Violet Diliis

What is violet dillis? Is that another name for violet? I’ve searched Google and Pinterest and all that pops up is violet and websites to buy witchcraft kits lol. Help lol… please


I ran a search too and got pretty much the same thing- just witchcraft kits. Not sure if it’s a term unique to witchcraft materials or that’s just Google showing us what it thinks we want based off on past searches for magickal things :laughing: :+1:

Urban Dictionary says dillis is: “a derogatory term meaning idiot” (Urban Dictionary) so I’m pretty sure it’s not that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

A few places related dillis to an alternative spelling dilys, which is a Welsh/Old English word:

Dilys is a feminine given name of Welsh origin, which translates into English as genuine, steadfast, valid, true or perfect .

*Wikipedia: Dilys

From this, I would make the guess that dillis is being used to show the dried violet as being true and pure.

But then why wouldn’t all the herbs be labeled like this? It seems like there is probably more to story (or I went in the wrong direction with my search lol).

Perhaps someone else has heard the term before or will have some more info about it! :grinning:


If you ask a botanist “what is a violet”, prepare for a lecture… :sweat_smile: List of plants known as violet - Wikipedia :blossom:

No mention of that one though, or “true violets” or anything like that. Could be just a marketing thing… the lack of transparency with the name smells fishy. :cocktail::fish:


Lol I agree with you, probably not that definition. That’s pretty funny tho, “violet idiot” :rofl:

I do like this definition better.

I’m not quite sure either. Hopefully someone here knows. Where my herb enthusiasts at?! Lol

Thank you @BryWisteria for helping me search. I appreciate it. I was quite tired last night when I started my search lol


I agree with you. Very fishy that they labeled the herb with such a weird name. I got it in a witchcraft kit for christmas before I knew anything about witchcraft.
I did come across this. @BryWisteria, @CelestiaMoon

“Geranium ‘Dilys’’ is an Alan Bremner introduction from his garden in the Orkney Islands. Alan Bremner is also responsible for ‘Anne Thomson’, ‘Joy’, ‘Orkney Cherry’, ‘Patricia’, ‘Sabani Blue’ and ‘Sirak’. So he knows his Geraniums.
Named after Dilys Davies, a former chair of the Hardy Plant Society, whose garden on a mountain above Ullswater is of some renown. This sterile Geranium sanguineun x Geranium procurrens was one of the first Bremner-bred geraniums.”

Source: Ballyrobert Gardens.


I tried to search too and couldn’t find anything. My first guess is that it’s a mispelling of something or a word from a language other than English.

Hopefully someone else has a better idea than I do :laughing:


It’s pleasure, Assyla! I always enjoy a little botanic mystery :laughing: :+1: It’s fun to hear and learn about new things! :bouquet: :sparkles:

Wow, that’s a lot of “violets”! :astonished:

I see African Violets on the list- I remember they are falsely named (and not edible, while many common garden violets are edible). Whoever is out there naming flowers, they ought to be a bit more creative with it! :joy:

Interesting… so it might be a name thing. We see that a lot with roses- there are probably uncountable amounts of rose sub-varieties, often named after people or random things. Everytime someone crosses a rose and makes a new color/design, it seems like they get to slap a new name on it. Which leads to some pretty fun rose name lists :laughing:

From Country Garden Roses: A-Z Rose Listing

You can see names of varieties from “Anne’s Rose” to “Absolutely Fabulous Rose”, “Rock and Roll Rose” to even a rose that you can name yourself! :rose::name_badge:

Looking at this, I wouldn’t be too surprised if somewhere in history someone was cross-breeding violets and gave a variety their own name (Dilys/Dilis).


Oh wow that’s a lot of rose names lol. I’m very curious what this “violet dillis” is now. I will figure it out somehow, eventually… :woozy_face::laughing:


Hmmm… I also found similar things to others… & I don’t have any herbs or plants labeled that way either.

Maybe @Mistress_of_Herbs has seen it in her travels? Other than whats already been said, I’m not sure what to make of it :thinking:


Same here my friend. I’m stumped. :wood: I bet I have some other weird named herbs lol. I’m going to post a picture of the list of herbs I have that I wrote down lol. Maybe you and others could see if any others seem fishy :fish: lol @CelestiaMoon. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you, @Susurrus , and others as always. :sparkling_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve been so consumed with crystals and other info. I’ve come across that I haven’t had time to research many of these herbs.

it’s more towards the bottom of the list. Of course I know your basics like lavender, mugwort, dandelion, orange peel, birch, thyme, etc. It’s the weird ones like gynostemma, zeeland, the Chinese one, etc. Weird names to me I guess. I’m a total newbie when it comes to herbs.


That is an interesting combination of herbs indeed! Did these come in a kit? If so, I see lots of classics that will definitely be a lot of use in casting, but you’re right about these ones at the bottom- they are… curious :thinking:

Unless they go by different names, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of several of them. I had to look up Zeeland, Gynostemma, Thousand Day Red, and Bupleurum Chinese.

Zeeland seems to be province in the Netherlands, so that’s another stumper :sweat_smile:

A very interesting combo of herbs indeed! I am sure you’ll be able to find some fun uses for them all in your casting :blush::magic_wand:


Yes, many came in a kit. I’ve acquired more from the grocery store and outside.

Maybe this is a case of people naming herbs like the rose names? I agree though, lots of weird herbs. Probably why I never got around to searching them yet lol. I’ve been so consumed by everything else haha. Thanks again @BryWisteria. I appreciate your help :heartbeat:

Maybe @Mistress_Of_Herbs could look at these and tell me some info. I know she’s an herb enthusiast. :herb:


@Assyla555 violet dillis is sweet violet. Its meant to be used as a fragrance. It is also posionous if consumed.

Any others u have questions about


Could be! There sure are many mysteries when it comes to plant names haha. So many different names for one plant, yet often one name for many different plants. Not to mention how confusing it gets with different species and types around the world!

I know it’s a big project finding info about herbs, so I’m happy if my input could help a little bit. Good luck and enjoy your magickal herbs- I’m sure they will serve you well in your casting! :magic_wand: :blush:

Goodness!!! Mistress of Herbs to the rescue- that is very key info about the herb :astonished:

It seems dangerous that whoever bagged it didn’t put a little warning or label on the bag, especially if it came in a kit with the other common, edible herbs :worried:

I guess the moral of the story is to never eat or consume (even as a tea) any herbs you’re not 100% sure of their exact identity, and to be cautious of herbs in kits as they may not be food-safe or food-grade.

Thanks for your wisdom on this, @Mistress_Of_Herbs! :pray::heart:


@BryWisteria and @Assyla555 oh Bry u are so welcome. Now keep in mind this plant shouldn’t be consumed. But it can be used as a poultice/topical.

Yes it should have been labeled. But they dont. Those kits are awesome. But research is ALWAYS needed with herbs. Please remember ALL herbs can heal but they can kill just the same.


@Assyla555 all u gotta do is ask.


This should be every green witch’s motto (or at least a key thing to remember)! :pray::green_heart: :sparkles:


@BryWisteria lmao bry


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