and chant the incantation.

On to the spell!

Gather the ingredients you need for the spell and the cookies. I am not going to rehash the recipe here because you can substitue literally any recipe that calls for eggs and just use banana instead.

Place the tiger figure and the wristwatch near the bowl where you are going to mix your ingredients together. As you begin mixing the ingredients, focus on your intention. Visualize what it’s like to be a tiger – you have the drive, the ambition, and the strength to chase what you need. Call on the timing of the wristwatch – mechanism that keeps time, ticking away driving you further toward your goal.

When it’s time to roll the cookie dough, flip the dough onto the counter and hold your rolling pin over the cookie dough. During this time, you can say or think the following (or come up with something of your own).

Tiger come I call to you,
Feline with strength and drive.
Wristwatch I see ticking away,
Reminding me I’m alive.

The sweetness combined of the banana and sugar,
Ingredients mixed and rolled as a dough,
The cookies will bake and bring me good luck,
As I will it, let it be so.

Roll the cookie dough out on the counter as you visualize and fill the dough with your intention. Spend a few minutes doing this, allowing the rolling motion of the rolling pin to calm your mind and give you focus. Cut the cookies into their shapes – whatever shape you choose would work just fine but bonus points if you have a cookie cutter that suits your intention!

Continue making the cookies as the recipe calls for. When it comes time to bake them, place them in the oven while placing the tiger and the watch as close to the oven as you can. When they are done and cool, frost them with green or gold frosting (or leave them plain) and take them wherever you need to go.

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These cookies would be good to take to a dinner party for a promotion, a work function as a new employee, or even a family function that needs a bit of help in the communication department!

So, this spell goes to show you that no matter what objects you have around you, you can always create a spell to suit your intention. I mean, this spell used five random things that I never would have thought to combine!

This was such good practice in improvising spellwork. I think I need to do this more often to keep my mind sharp and my wand at the ready, so to speak. I had fun and it was interesting to see what ideas popped up in my mind going through these ingredients. I will admit that when wristwatch popped up I was concerned. I almost refreshed it to get a different object! I am glad I didn’t, though. This was a fun exercise!

I have yet to make these cookies – I have no need right now – but at least if the time comes, I will already have a spell waiting for me to use!


Magickal Properties of Bananas
Vegan Cutout Sugar Cookie Recipe
Tiger Symbolism

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Hmmm… I love this whole entry so much! :heart_eyes: What a great way to Troubleshoot Spellwork!

I love random.objext generator to start with.

Well, you can add me to the list of people you do know! My husband gave me an EcoDrive watch. It doesn’t use batteries! It actually uses natural light & a quartz crystal to power it so as you wear it throughout the day, it keeps itself going! :laughing:

If it loses it’s charge from not being worn & no light… you place it in the sun for 4 hours & reset the time. :star_struck:


This was a blast to read! Gosh, when I saw the items you had to work with, I was like what on earth is she going to do with a combo like this!? :joy::+1:

Not only did you pull through with these items, but the spell is a really awesome one- the cookies sound amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You did such a great job with this one, Megan, and I really enjoyed reading about your creative spellwork improvisation- thank you so much for sharing this! :two_hearts::tiger: :cookie:


Okay, this watch sounds cool as heck! And witchy, too – powered by a quartz crystal and the sun? That’s a radiant positive energy generator if I ever saw one :laughing:

Thank you! :joy: It was a blast to write! I had the same thoughts as you – what the heck was I going to do with all of those things?! I’m really glad I chose to do my entry this way because it made me think really hard about the different correspondences I was working with.


Yesss! I wholeheartedly agree! :heart: I had a smile on my face the entire time I read this, @MeganB!! I love how we can all approach the same things in different ways, too! My first thought when I saw that the tiger was one of the objects was to use tiger’s eye! I often have it in my pocket or purse with me, so this is good for me to remember in the future. You’ve inspired me to try the object generator! I can’t wait to do my next spell! Thanks, @MeganB!! :hugs:


Oh, shite, this is what I got: bracelet

cookie jar

credit card

plastic fork

pair of socks


This will be interesting!!


See, I never would have thought of that because I’m not big on using crystals in my practice :laughing: but that’s a good one! I know you got a bunch of random objects too but I’m excited to see what you do with them :blush: I don’t want to influence the way your spellwriting goes so I’ll wait patiently until you’re done :joy:


I had thought this too! I love Tiger’s Eye, gold is definitely my favorite, I think because my mom was the first person to give it to me & I fell in love with the shimmers. Now I have red, blue, & gold in an abundance. Lol :rofl:

You did get some pretty random items! I hope you find a way to use them!

@MeganB I will be in the kitchen doing dishes & I put it on the window sill because the sun :sun: comes right through the window onto the sill… so if I can’t make it outside that day, at least it’s getting some kind of a charge.


That’s a good point :thinking: I think it would be a good idea for me to get something like that too, especially for those days where I can’t make it outside lol


You’ve got some very curious items picked out for you, @BrightBear- a credit card, hmm? Sounds like a money/prosperity spell could be in order! :grinning:

I’d love to hear how you put these items together- good luck and have fun! :heart::blush:


Ooo that’s a great idea for something to use that for, I’m curious how @BrightBear is going to do this one too!

I love it for those days, even if it’s a cloudy day the natural light keeps it going. I will see what I can find for them… my husband picked out this one when I very first started working in banking in… 2007(ish) I have always loved it, but when I wasn’t working I had kind of stopped wearing the very nice jewelry that I had from him… I’m getting better at incorporating it back into my days. Once I see what I can find I will share it with you! :hugs:


Haa! Yes, it’ll be quite a challenge! :rofl: Some ideas are forming, though. :heart:

I had a feeling I wasn’t alone in that thought! :hugs: I love that you have all of that tiger’s eye! I’ve amassed a fairly large collection over the years myself.

Yup, great minds think alike! :grinning: A prosperity spell was my first thought too! It’s how I incorporate the rest of the stuff that has me a little stumped! :rofl: I think I’ll figure it out today, though. Stay tuned! :heart:


I’d appreciate that! :heart: I need to remember to use my Sunshine Oil more often because it helps on those extra dreary days. I’m having a few more of those lately than I would like lol

I can’t wait! I second what @BryWisteria said about a prosperity spell with the credit card :credit_card: that’s a good idea!


Ooo… I like Sunshine :sun: & an oil sounds lovely! We’ve had a couple of dreary days outside & those always effect my mood & in ways that I’d rather it not during an otherwise good day. Although, the overdoing it this week also probably isn’t helping either :rofl: Okay, I’ll be back with what I can find.


I think I have a few extra bottles – I’ll have to look! If so, I’ll send you one :blush:


Okay so they do still make the EcoDrive Watches by Citizen. My husband got mine from Kay Jeweler’s in MA… I don’t know if they still have them though :thinking: so I found the Citizen EcoDrive website, now they have all kinds of styles & use different types of light sources too!.. You can get them at stores like JC Penney & including jewelry stores Zales, Reeds, Kay Jewelers, Jared… but they are also on Amazon too!

The website for them is:

There is also information on the technology of them from Wikipedia too!

I’m not sure what the “name” of mine is, but its powered by natural light & the quartz. At one point I did have to have the powercell replaced, but we had or have a lifetime warranty on it that my husband got when he bought it. I’m not sure if that is still offered now though.

Which reminds me… I have to bring my rings & a necklace to be cleaned & inspected to update the warranty on them. :rofl: maybe after the holidays… this seems to be the time of year that they are busy with everyone wanting their jewelry all sparkly & shiny for the holidays. I also have to go to Pandora & have my bracelets done… well… I guess I’m making a trip in the near future. :joy:


I’ll have to look and see if I can find one. I like my FitBit because it has an alarm on it and it will vibrate to wake me up if I miss my alarm :laughing: but I also like the idea of having a watch ran off solar power and quartz!


I have a FitBit! I got it when I worked at a bank & it was a wellness challenge. I haven’t been able to wear it in a while but I did find the charger for it! I’ll have to see if maybe I can start that again when the weather gets nicer & I can walk on the walking/bike path again. Ooo for Spring inspiration!


Hahaha you’ve got this! :raised_hands: I know you have a very creative mind, BrightBear, so I’m sure you’ll find a fun way to incorporate all of the items! Good luck (and yes, please- keep us posted on how it all works out!) :heart::grinning:


@BrightBear My thought on the credit card :credit_card:was SHOPPING WooHoo!!! LOL for maybe a new ‘CookieJar’ :wink: :cookie: very curious about your end result. The prosperity sounds more on track though :moneybag:

@MeganB You did an amazing spell with those items. And very good to know about the banana/egg replacement :wink: I use ground flax to substitute eggs sometimes. :egg:

I think I might try this method of madness LOL